' be indomitable, o my heart'
Eriol/Clow x Tomoyo/Madoushi

"I have loved you long," she said. "Loved you long and well. I searched for you in each water well, in each river and lake. The waters could not tell me where you were. I found your essence left behind in villages, in cities, in towering palaces and rundown shanties. But always I fell just a hair's breadth short of finding you; Always I fell just a footfall away from where you once stood. I never found you, Clow Reed, and so finally I locked my spirit away and waited for you to come to me, believing you loved me, too.

I have waited for this moment-- to somehow once again be born. When your descendant defeated me, I was laid free-- but my love for you has kept me here. My love has anchored me to this world, unresting though I should have been laid to rest long ago. My love for you remained in me."