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written -16/9/2009

The Legend of the Crow


+ start

+ Leave Corus

+ Journey towards Tusaine to deliver a message. It's about 'Us' (but she doesn't know)

+ A dark room, don't describe the faces. Use words – hint words "our target is finally going to be vulnerable" one smiles, "it seems our plan is closer than we had hoped." Make it sound like it could be the Tusaine court.

+ Everything seems peachy, except she gets annoyed at how many people assume that Rye is the knight. She is leaving the palace when a knight runs up to her and demands a match – people follow them onto their outdoor courts – he is famous in their land as a fighter (name)… she beats him, and afterwards discovers that he is a prince – he's a misogynist – he has also challenged her because heard of a girl squire who caught arrows years ago - (which incidentally is why they are in trouble). They leave carefully and quickly, now wary of some kind of attempt on their lives.

+ As leaving, a crow (?) warns Ady of pursuers and they are both feeling adrenalin rush. Adalia pulls Rye into an ally and convinces him to change into something she can carry – she throws his clothes into a backpack and jumps over the roofs out of capital, but before she checks out the spies, is careful to fix their faces in her mind. She scrambles up the wall. (Rye berating Ady for acting as a thief or making a joke bout it… I thought I was dating a knight, not a thief) and gets out. ~~~~random child's POV~~~~ What she finds is a wide-eyed child who looks up at her questioningly. He/She sees the crow badge glint as she puts a finger to her lips secretively, then whistles and the horses come up by themselves. I could say… "And this was the first tale of the Crow – disappearing from the capital of the enemy, facing numerous assailants and slipping away from a seemingly hopeless situation"… (?)

+ (split scene away from Ady) -Say something like a dude is panting, runs up to them… "She got away, master". Evil dude throws a tantrum. They argue (?) he sits up with his fingers on his temples, then his face cheers up; "Oh well, they did not get her. I guess it is our turn, although it would have been much less complicated had those fools been able to do what we persuaded them to." – audience should think it was Tusaine, but then I show them it wasn't.

+ Rye transforms back, they have camped at the banks of a lake with water like glass. They have a fire going, discussing what they should do now. Ady pushes going to the Copper Isles (she has a List). Rye is concerned, refers to the attempt on her life, she smiles, "it's not like that's the first time, and I bet it's not the last." They can decide to go to the Copper Isles to visit Queen Dove.

+ Talk about scenery… changing. Talk bout merchants, making friends along the road as they walk to the same destination. They meet a travelling BARD who recognises Adalia, and asks eventually if he could travel with them… for protection and he wants to write a famous song, and figures the best way is to stick with the interesting knights. He is old – 70's.

+ They travel to a ship, and on it is an assassin who jumps on board after they discover him – Saki (cat) has alerted them by jumping on his face before he kills Ady. They get NO info.

+ They decide that since they are nowhere near Tusaine, there is no way (very unlikely) that it could be them and Rye is increasingly worried.

+ When ship pulls up, Ady feels a prickle of something – someone is watching her. When she gets off, someone jumps her…

+ (Split scene away again) Crashes hand on desk. Then at end, he has to say, "Maybe Grenike wasn't so incompetent after all…" thus implying the link between Us and the first story. "we have those following – do not worry, she cannot do anything that we have no knowledge of."

+ "It is Ady, Ma! Not a threat." Ady roles her eyes, "Never try to surprise a spymaster." Dove isn't there b/c Aly knows that this was not the route planned ~~~OMG I could be like: Da is trying to sneak in more spies in on me! Geeze I never thought that he would use my own daughter against me!~~~~~ and ordered by the king – this is coincidentally the first time Rye has heard this; and Ady smiles sheepishly and says "He didn't say to come back until I had accomplished 'everything I set out to do' – I set out to go exploring, thus technically I am just doing what he ordered."

+ In the Copper Isles, she could visit the tombs of the other rebels, talk to an old one or something – meet Dove there!

+ Talk bout meeting Dove (maybe) FIND OUT SOMETHING BOUT those attackers.

+ Can add some stuff in… but then it comes when she asks her mother about where she should go next.

+ Ma says something, lets slip the bad condition of some country she would have to pass through to get somewhere – I recon it. She has to go there (faster route) cos she heard from a dude bout some organisation that poses a threat to Tortall – it isn't definite, but she decides that while she is travelling, she may as well chuck it out for Roald. (Rye says something about "sure, Ady, that's your rationalisation, but I'd bet you just want to find something fun to do. Gods, like being attacked isn't enough." Her reason for going through is that when you are on the sea, you only see one type of scenery; she wants to see the world, and that will only happen if she travels and experiences it first hand – both good and bad areas.

