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"Light-kun, are you willing to marry me?" said L who wore a bridal suit and shocked the brunette. The dark eyes of the infamous detective fixed at his brown. Strangely, Light did not feel the urge of getting away from L. The older man had moved closer and closer. Their lips were merely an inch away. He could feel his breath getting heavier. L leaned forward, his lips were in a smile before touched Light's.

Light woke up in surprise. His breathing was heavy. He pressed his palm on his chest, trying to calm himself down. He had had the same dream over and over again since the day L kissed him out of curiosity and he cursed the detective for it. The night is still long and tonight the moon hid itself leaving the room in a complete darkness. Light closed his eyes and bitten his lips. He tried to remember his dream which is actually still imprinted out in his brain perfectly. He had always been a genius. He had his photographic memory and he remembered everything. This memory of his had always been his pride and he liked it. Only this time he regretted for having it. He had tried to forget the dream when the first night he had it but now dreamt it more and more frequent.

In his frustration, Light let a soft growl slipped from his mouth. He buried his face on his arm; not letting anyone saw his beat red face. He knew that no one saw. No one was there from the very start, except for the sleeping detective, whom was the source of the entire problem.

The man's chest fell and rose slowly. His messy black hair covered a part of his cheek. Unconsciously, the brunettes reached out his hand and swept the hair away. His mind wandered, his eyes fixed on the pale face in front of him. The moon did not show itself or help Light to get a better view on the detective but darkness is not really a matter for his eyes. He could see the other man just fine.

Light had forgotten how long he had been brushing his finger softly on L's cheek. He, without knowing what he did, kept brushing and playing with the older man's lock. He didn't even realize that L had opened his eyes, stared at him and blushed at the same time. The man did not do anything to stop Light. He enjoyed the touch but he couldn't avoid the temptation to tease the brunette. He let a coughed catch the brunette's attention. Just what he wanted, Light stared blankly at him before finally pulled his hand away from L. His face was in shock and even from the darkness L could tell that that handsome face of Light should be very red in embarrassment. 

L couldn't help but laugh. Teasing the younger man had been his entertainment these past few days. He knew that since the night he kissed him, Light had been so sensitive around L.

"Light-kun…" he called for the boy's name while stretching out his hand to reach his subtle face. He pulled his roommate's face closer, "…you are so cute when blushed." He couldn't help but tease him again but today he got a different reaction from the Light. Usually, he would move to the farthest point he could reach but today was different. The brunette elegantly circled his right hand to L's torso. His left hand reached for L's right hand and pulled him closer. With a little bit of effort, Light pushed the man to the wall. Pinned his hand on the cold and hard wall, he kissed the detective passionately. L couldn't help but blush. He never thought that Light would do such a thing. He had expected the boy to punch him but what he got was completely different. He kissed L, and so passionately at that.

L sighed but smiled weakly. He knew, tomorrow would be a VERY different day…for both of them…

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