Toby was a murder, yes sir, he was. He'd killed Mr. Todd. He'd used Sweeney Todd's own weapon against him, then ran away as the barber bled out all over the floor and that crazy old hag he'd been singing to. Even now, as Toby stumbled up the stairs to the barber shop, he looked around for the police, frightened and dazed.

But Mr. Todd had hurt Toby's beloved Mrs. Lovett. Even if she was a bad person, she was still Toby's Mrs. Lovett. Much like his mother. Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around. But Toby had been stupid and run into the sewers. He hadn't been around. Tears streaked down Toby's pale face, he was a murderer. He threw open the door, fell on the floor and started to cry.

Only now did he release the razor, bloodstained as it was. It clattered on the floor loudly, and he heard a small gasp from the leather chair.

Toby raised his eyes to see a tall young lad pop up from the chair and rush to the heap on the floor. The boy whisked off his cap, revealing a . . . long curly head of hair, yellow and . . .girly. "You're a missus." he gasped in a hushed whisper. "You're a girl, you look like the girl in that picture over there. The girl Mr. Todd always sung about and -"

"Shh shh." The girl whispered in a voice that sounded like a bird whistling a tune. She pulled him close, into her lap, and rocked him back and forth as he cried.

A while later, Toby didn't know how many hours, or minutes, or seconds it was later, a man (and a real one this time) burst through the door. He helped the girl stand up, and she held Toby in her arms like he was her child. He whimpered a little, but she whispered, "Don't worry, I won't let a thing harm you." at that, Toby shivered. No, sir, not while I'm around. Poor Mrs. Lovett. he thought sadly.

Then they were outside, in the cold night air, the lady's cap was on again, and the boy (he'd met him once, he was a sailor) was holding her close. Then they were in the cozy cab of a coach, and Toby sat up to admire the surroundings. He leaned his cheek against the frozen window pane and sighed. He'd never been in a coach before."Who are you people?" Toby's voice was shaky, and quiet, very unlike his usual self.

The girl was napping, her head on the sailor's shoulder, but the man had heard him, and spoke up. "I'm Anthony, and this here is Johanna." the boy seemed to sing the girl's name, and in her sleep, she seemed to whisper-sing something like 'I'll steal you.'

"Where are you going? Do you have any food?"

"Far, far away. Someplace that is so far from London, you'll never have to hear the name again. Would you like that?" Toby just nodded, waiting for Anthony to answer his second question. "And. . .I'm sorry kid. All I've got is some bread and cheese - Mrs. Lovett gave me a few meat pies." Toby's eyes widened.

"May I please have some bread?"

Anthony sighed and tore a piece of bread off of the loaf. "Here."

Toby chewed at it slowly and contentedly, nodding thanks to the sailor. "So, why are we leaving?" he asked with a mouthful.

"A nasty man is after my beautiful Johanna. He wants to steal her and lock her away, like Rapunzel."

"Oh, you don't have to worry about him, he's dead now." Toby blurted.


"Mr. Todd gave him a close shave. A really, really close shave." Toby shuddered.

"Mr. Todd killed. . ." Anthony stammered, extracting a meat pie from a bag.

"Everyone. Every bearded man that came into his shop. And Mrs. Lovett made them into pies." Anthony dropped the pie onto the floor of the coach, making a face. Toby leaned back into Johanna's lap and fell asleep.