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This story is using more-or-less the Lois and Clark version of Superman, though I may alter the timeline as I see fit. Right now all you need to know is that it's mid season 1, but moved forward to 2008.

We Races of Men

Being kidnapped was not something that anyone exactly expect when stepping out of his or her apartment and heading to work...but for some, it does tend to be a less extraordinary experience then it would be for others. Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane was kidnapped on what seemed to be an almost weekly basis...but for once, the person being held in an empty Metropolis warehouse was a different dark-haired young journalist.

The woman in question was sulking. She was missing a staff meeting for this nonsense and she did not appreciate it. She knew she would have hell to pay when she was rescued – as she was certain she would be – and her sister would use it as yet another reason that Metropolis was too dangerous to live in. The fact that she had been kidnapped on a much more regular basis when she lived at home than she had in college would be irrelevant in the face of her guardian's 'worried parent mode'.

After graduating from a private high school in Scotland, Dawn Summers had been accepted to several prestigious universities around the world. She'd even been given a scholarship at Oxford – though she had the distinct feeling that that had been arranged by her sister's 'connections', and had thus been determined not to accept. There had been quite an outcry when she informed her little family that she would not only be moving back to America, but that she would be living in 'the big city' and attending Metropolis University.

Everyone came up with their own list of arguments preventing the youngest 'Scooby' from leaving their gang, from the shocked confusion of Andrew-the-resident-nerd, "'ll be so BORING!" to the quiet sadness of Willow-the-resident-badass-Wiccan, "you know we'll miss you an awful lot Dawnie," but she quite calmly ignored every single one of them with the stubborn determination that becomes ingrained into any well-trained younger sibling. "It's time for me to have my own life based on what I can do," she replied firmly.

And, in her opinion, she had done so. She had a decent – though not stellar – GPA and had done exceedingly well at the university's newspaper. The MetroPulse was an excellent paper, considering that it was run entirely by students and largely focused on university matters. She had started out compiling the crime log, and slowly worked her way up to writing a weekly opinion column. She wasn't the top reporter, but she did occasionally amaze her co-workers with her research. The fact that every source was verified and every sentence cited seemed to boggle their minds, but after spending her teenage years in a house where incorrect information led to death, she'd learned to pay attention to research.

Dawn pouted as she realized that she would never be able to use her current situation in a non-fiction piece...people still denied that the supernatural existed – which amazed her, in the city known world over as the home of Superman. She thought she might use it in the other half of her double-major – creative writing. If something interesting enough happened anyway, the damsel in distress being saved by the noble hero – or heroine – had only been entertaining the first five hundred times it was written.

"I am sorry for the inconvenience," a nervous-looking older man paced around her. "But you have to understand, it's for your own good."

"Yada yada, etc., etc., and you're gonna get your ass kicked, I hope you know," she grumbled. "When my sister gets here -"

"Sister?" He shook his head. "I don't know – well, regardless I must finish these tests and determine...just hold still." He held a large syringe in his hand and she tried not to show her panic as he took a a large sample of her blood. "If I'm right, it could be a great breakthrough for you."

"And now you're gonna get your ass kicked super hard. What the hell are you doing?"

"Well, Ms...Summers is it?" He didn't wait for acknowledgment, dropping a tiny bit of her blood onto a small slide. "I am examining your blood."

"Fooooor?" She dragged out the word sarcastically. "Are you checking to make sure I don't have HIV before you sell me into slavery or something?"

"No," he replied absently, looking through his microscope. "I'm looking for a unique pattern that should be visible in your cells...assuming of course, that you are the person I believe you are and that the Monks of Dagon did as I suggested they should."

Dawn didn't exactly have a mirror handy, but she was fairly sure that she paled at his words. "The...Monks of Dagon?" she whispered hoarsely. "What do you know about them?"

"I know that they guarded the Key and formed it into a person," he adjusted a few things – intensified the light and looked again. He laughed triumphantly. "And you're her!"

She shook her head vigorously. "No, no I'm not. I'm just a simple college student and you need to let me go!"

"Simple college student who believes her sister will save her from a kidnapper? No, you're the Slayer's Key." He smiled, holding a small green rock close to her face. "No reaction, lovely. You see, I 'know someone who knows someone' as it were, and it was brought to my attention that Glorificus would be attempting to destroy the world. That would hardly have been helpful to my research...and so, when the opportunity to donate to the project came about, I did so."

"Donate? Donate how?"

"Well my dear," she wasn't sure if she liked that he was paying more attention to her now or not. He set the vial aside and unlocked the brakes of the wheelchair she was strapped to. "I was – at the time – involved in a certain...nonexistent part of the US government. Within that place that wasn't, there were unique genetic samples from a space craft. Though I don't pretend to know the details of human building, I did arrange for the Monks to obtain a bit, for use in the process you see."

"I'm part alien?" Dawn hissed.

"Oh, indeed. Now, it is my professional opinion that the properties which are so envious in our alien friend were generated by the difference in radiation between our planet and his. I believe that exposure to a similar radiation would, to put it simply, activate yours."

"That's not putting it simply what the hell are you talking about?" Dawn shifted angrily as she was pushed into a roughly VW beetle-sized silver cone. "What alien friend?"

"Oh did I forget?" He smiled as he began to close the door. "I mean Superman of course."