It's so strange when I see you,

Wide eyes, cheery face.

You may be young and outspoken,

But I have more grace.


I know what he says,

And I know what he sees.

You may be able to charm him,

But I can bring him to his knees.


I probably shouldn't hate you,

I should be more mature.

You may be making him smile,

But it's the sick and dying that I cure.


I actually do respect you,

And I don't really want you to die.

You may be the new love interest,

But what we had, you can't deny.


Maybe one day we can be allies,

Maybe one day we can be friends.

You may be willing, but I'm not,

And I'm sorry if that offends.


So what can I say? I guess,

That we are stuck in this race.

For Inuyasha's heart, we'll keep on trying,

But just remember…

I wont, and cant be replaced.