+ (split scene) We have a description of surroundings.. a street (that I can add in when Ady finally approaches them) is deserted outside. Those inside are upset, cos they have just had word that Ady has heard of them – now that they have a scent, it will be harder to kill her.

+ In this travel, the bones are piled high, she sees two armies destroying each other (clashing) in the distance - it is horrific. She hates how poor they all are – it's doing no help fighting each other – she stops to help farms by talking to animals – training them to work, warning crows away form crops… Rye uses magic to help get some running water – there was a dam blocking it. They help construct some houses… this becomes a routine. As they move, they try to make things better. One time, she comes across someone being whipped in a town square and she stops it.

+ They are on their way to Tyra (?) could visit other Isles. Yamani? To find a lead…? OR Ady could put them to use.

+ It seems the irregular attacks have stopped.

+ They help a few villages ~ NO when they are passing through, one has been burnt… or their murder and villagers have already heard of the Crow "they say she helps the regular people" "She helps all, not just those in Tortall, but those in need" one of them knows something … one day she looks upon starving children and says "how can this be happening to a nation of people? How can they let things get so bad afor the common folk?" There was a shang or guide who hears this… an angry young man who says "It's all their fault. Our rulers have been 'thrown into chaos, all because of Them."

+ "I thought it was all the civil wars that kept Saraine in poverty?" The Man is bitter, "No, but both sides believe that it is the other's fault. But I know better. I am trying to find Them, but so far have found nothing. --- after this, I need to say Ady offers to help this man with his quest since its similar to theirs… add a side mark bout the Bard looking afraid (maybe) or something; it's very suspicious behaviour… (man referred to as 'Angry Man' in plan)

+ (split scene) Good, we now have a constant companion with them. He will report to us, and as soon as they let their guard down she will die, and we won't have to worry anymore. (random dude) – why did we have to try to kill her in the first place? Now she is a bigger threat than before, and we are expending too much to get her out of the picture! … od – "She was the only one who posed a threat; the only one we could not spell so we can take over Tortall easily – you know this, I have said it before. (or something like that)

+ They travel somewhere… they are put up within a home, and are all very relaxed; just fed something. Before Ady eats it, there is a heat from her necklace that forces her to drop her spoon (the amethyst is glowing purple) – Rye realises right away that their soup was poisoned "Belladonna" (maybe) and he jumps up and grabs the housekeeper (who cooked it).

+ The angry man has drawn his sword and places it at his belly, the Bard stumbles back with wide eyes – it was Bard's attempt at poisoning.

+ They question him after Rye removes the suicide spells (or whatever) this dude only knows that he was ordered to kill Ady. He can give them the address and name of the man that he 'reports' to.

+ They all rush out to find the man's house, when they go in, they see that he is a bloody mess. The angry one bangs his fist on the door in frustration; Ady tells everyone to stay still – she methodically searches the draws and finds some kind of note "get away" or something – it gives a clue as to who the dudes are – Us/They. It has a symbol M with something around it, maybe? Whatever – the angry one sees it and recognises it As the symbol of a group of rebels who took down the King in Saraine (new appointed who finally ended the civil wars, resulting in them starting again) … but what would they want with killing Ady? There is some kind of code saying something like the eagle flies the coop or whatever, and Ady takes it and puts it in her pocket – makes a copy and gives it to a bird then tells it to fly to George – she can give him mental directions. She adds can you decode this? And sends him off, hopeful to get some kind of clue as to what the hell is going on.

+ They do not get it back for a while…

+ Sometime later I can write bout George getting the note, and he finally manags to dig up some information...

+ Note:----The travelling Bard could be exactly that, but at some point the enemy gets him, and he is forced to tell their location and become a spy. Just after he manages to save Ady's life (instead of the other way around) the enemy show up in plain sight and reveal his spying to them.

They are turned against him; from their POV (and the readers) it looks like he's been doing it since the start. Later on they find out that this is not true, but he has already been killed; for helping Ady out of a dungeon – they have decided that since she got so close to them, it would be better to use her memory of Corus and the Crown to sneak into the capitol.

The last thing he leaves them with (they see his body as the other guys kill him) is a song of the Crow – "The Legend of the Crow" that becomes known far and wide, a telling of Adalia's adventures through the countries and her defeat of the mysterious nameless organisation that had planned to rule all the known worlds by killing off the Rulers and inserting their own people into positions of power.

A/N: Hey guys. Yes, I finally gave up on trying to finish this story. I hope that you can make heads or tails of my plan, because it's not really very clear or even ordered but at least it can give you a vague idea of where I was planning to go with the Legend of the Crow. - Keep in mind that I wrote this stuff mostly to prompt my writing, not as a be-all-end-all step-to-step guide for it.

I am truly sorry that I didn't finish it and just ended up posting my (strange) plan, but I finally gave it up as a bad job.