Till we meet again

The day before Nancy was suppose to leave Clint came in the clinic and said "Hey Nance, Maybe if you have some time on your hands now we could go for a walk and talk." Tippy and Derek who were in the same room looked at each other in question and Nancy replied "Sure.". Clint and Nancy went to the park to have their talk when they reached the bit tree Nancy then said "Clint, if its okay can I go first?" Clint smiled and said "Sure." Nancy then said "Well, I wanted to tell you that ever since I met you I couldn't have found a better friend...You dunno how much you mean to mean, and at one point I thought there could have been something between us but that time has past and I know why, it's because I'm going where I need to be and you're going where you need to be your gonna be great back in Montana." Clint looked at her and said "Nancy, I'm not going back to Montana whatever you heard with me and Sarah isn't true, yes I was thinking about going back but I can't and theres only one reason for it." Nancy looked at Clint kind of weird and said "Why?" Clint smiled and said "It's because if I went back to Montana it would mean leaving the person I fell in love with here or at the third world country." Nancy looked at him in shock she couldn't believe what she was hearing, it was then she realized she really did love him, he then continued "Nancy if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm in love with you I always have been and I wanna know..." he then got down on his knee and asked "Nance, will you marry me?" Nancy had her mouth dropped but soon said "Yes Clint, yes I'll marry you." he then got up off his knee and kissed Nancy, she put her arms around him and kissed him back. After they broke away she said "Oh my god...I can't believe this." Clint laughed and said "Well, believe it honey." Nancy then said "just in case you didn't know, I love you too." they then kissed again and all was great for the two they got married, had 2 kids named Marc and Izzy and all was perfect in their lives.