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Chapter 10: July 11

After Tsukasa and company arrived at the beach at midday, they immediately checked-in and rested at their individual rooms. Kei and some of the other maids prepared snacks and drinks for each one of them. The sun was high in the sky so nobody wanted to swim.

"What time should we prepare for the party, sir?" Kei asked Tsukasa. Tsukasa glanced at her and told her to prepare for dinner at about 7 PM, when the sun is gone and everyone could eat then swim afterwards. Kei left the room to tell the other servants about his orders. Tsukushi was sleeping beside Tsukiko, protectively wrapping one of her hands at her baby.

At Shin and Kumiko's room…

"Shin, I'm going outside to get some fresh air. Wanna come?" Kumiko asked him.

"Why do you want to go outside while it's scorching hot?" he asked while reading a manga.

"Well-I…I just want to get outside. I'll be back before dinner," she quickly said before exiting the room. "Man, Shin's like…Like a detective the way he asked that…I just…Just want to ask Akira the truth," she thought after closing the door behind her. "Now, all I have to do is find Akira's cabin. There are only six here…One for me and Shin, one for Tsukasa and Tsukushi plus Tsukiko, one for the remaining Domyoujis and one for the Makino family…Two cabins remain…Hmmm…Maybe one of the F4 members are staying alone? I hope that's Akira!" she thought happily. She peeked at the other cabin windows to make sure to get the right one. She finally saw Akira inside one of the cabins, watching a show called Hana Yori Dango. Before knocking at his door, Kumiko gulped then took a deep breath. "Akira?" she asked while knocking.

"Yes? Who's there?" Akira stood up and glanced at the door.

"It's-It's Kumiko…You know, Shin's girlfriend," she replied.

"Oh, it's you," he said the moment he opened the door. "So? Something wrong with the guys?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just came to ask you…What's your full name?" she queried anxiously. Akira was surprised at this. "Why does she want to know my full name?" he wondered. Kumiko noticed his expression then immediately said, "It's…It's because I heard Tsukushi say that you're an oyabun…I know, it's none of my business but…Wait, it is my business because…Because I'm an oyabun too!" she confessed.

Akira's eyebrow shot up. "You? An oyabun? That's why you're reading that mafia book," he said thoughtfully.

"Yeah. I am an oyabun. Why are you so surprised?" Kumiko asked apprehensively.

"Nothing. It's just, you don't look the type," he winked. Kumiko regained her composure then said confidently, "Well, yeah, I don't look the type. Neither are you. You're nice and understanding, according to your friends. Please, it's very important that I know your surname. I assume that you know the yakuza tradition?" she looked questioningly at Akira. Akira nodded.

"What about it?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just making sure that you know it…Well, you haven't answered my question. What's your surname?" she asked insistently.

"Akira Mimasaka," he replied. "Yours?"

But he didn't get an answer because Kumiko suddenly ran away from his cabin. "Wait! Why are you-why are you running?! Hey!" he yelled at the running figure. "What a weird girl," he sniggered while closing the door.

Kumiko's eyes filled with tears while running to the shore, far away from all the other cabins. "Why? He's a…Mimasaka! I-I…I have to kill him!" she said miserably. "I'll…I have to tell him my surname then…Challenge him to a battle." Kumiko gasped, tears streaming from her eyes, unwilling to believe that she has to do this ordeal. Time passed and Kumiko continued lamenting beside the shore, far from the people to prevent them from hearing her sobs. After a while, she looked at her watch and was shocked, "Oh my, it's already 6:35! I have to get back! The others are surely waiting for me," she grabbed her sunglasses so the others wouldn't notice her puffy eyes.

"Hey, finally you're here! Where were you?" Shin asked anxiously. Kumiko just glanced at her toes, unable to answer. "And why are you wearing sunglasses? There's no more sun!" he laughed.

"It's just…I found out Akira's whole name," she whispered.

"Wha-? You found out? What is it, then?" he asked quickly.

"Mimasaka. Akira Mimasaka," she answered dejectedly.

"Why do you look so sad? Don't tell me he's one of your…" Shin trailed off. Kumiko stiffly nodded and walked away from him. She's heading towards Akira, drinking lemonade with the others, rejoicing and singing 'Happy Birthday' at the table.

"Oh! Kumiko, you're finally here! We thought you wondered off somewhere-" Tsukushi was cut-off by Kumiko.

"Tsukushi, I'm sorry. But there's going to be a battle tonight. Happy Birthday, Tsukiko," she glanced at the baby cradled at Tsukasa's lap. Everyone looked at her. Some were confused, others looked fearful and, like Rui, looked simply bored. But Tsukushi's not one of them.

"What do you mean, Kumiko? Is this some kind of joke?" Tsukushi asked toughly.

"No. It's nowhere near as a joke. Akira, I've asked your surname remember?" she glimpsed at Akira.

"Yeah. You run off before I could ask yours," he replied.

"Then, it's time you know mine. I'm Kumiko, Kumiko Yamaguchi. Your family and my family have been fighting for generations. It's our turn," she announced over the crowd. Everyone looked shocked. Tsukushi's mouth was agape whereas Tsukasa was stiff as a board. The remaining F4 members looked at each other whilst the Makinos and Domyoujis murmured about.

"What? Kumiko, you can't fight! You two are friends and besides, it's Tsukiko's birthday!" Tsukushi exclaimed. Kumiko closed her eyes and said, "Tsukushi, I'm really sorry. (She opened her eyes.) But this is a yakuza tradition. We can't possibly not follow it. I apologize for ruining Tsukiko's birthday and everyone's day. We won't be using deadly weapons, just our own strength."

"She's right. Everyone, please, just look away and let us battle. This isn't worth watching for," Akira agreed. He took off his shoes and went to the shore. Kumiko took a deep breath and followed, untying her rubber shoes on the way.

