It's not always a happy ending

It's not always a happy ending

Hi! I'm DesertAmaranth, this is my first fanfic so it might not be so good. Don't worry I accept flames. Oh and to tell you this fic is a Sess/Kag fic. They're just so cute together. Don't you agree 0

I do not own Inuyasha

Summery: Kagome is betrayed by Inuyasha again, she can't take anymore of his betrayal and left the group. On her own travel to find the shikon, she met someone unexpected. Will it be a happy ending? Or will the war change it all?



Chapter 1

Why? Kami tell me why. Why does he always hurt me over and over again? What did I do to deserve this? Kagome thought while crying. The stuff that she just saw was to hard to bare.


In a clearing two figures stood in the middle, the two figures were Inuyasha and Kikyou. The were talking in whispers .Kagome walked a little closer and hid behind a tree in her mind she thought, What are they doing in the clearing alone? Then she heard them talking

'Inu baby(gag) what do you think about my useless reincarnation-Kagome?' Kikyou's cold emotionless voice suddenly said. Inuyasha looked shocked for a second then he replied in an equally emotionless voice 'Kikyou honey the baka miko reincarnation of yours means nothing to me. She's just a shard sensor.

When Kagome heard that, she felt like her heart and soul was ripped in half. She ran away from the clearing sobbing her eyes out. But Inuyasha still doesn't know she's there.

End flashback

The village is just up ahead, but what will I tell them? It's almost night time, maybe I could wait till they are asleep and leave. Though it hurts me inside to leave them, I can't bare to look at Inuyasha, not after what he said. Kagome thought that while wiping away all traces of tears.

Back at the clearing

Kikyou had a hard time controlling the smirk from going on to her ice cold face, cause she knew that the young miko heard what they said, What perfect timing Kagome. That baka puppy fell for it, how stupid can he be.

'Kikyou honey,' 'Hmm' 'I feel weird, there seems to be a giant hole in my heart.I…' 'Shush' Kikyou put her finger on Inuyasha's mouth and said 'I'll fill the hole up for you' Then Kikyou lent in and kissed Inuyasha on the lips.

At the village

'Kagome! Where were you! You made me so worried!' suddenly out of nowhere a giant ball flung herself towards Kagome. 'Sango I'm alright, I just went on a walk. I'm sorry if I worried you.' 'It's okay Lady Kagome, we're glad you're back.' said Miroku.

'Where's Inuyasha?' 'I don't know Miroku, maybe he want for a walk like I did. Who knows.' Shrugging her shoulders Kagome start walking towards the village. She called over her shoulders 'It getting late come on let's go back to the village and wait for Inuyasha there. I'm sure he knows the way back.'

And so the trio walked back to the village with the sunset shining on their backs not knowing what lies before them, but still wishing for a better future or in Kagome's case a successful escape.

Inuyasha won't know what will hit him when he goes back to the village, for the course of fate have been changed forever because of one of his decisions

Author's note: Hope you like it I'll try as fast as I can to update, please tell me what and where I need to improve in so I can make this a better story.