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Pairing: RaitoxL. Please do not read if you hate boyxboy relationship.

It was in the second midnight of their handcuffed together, Raito was sleeping soundly. Though it seemed like he slept very ignorantly, he always cautious with his surrounding. He felt everything, the air, the sound, the smell, the weight, every single thing.
Just when he thought he had gone to the dream world, he felt something moved beside him. Fighting the urge to open his eyes, he remain silent in his position, knowing exactly that the moving thing was L.
He could heard the the sound of the other side of the handcuff being opened. He sharpen his ears without making any sound. He could feel L beside him, trying to leave silently. L walked away almost without sound but Raito could hear him.

He opened his eyes and looked at the direction of where L might have gone. He sat on the bed, leaning his back on the cold wall, waiting for L. In 15 minutes, L came back, looked surprised.

"Did I wake you up?" He asked softly. Raito shook his head slowly.

"Not really. Where have you been?"

"Should I answer that?"

"Up to you."

"Bathroom." L said with indifferent tone. Raito giggled softly.

"Did I said something funny?" L asked, reaching the handcuff and locked it around his thin wrist again.

"Ah, no, but you are a bad liar," Raito giggled. L looked at him, frowned.

Raito pulled the chain, drawing L near. With his hand, he caught L's face, turned it a bit to the left and licked his cheek, "You left the evidence there, cake"

L could feel his face getting hot. He knew his face wes already turned red but the darkness of the room hide it. His face still an inch away from Raito's, he froze, stared directly to Raito's eyes.

Raito patted his head gently, "Go to sleep, I know your face red like a tomato already." He said with a small laugh. L still sat there, froze and looked at Raito's back. He smiled. "My loss" he said and go back to sleep.

Author's note:

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