"But wait! You can't possibly fight here!" Tsukasa stood up. "We have to fight the moment we know each others' full name. Yakuza tradition," Akira explained briefly. Nobody could do anything. The F4 tried to stop Kumiko and Akira fighting but they all ended up bruised. Kaede just told them to let it be because no one, no one can stop yakuza from fighting each other. Everybody was thinking ways to stop the two but as time flies by, both Akira and Kumiko was bruised and bloody and nobody thought of anything to stop them both. Tsukushi was already crying and begging them to stop but they didn't. They continued kicking and punching each other. Everyone just watched helplessly. They didn't notice Tsukiko crawling towards the two. She headed straight to the shore, right in the middle of the fight.

"Oh my! Tsukiko, baby, come back here! You'll get hurt!" Tsukushi screamed. But Tsukiko comfortably sat between the two bloody yakuzas and smiled at them both. Kumiko smiled back while Akira looked at her pitifully.

"I think she wants you to stop fighting," Rui concluded, waking up from his nap at the hammock nearby.

"Tsukiko, come here. Come on, it's dangerous there," Tsukushi sobbed. Tsukasa got up from the benches and was about to carry Tsukiko back when the baby muttered, "Lab".

"What? What did you say Tsukiko?" he queried her daughter, astonished. Everyone looked at Tsukiko. Tsukushi stopped sobbing and the yakuzas stopped fighting.

"Lab…L-labb…Lob…Love," she finally muttered. She smiled at Kumiko and Akira. Tsukushi, Yuuki, Tsubaki and Kaede all burst into tears.

"She said 'love', people! Love! That's her first word!" Tsukasa was finding it difficult not to cry.

"It's OK, buddy. Cry. Cry if you want to," Jiro said. Rui got up and went to the others. He sat on the bench and ate a chocolate cake silently. Nobody knew what he was thinking. "I wish that Shizuka's here. I thought she'll at least come for the baby," he thought sadly.

Going back to the others, everyone was up and shouting. They were celebrating Tsukiko's first word, love, which made Tsukushi very emotional. "That's what I wanted her to feel and she ends up saying it! This is so…Special!" her eyes twinkled at Tsukasa. Tsukasa smiled and happily cradled her baby while everyone was praising Tsukiko. Kumiko and Akira agreed to stop fighting. They both announced that it was a draw, miraculously having the same number of bruises and cuts. That was another reason to rejoice. The big throng headed back to the benches and sat down.

"Hi, Tsukiko. That was a really good thing you did," Rui said, pinching her right cheek.

"Hey, Rui. Why do you look so sad?" Tsukushi asked him.

"It's nothing, Tsukushi. I'm not sad at all!" he said happily.

"Oh. I guess this new visitor doesn't need to cheer you up anymore," she said mysteriously. Rui turned and saw…Shizuka!

"What? Shizuka! You're here!" he said, shocked. Everyone glanced at the newcomer and greeted her politely. Rui slowly got up and welcomed her.

"I thought you couldn't come? You said you were too busy," Rui said while giving her a glass of champagne.

"Yeah, I was. But, for the sake of Tsukiko, I think it'll be pleasant for me to come," she said gleefully.

The Domyouji couple welcomed Shizuka at the party. Everyone offered her food and drinks which she gladly accepted. "I'm so hungry from my trip here. Rui, can you please help me with these?" she invited him.

"Well, I have a better proposal," Rui said. Shizuka was rooted on the spot. Rui kneeled one knee on the sand.

"No way! You're not-?" Shizuka muttered. Everyone gasped and looked at the two. Tsukushi's eyes grew big. "Finally! Finally Rui got the chance and the guts to do this!" she thought joyfully.

"Hey, go Rui!" the F3 chanted. Kaede shushed them so Rui can continue proposing.

"Shizuka, will you marry me?" he asked confidently. "Please say yes!" he thought.

"I…I will! Yes!" Shizuka yelled and jumped. She and Rui hugged each other. Everyone clapped and cheered for the new couple. Akira gave him the thumbs up and Tsukasa blurted out, "So that's the 'Shizuka thing' you two were talking about last week! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Why should I? Everyone knows that you tend to blurt secrets out," Rui said slyly. Everyone laughed and partied all night. When it was already 3 AM, they started packing the stuff they've used for the party. Everyone sang 'Happy 1st Birthday' to Tsukiko once more then ate their last dessert. But Jiro has other plans. He carefully made his way to Yuuki then sat beside her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him surprised.

"Will you go out with me?" he suddenly whispered back. Unfortunately, Akira heard him then announced it to everybody.

"Akira! You ruined it! Nobody was supposed to know this!" he said angrily. Akira just gave him a snigger then said, "Well, Yuuki? Everyone's waiting for your response. Not to mention Soji."

Yuuki was still taken aback. "He finally asked me out! This is so nerve-wrecking!" she thought nervously. She glanced at Tsukushi and saw her smile and nod a little.

"OK. I'll go out with you," she replied. Everyone clapped and whooped aloud. Sojiro and Yuuki 'took a walk' before going back to their cabins. After everything was packed away, the crowd slowly dispersed and went to their cabins. Tsukasa noticed Rui, still asleep on his hammock.

"Hey, Rui! Wake up!" he shook Rui's shoulder but the guy won't budge. Tsukasa saw one of Rui's headphones drop to his shoulders. "Shizuka's already gone to bed…Why is Rui still here? And what is he listening to anyway?" he thought. He took the headphones and sat beside Rui on the big hanging hammock.

"Oh. Love So Sweet by Arashi, eh? Didn't know he was a fan of them," he said sleepily. He slowly laid down the hammock beside Rui then finally, fell asleep with his best friend at his side.

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