Final Memory

Final Memory

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xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx…..

Her eyes lay silently on his thin and bandaged body. Yeah, it is indeed thin for a well-known street gangster but if you touched it gently and feel it, you could sense out how firm and strong his muscles are! She smiled softly.

A soft grunt escaped his mouth, taking her away from her deep private thoughts. She brushed off some hair that covered her face and smiled as the (heavily) injured man opened his eyes. "Sano" she softly called out. He shifted his view to the woman beside her. He managed to return the smile. "Looks like…I've been sent to the patient's room again, huh?" he asked as he tried to sit up but the wounds were still new and at the moment he moved, they just bled more. She cautiously assisted him. "Don't move yet. Your wounds aren't completely healed up. You'll just make me work overtime if you do that." She scolded. He smirked as finally sat by himself. "Yeah I know about that." He replied.

She bowed and silence came to them as the night was getting deeper.

"Are you…" she softly started. "Sano, are you going back…to that place?" she asked. The man looked outside the room and heaved a soft sigh. "Are you going to stop me?" he asked back.

"Yes of course! I would and you know that!" she said as tears suddenly rushed down her eyes. He looked down and gave a soft, sad smile. "That's nice of you." He said. "What the damn hell are you talking about! Of course, anyone in the situation the same as mine would do the same thing." She said as her voice toned down. "I don't want to lose you…not you, Sano." She added.

"Listen," he then said as he stood up and went to the door, not minding the pain. He leaned back at the post and gave deep breaths. She stood up and was about to run to his side when he raised a hand, stopping her."I want you to stay here. Don't follow me anymore." He said. Her eyes grew wide with surprise. "What? Sano…what are you talking about?" she asked. With eyes closed, he heaved a sigh as he rested his head on the same post. "I don't want you to get hurt. No, not you so stay here. I accepted this…this foolishness 'cause I don't take those damn threats easily. They're about you…about my family, so don't expect me not to--"

"Then let's leave this place!" she suddenly said. "Let's move to a place where no one knows about us. There are always other possible ways, Sano." She said. "You don't understand, don't you?" he replied. "Huh?" she asked back.

"You just don't understand this so don't make those damn suggestions!" he shouted back at her. "Why don't you just go back to bed, huh?" he asked.

"And let you die in there? Are you freaking serious, Sanosuke? Who do you think could sleep in that kind of situation? Sanosuke, let's just think of another way to escape this."

"Escape? Escape?! I guess you're talking to the wrong person…"

"There you go again with your ego and pride. Can't you just swallow it all up even for just one time? Your life is at stake! Our lives are at stake…your childishness is gonna kill us!"

"I won't and that's final!" he said as he stormed out the house, full of bandages and bleeding wounds. Her knees trembled and her body fell on the floor. Her vision blurred as tears blocked them. Even though she wanted to run and follow him, her body just can't move at all. Why was she just sitting here, anyway? What is this thing that holds her back?

"It's just no matter what argument we come across to, when he says that I'll be fine, I somehow believe in him."


And faith.

xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx…..

"Now, what do we have here?" a familiar voice rang behind her. She immediately wiped the tears that accumulated in her eyes with the back of her hand. "Doctor Gensai…" she muttered. "It's been a very long time since I last saw you crying like that." He said as he sat beside her.

"I just couldn't stop him…I just couldn't!" she said. "So he did left despite of his condition. Just as expected from him!" the kind old man broke the silence. "I feel so…insignificant! My words are all useless to him. I couldn't stop him from going to that death field he's headed to. Doctor, I don't want to lose him!" she cried to him. "He said that I couldn't understand this situation…but he's the one who doesn't!" she added.

"As far as I know him, I do really think you don't understand the situation." The old man said. Surprised, she looked up to him. "I couldn't?" she asked, still confused. The old man beamed a smile to her.

"Do you remember the threat sent to you? It obviously shows that he knows how to track you wherever you are. I guess this person is really good at this so Sanosuke must've sensed this the moment he laid eyes on it. He knew that no matter how hard you try to hide and move away, he'll still be able to find you. And the only thing to stop him is to accept the duel he's asked to do in return of your safety." The doctor explained. "But…we could ask the police to…"

"Do you think he would agree? Sanosuke was a street gangster. Of course, even if it has been a few years since he stopped fighting, his ego and pride as a gangster is still there. You can't blame him for that."

"What should I do?" she asked. The old man looked outside and smiled. "The road is quite clear and well lit. I guess it won't be hard for you to track them." He said then gave a wink. She beamed a soft smile as she stood and grabbed her ointments and a handful of bandages. She knew very well that she would need them badly when she reaches them. As she was about to dash off, she looked back at the old man.

"I'll take care of her. Go, and save him. Before it's too late." He said and with that, she nodded and continued on her way. "I'm coming…" she said as the cold wind met her face as she ran.

xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx xXxFinal.MemoryxXx…..

Wide eyed, she dropped the bandages and the ointment flat on the dusty road.

"No…it can't be…" she muttered as the heartbreaking scene came to her. With slow and unsteady steps, she went to his side. "Sano…" his name escaped from her lips as she knelt down and took him in her arms. "Sano…what did you do to yourself…?" she asked softly as tears rushed down her face. With trembling hands, she gently touched his beaten face.

"You…you came?" he managed to say. "Of course and now be quiet! I'm gonna apply some ointments to your wounds again!" she said but as she was about to stand, his hands grabbed hers. "You need not to" he softly said. "Huh? What are you talking about?" she asked as she knelt again. "It's useless." He shortly replied.

"Are you underestimating my abilities? I am a doctor." She proudly said.

"I won't make it, anyway…"

"Well, Kenshin has received more deadly blows than what you have now when he fought Shishio and I was able to treat him. How much more about you?" she said. Instead of replying, he gently took her hand and placed it at the small wound at his chest that drew out dark blood. "Did he have this back then?" he asked and with that, her tears rushed once again. "That bastard hid a gun. I should have known. Tsk!" he said as he coughed out blood.

"Don't…don't speak anymore…"

"There's no more time left. I finally found out his true intention. He was a former official of the Intelligence group of the government and I happen to cross roads with him back then. I guess he wanted to revenge on me so this happened." He explained then looked up at the starry sky.

"Look…the sky's full of stars. Isn't it beautiful?" he asked. Without even looking up, she just nodded. "Yeah, and you would still be able to see more of that." She whispered as she held him closer to her. "You will be" she added as the wind softly blew. Then, she felt his hand touch her face. She looked at him and saw his deep and tired eyes. "Sano…"

"I'm sorry I made you cry."

"Don't be…"

"Sayu…I know she'll grow up to be a very good girl, knowing that it will be you who would be by her side."

"Of course, you'll be there too." She said, sensing where his words are driving at. He gave a soft smile that pierced her heart again. "Please smile for me" he softly said. Though hurting from the truth that she is slowly realizing, she gave him her utmost and sweetest smile.


"Thanks…at least I'll have one good final memory to bring with." He faintly said as his eyes started to close.

"Sa…no…Sanosuke!" she cried. "Sanosuke!"


A tear fell on his face as she felt his last breath escape his mouth.