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Chapter 4

Jareth had left Sarah in the most beautiful room, as if he had designed it specifically for her. Her favourite colour, lilac, was the main colour theme, with hints of a soft green accenting it. There was a huge bed, with drawn back curtains around it, a vanity with beautiful mirror behind it. She had her own balcony, which overlooked the seemingly unending Labyrinth. She tried not to get upset thinking of Toby in there, reminding herself that he was not alone, she couldn't wave wished him better help than that which he had.

She turned to Jareth and looked at him. He had a coy smile turning up the corners of his lips, which she wanted so desperately to feel against her own again, but he had promised not to kiss her until she asked, and she wouldn't until she was sure that he wasn't being so nice to her for some ulterior motive, or to trick her into something she would regret. Looking at his shirt that partly showed his chest, and the medallion he always wore, she looked him up and down, thinking how hard resisting him would be. As if reading her thoughts, he asked her if she would prefer him to leave.

"Not at all, I was just thinking about everything that's happened just in the last few hours. It seems longer."

"Is that a bad thing?" he asked.

"No," she answered, "it just all seems so surreal, like when I ate that peach." She smiled at the memory. "I've dreamed of that ball and the song you sang me so many times since then." Why did she just admit that? She felt herself turning red at the admission, although Jareth looked so pleased that she had finally admitted that she had thought of him over the years.

"I wish you felt like you could tell me what's in your heart, Sarah. I wish you would trust me enough." When she didn't answer, he continued, "I hope I will be able to convince you of my sincerity while you're here. Please look at me." She turned and looked him directly in the eyes, hoping to discern if he was in fact being sincere.

"Yes, Jareth?" she asked.

"I love you, Sarah. That's all. I don't want to demand anything from you this time, I just want your love in return. That's all." He looked at her longingly.

She contemplated what he had said, and she so desperately wanted to reach for him and tell her that she did indeed love him, and she had never loved anyone else and probably never would. Just one look from him could send an electricity through her that she never imagined.

"It's almost time for dinner, love. Why don't you change and then one of my servants will bring you to the dining hall?" Jareth asked kindly.

"All right. Where do I…" she looked around, and a wardrobe appeared out of nowhere. She smiled. "You did that, didn't you?" she asked him.

He just smiled in return. "I'll see you in a little bit", and he snapped his fingers and vanished.

Sarah opened the wardrobe, only to find the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen. She chose a red one, and when she put it on it magically formed to her, showing off all the right curves in all the right places. She went to the vanity and found a brush and hairpins, and put her hair in a beautiful updo, and then found some make-up. She didn't usually wear much, but she put powder on her face, rouge on her cheeks and red lipstick that matched the dress perfectly on her full lips. 'Not bad!' she thought to herself. She opened the door to her room, where a cute little female goblin was waiting. She curtsied, and then said she would take her to the dining hall.

When Jareth saw her, he couldn't even put into words how beautiful he thought she looked. He stood there with his mouth open, gaping at her.

"That good, huh?" Sarah giggled. " You don't look so bad yourself, your majesty!" and she curtsied. He took her hand and led her to the table, pulling her chair out for her so she could sit. 'Man, I really could get used to this' she thought. But she had formulated a plan in her head to determine Jareth's true intentions. While they ate, she started telling him of her idea.

"Jareth, I have an idea that may get me to trust you" she said.

"Anything, love. Tell me of this plan" he replied.

"Okay, hear me out before you answer. I want to get to know you- the real you. Not the Goblin King, but you- just Jareth. And if I feel you're being sincere, we'll take it from there."

He contemplated the offer. He had never let his guard down to anyone before, but this was Sarah, he was thinking. To him, she was worth the risk. At this point the would risk anything to win her trust, and in turn, her love. "It seems we have an accord. Since we're both finished, may I escort you back to your room so you may get some sleep?"

She stood up, "Of course." She smiled, taking his arm as they began walking back to her room. As they were walking, Jareth began singing quietly to her.

Fill your heart with love today,

Don't play the game of time.

Things that happened in the past

Only happened in your mind.

The writing's on the wall,

And you can know it all

If you choose, just remember,

Lovers never lose

Because they are free of thoughts unpure

And thoughts unkind.

Gentleness clears the soul

And love cleans the mind, and makes it free.

Happiness is happening

The dragons have been bled

Gentleness is everywhere

Fear's just in your head.

So forget your head

And you'll be free

The writing's on the wall,

And you can know it all

If you choose, just remember

Lovers never lose

Because they are free of thoughts unpure

And of thoughts unkind.

Gentleness cleans the soul

Love cleans the mind.

Love cleans the mind.

It had been so hypnotic, Sarah had not noticed they had reached her room. She couldn't speak, after that beautiful song. Jareth kissed her hand, bowed, and said "Good night, my precious Sarah." She turned and went into her room and shut the door. She leaned against it, gathering her thoughts.

"I really am in love with that man." She stated out loud. Then, quoting Toby, added "Oopsie!"

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