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Chapter 1: Waking Up

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Tsukushi's radio alarm clock ticks away while she and Tsukasa are sleeping in their king-sized bed inside the Domyouji Mansion…But, it's already time to wake up…

The clock hits 9 AM. Suddenly, "Flavor of Life" by Hikaru Utada started playing.

Arigato-oto –

Tsukushi hits the off button immediately. Tsukasa hates this song.

"Honey, wake up. We need to check on Tsukiko," Tsukushi said.

"Just a lil' bit…Give me 5 minutes more," grumbled Tsukasa, eyes closed.

"Why?! Is there something more important to you than your own daughter?!" fumed Tsukushi at once.

"No! It's just…I'm so tired from work…I got home at about 4 AM…I don't wanna fight this early in the morning…I'm sorry," apologized Tsukasa while squinting at Tsukushi's face.

Tsukushi's face softened.

"Yes, I guess he deserves more rest. He's been working so hard lately," she thought.

"All right. I'll go check on Tsukiko. Come downstairs if you want to eat breakfast," she said.

Tsukasa merely nodded in response while he continued sleeping.

Tsukushi left the Master's Bedroom then went straight ahead to Tsukiko's room. When she opened the room, she saw Kei, Tsukiko's nanny, carefully cradling her baby. Tsukiko was laughing.

"She looks so much like her father," smiled Tsukushi.

"Oh, Ms. Domyouji! Good morning. Did you sleep well?" Kei asked.

"I slept real good. In fact, I had a dream about Tsukiko," she laughed.

"What's the dream about?" queried Kei.

"Tsukiko was just sitting on a Tsukasa-look-alike cake with lots of balloons surrounding her," she answered.

"You have such a vast imagination, Ms. Tsukushi! Maybe it's because baby Tsukiko's birthday is coming up," told Kei.

"Yeah, I think that's the reason for that weird dream," laughed Tsukushi.

"Well, I have to prepare breakfast for Tsukiko. Excuse me, Ms. Domyouji," bowed Kei. She put the baby in her cradle then left the room.

Tsukushi went to the cradle. There she was: the blessing God gave them both. She gently held her baby's hand.

"What should we do in your birthday? Do you want to celebrate it here? Or at a park?" she asked her daughter.

Tsukiko simply blinked her eyes than laughed.

"Oh well, me and daddy will plan a festive celebration for your 1st birthday party ever! We swear," Tsukushi promised earnestly.

The baby just kept smiling then slowly fell asleep. Tsukushi caressed her daughter's forehead then layed her down on the cradle. She left Tsukiko's room.

"Really…What will we do? I don't want some ordinary celebration with cakes and balloons…I want something more than that," Tsukushi thought at the same time as she goes downstairs.

Every servant that passed her bowed and she bowed as well. She finally arrived at the glorious dining room.

"It still looks like the Great Hall from the Harry Potter movies," she sighed. She still remembers the day when Tsukasa took her home then dressed her up without her knowledge. She entered this room, thinking that it might be the exit. Up until now, she's not used to the grand dining hall of the Domyoujis'. "Wait, I'm a Domyouji," she thought while laughing at herself.

"Good morning, ma'am. Here's your scrambled egg and bacon," the maid said whilst putting the plates with yummy-looking food on the table. "And here's Sir Domyouji's ham and cheese sandwich," she told Tsukushi as she put down the sandwich on the other plate. "I'll put the pitcher here if you get thirsty," she placed the pitcher near her glass. "Is there anything else you need, miss?" asked the maid.

"No, none at all. Thanks…For this. Uhm, you may return to your quarters then," she told the maid uncertainly.

"Yes, ma'am," bowed the maid. The servant left the dining hall.

"Whoa…I can never get used to this kind of service," she reflected.

Just then, Tsukasa came down the stairs then sat in the chair in front of Tsukushi.

"Good morning, dear. How's Tsukiko?" he queried.

"Well-fed and taken care of by Kei," she replied.

"Good," Tsukasa said while taking a bite from his sandwich.

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