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Author's Note: Well, in honor of my twenty-first birthday (which is today—happy birthday to me!!), I've decided to launch a oneshot/short-short collection centering around the theme of alcohol (--grin--). The fics will be a mish-mash of varying lengths, types, and genres. Some will be funny, some romantic, some serious, you name it—pretty much whatever comes to mind. I'm posting what I've got written so far today, but I've got a few more ideas and half-written bits that will be added to the collection as they're finished. Anyway, enjoy!

Pyrrhic Victory

He watched the man across the table intently, determined not to blink for anything in the world—but his brother's face was as impassive and unflinching as ever. Damn that rat bastard. His fingers were just itching to reach over there and wring his scrawny neck, just for the pure joy of seeing his eyes bug out in surprise, for once.

The seconds passed. Minutes. Hours.

Well, maybe not quite hours—but they sorta felt like hours. His brain was starting to get fuzzy, and it was getting harder and harder to keep his eyes open, but his determination overrode the petty complaints of his body. He wouldn't lose.

When his The Great Sesshoumaru's holier-than-thou eyelids finally swept closed ever so briefly, his expression still unchanged, Inuyasha felt the rush of victory surge through his veins. "Ha! That counts!" he pounced gleefully, pointing an accusing clawed.

"Hn." But the other man lifted the next small glass to his lips calmly and downed the amber liquid in a single, graceful swallow.

When Sesshoumaru's gaze met Inuyasha's once more it was as cold and inscrutable as ever—the game was on again, and the hanyou was ready. He could do this all night. Sure, he was behind by three, but that didn't matter—he could take whatever this prick could throw at him. Fuck him.

Then, only a few moments into the latest round, without so much as a twitch or a change of expression, the proud and stately taiyoukai slumped forward, his forehead whacking the tabletop with a sound thump.

"Yes!" Inuyasha crowed, leaping to his feet and breaking into a rather unsteady impersonation of a victory dance. He only made it about three steps, however, before he too crumpled to the ground in a boneless heap, out cold.

When Rin and Kagome walked in an hour later to find them in these positions, they exchanged a weary glance. Kagome shrugged to her sister in law and sighed, "Well, at least they gave up the sword thing…"

A/N: Took me forever to come up with a punchline for the end of this one… (--grin--)