This Girl
'being as yet but a girl'

For meemee.

She revels in the beauty of the world; in falling flowers, in sunrises, in the difference of blue of the sea and the sky, in the kindness of strangers.

She likes to take walks in soft sunshine and softer rain. She likes to laugh, to dance, to play, to run free, to chase butterflies and snowfall.

She likes to sit quiet and daydream, fairy stories and promises. She likes to hold her hand out of moving vehicles (though her brother strictly forbids it) and feel the wind running between her fingers, like water in a river.

She is both ether and rain, fire and water. Light and darkness combined to make her.

Though she chased evil away, though the world was her responsibility to save, she looks up at the clouds with still-curious eyes, as if she didn't know how to fly; as if she didn't know how to touch the sky.