Author's Note: Firsttweak's most recent drabble contest had a "Hangover" theme—so of course I couldn't pass up a chance to add to this collection (--grin--). This was originally posted on July 30, 2008, and it won first place. Word Count: 300


When Inuyasha awoke, the world was upside-down.

He blinked a couple of times—his head was pounding so hard it felt like his eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets—and frowned, trying to figure out how the ground had ended up where the sky was supposed to be, and why he wasn't falling into the wide, painfully blue expanse that stretched out below him.

There was a jaw-cracking yawn from somewhere to the right—left?—and he turned his head, squinting against the piercing sunlight to lay eyes on an upside-down Kagome.

"Whoa…how are you doing that?" he mumbled, marveling at the way her feet stuck magically to the grass, and her hair fell—albeit messily—around her shoulders as usual, defying gravity.

"That's my line. Have you been up there all night?"

"Up where?"

"In that tree, idiot—what are you doing up there?"

"Uh…" he fumbled, "…sleeping?"

She laughed, breaking off with a wince and placing a hand to her head. "Remind me never to accept another jug of sake from Miroku. My head feels like someone mistook it for a meat tenderizer."

"Feh—serves you right for drinking that stuff."

She raised an eyebrow. "You're one to talk. I've seen a lot of people hung-over, but I've never seen anyone take it quite so literally before," she smirked.

He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest—but unfortunately this movement was enough to jostle his calves free from where he'd hooked them around one of the branches, and he yelped as he tumbled to the ground in a flailing heap. Kagome burst into laughter, clutching her head, though apparently even the pain wasn't enough to dampen her mirth this time. Inuyasha merely glared back up at her from between his legs. "Shut up…"