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Note: This story takes place some time after the DMC1 game – closer in the game timeline to DMC4. Also, this story does not follow the manga or anime. It is based off of the game canon only.

Devil May Cry and it's respective characters property of CAPCOM. Original characters and story property of me, DevilWriter N.

The Devil's Angel

A Devil May Cry Novel


Night had settled in. The creature bounded wildly down the long dark corridor. It growled and shrieked as it's long spindly arms and legs flailed nervously about grabbing at the next surface to advance to. Glimpses of its wretched appearance could be caught briefly in the soft cool patches of moonlight that filtered through the old windows high up on the warehouse walls. It ducked into a large room, frantically bouncing off the various boxes and crates stacked around inside. The demon made it's way to its mates just up ahead, screeching and moaning, swarming about in a frenzy as if they were all aware of what was to follow.

Not far behind the anxious demon, another shadowy figure pursued. With superior dexterity and agility to the creatures own, it expertly leapt from surface to surface, appearing to defy gravity in it's feat of acrobatics. Though this time it was a human shape; a man draped in a long, deep red trench coat that swung and flapped behind every move he made. White hair on top of his head, glowed softly as he too passed through the cool patches of moonlight.

The cloaked man quickly caught up to the large room where all the foul beings were now collected. Writhing, hissing and jumping around in anticipation of what was coming; they glared as the man's silhouette performed one final somersault over a high stack of crates. Upon landing, he planted his feet firmly down on the top crate, quickly drew a pair of pistols and began firing rapidly. Pounding loudly back and forth, the slides on the guns clacked wildly.

As the bullets sailed through the frantic creatures, they gave off a painful wail with each hit. The demons began to dwindle in a fit of convulsions. Their haunting screams echoed off into the darkness, as one after another they disintegrated in a haze of black ash and smoke. In a mere moment, the demons had been slain. With the room cleared, the sole male figure stood tall and still, smoke trickling from the pistols' scorching barrels.

"Too easy," Dante chuckled in a low confident voice.

Sometimes he loved the easy jobs. Sure, they weren't much action or excitement for the seasoned demon hunter, but they were a welcome quick gig, more often than not, that got the bills paid.

Suddenly something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

"Oh no ya don't," he said smugly, eying a demon scurrying down a corridor to a further part of the vast warehouse. One had apparently thought it would get lucky and slipped out of the crowd that was massacred.

Dante took off after it, leaping and vaulting over more stacked crates as he dashed forward. Upon entering the large industrial room the demon had escaped to, he heard strange noises ahead. Sounds of the demon's groans and cries mixed with what seemed to be that of ... a fight?

Dante stopped, drew and readied his guns for another encounter. He then jumped and planted himself atop a tall tower of crates for advantage and focused his hearing on the sounds coming from somewhere just below. He loomed over his perch to get a better look at what was exactly going on. Although this room was much darker with less windows than the previous one he was in, Dante's own half-demonic eyes adjusted easily to the dark. He could see just below now the demon in full confrontation with another figure.

Dante realized this new figure was no demon but human in form. He could see they were completely clad in a suit of dark black with their head fully masked as well. It looked to him as if a dark shadow had stepped off the wall and come to life.

Dante saw that this new encounter was armed. In their right hand they wielded a sword with a long, thin, metal blade that glinted in the obscure light that filtered into the room. But the thing he noticed most was this sword seemed to be emitting an ever faint soft glow of its own. Strange.

The shadowed figure lunged and parried with their sword in graceful yet potent countering movements to the retaliations from the demon. The demon howled at each thrusting blow it received from the blade and countered with it's bony clawed hands, taking swipes at its assailant. Dante was transfixed on the masked figure. It seemed to him like they almost danced as they fought with the demon. He watched this macabre ballet taking place below him for a moment, then descended to the floor.

"Hey!?" Dante said in a coolly annoyed tone, now standing just feet away from the two. "I don't remember seeing you at the last demon hunter meeting, buddy," he said in his usual cocky tone, knowing there were no demon hunter meetings he spoke of.

Upon his remarks, the masked figure snapped their head quickly toward Dante's approach and didn't respond to his comment. Dante now noticed they were not only wearing a full face mask of some kind, but were wearing goggles that reflected a slight reddish tint to them. While keeping their attention on Dante, in one final motion, the masked figure gracefully lunged using their whole body to thrust the blade deep into the demon. The demon screamed and immediately disintegrated into a fine cloud of black ash and smoke.

Upon the demon's demise, the masked figure sheathed their sword on their back and bounded off through the dissipating entity. They leapt up and over a crate that was behind where the demon had been.

"Wait a sec–!" Dante yelled and quickly followed.

The dark assailant vaulted a few more crates with ease then grabbed for the edge of another. In one graceful movement, they kicked their feet up and somersaulted on to it near the windows.

Dante was already right behind them. "Wait! Who are y–," he started to question.

Suddenly, the masked figure spun. The red lenses of their goggles flashed, reflecting the light from the windows. The assailant then planted a surprisingly hard kick square on Dante's chest. He let out a 'huff'' on impact with the kick, briefly lost balance and stumbled back a few steps on the crate. Despite Dante's instant recovery from the blow, the masked figure had already made a leap to the upper window, kicked it open and disappeared outside.

"Dammit!" Dante uttered under his breath as he made it to the window just a brief moment later.

As he leapt out the window on to a lower roof of the building, Dante stood up from his landing and looked around. There was no sign of the masked figure. He paused a moment, letting his demonic senses take over to see if he could pick up a sound or sent. Nothing. They were just gone.

Dammit! Who the hell was that!?

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