His Memory

His Memory

A/N: Okay, this fic is a sequel to Final Memory. A review got my head spinning and tickled my brain so here it is! BTW, I don't really have any idea on when is Sano's birthday so I just made my own. Anyway, I hope it turns good. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!! And I guess half the credit of this goes to hitokiri angel for the idea. Thanks! I'm sorry if it took this long!

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"Good morning, Dad."

A bright and blue summer sky came that morning. Though a bit humid and hot, it was still cool compared to a regular summer day. The breeze was a bit cooler and fresher. The clouds were puffy white and gave occasional shade as it covers the sun in its slow drift across the blue dome.

"Happy birthday, Dad." The soft voice rang once again. a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh lilacs and irises were carefully laid down as incense sticks were lighted. Its soft fragrance rose and blended to the air majestically, oftentimes creating a beautiful swirl before disappearing. Two female figures stood silently as they bowed their heads and said their prayers silently.

"Mom, do you want to know what I said in my prayers?"

"It's all up to you." The older one sweetly said. "I prayed that wherever Dad may be, I hope that he's happy today because, well, it's his birthday. But I also prayed that I really wanted him to be here with us, though it's very impossible. I just thought that it would be so much better if he would be here. We…never had a chance to celebrate it with him physically." The little girl said. She smiled softly at her and patted the young girl's head. "What a wonderful prayer. I'm sure that made your dad happy for the day. Knowing that even you didn't had the chance to see him when you first opened your eyes; you are a very loving and caring daughter to her father. I'm very sure and certain that he smiles down at you right now, very proud and happy." And with that, the little girl beamed her lovely soft smile.

"Megumi? Sayu?"

"Why Kaoru! And Kenshin too." The doctor said in surprise. "Aunt Kaoru and Uncle Kenshin!" Sayu's little and perky voice beamed in. Kaoru gave a smile back the child. "You came this early to greet your father?" she asked. Sayu nodded. "Yeah and Mom didn't have to wake me!" she proudly said. "She's as lively as ever, Megumi." Kenshin said. "Yes just like her father. Anyway, what are you two doing here?"

"Of course he's a very close friend to us. He's helped us a lot. That's why we planned to visit him today. We also thought that you might be busy today so we got early and decided to fix everything else so when you come, everything is set. I hope that doesn't sound too much." Kaoru said. Megumi shook her head and smiled. "No, it isn't. Thank you very much for the concern."

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"Higher! Higher, Uncle Kenshin! Higher!"

Under the shady tree sat Megumi and Kaoru looking at Kenshin flying a kite and Sayu cheering him up. "Thanks for inviting us on your small picnic, Megumi." Kaoru said as the wind casually blew. "Oh, that was nothing. Besides, it would be more enjoyable if we're altogether. Too bad Yahiko isn't here."

"Oh, that lad said he'll just stay at the dojo and watch over the students. He also sends his regards to you two."

"Lately, Yahiko seems a little more serious on teaching. I didn't seem to imagine him to be like that. Maybe Tsubame made him change!" Megumi said. "I think so too, Megumi." Kaoru agreed, ending them to a serene silence. The hearty laughter of Sayu and the mild and cheerful chirping of the summer birds filled the air.

"You know, Megumi, since Sayu came, I remember how his face looks so happy. Whenever he comes by to visit, his stories would only contain one topic and that is Sayu. He could blabber all day long just to tell us all the same thing over and over again!" Kaoru said with a smile. Megumi closed her eyes and bowed. "Yeah, you could really feel how happy he was the moment he heard her cries. His eyes would twinkle beautifully when he stares and plays at her. He could sacrifice a day's load of work just to stare and play at her." Megumi added. "Well I can't blame him too. Sayu's too charming, you can't resist her." Kaoru said and they held soft laughter. Suddenly, Kaoru noticed the doctor's face to sadden. "Megumi? Is everything alright?"

"You know, even if it has already been five years since he left, I still miss him. I miss him so much…" Megumi softly said. "It's like…I'm missing something big in my life. Like a big hole has been placed in my heart. Every time I look at Sayu, I would always see him in every aspect of her…her eyes, her hair, her attitude…and I don't know how to react on it." She added. "You really love that rooster, don't you, Megumi? I can clearly see it on your face. Honestly, at first, I didn't really imagine the two of you together. It's like one bizarre dream. But you two perfectly complement each other."

"You think so?" Megumi asked with a faint blush and Kaoru nodded with a firm yes. "And I could say, he feels the same for you." She said. "I miss that noisy rooster. Every time the wind blows, I feel like he's just behind me, hugging me from behind and I feel his warm and soft lips pressing on my nape. I know it might sound weird and spooky but that's what I feel."

"He's one lucky guy for having you." Kaoru said with a smile.

"Mom! Aunt Kaoru!" Sayu's voice rang and they saw her running back with Kenshin. "So, how was your little kite flying?" Megumi asked. "It was really, really, really fun! The kite was so high! I think it's higher than the clouds already!" she said with so much energy. "That sounded fun!" Kaoru said. "Yeah, but Sayu almost drained my energy! She's so full of them." Kenshin said, exhausted. Sayu held a sweet giggle. "Okay then, that sounds like a full lunch! Now go wash your hands by the river, Sayu, but don't lean too close." Megumi said and the young girl obeyed.

"Now Kenshin, do you want me to give you your serving?" Kaoru asked. "Yes Kaoru and double it please!" he said with a smile.

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"Now, go inside and bring this over to my table and if you see Doctor Gensai, tell him I'll be there soon." And with that, Sayu trotted in. "Thank you very much for joining us this day." Megumi said with a polite bow. "It's nothing. We intend to do so." Kenshin said. "And thank you very much Kenshin for giving Sayu a good time today." She said to the swordsman. "Huh? Oh that was nothing, Megumi." He said as he scratched the back of his head. "Even though you're not his father, you treated her as your own." She replied. "Oh, about that. It's really nothing. Sayu's a very great and good child. She reminds me very much of my good friend." Kenshin replied. "Anyway, we have to go now, Megumi. We need to go check on Yahiko." He added.

"Very well then, have a safe trip back." Megumi said. "Now, go take care of Sayu for me." Kenshin said. "Huh? Sure." She replied. "She's his memory. You ought not to take that away." He said with a smile and they went off away. Megumi made a bow. "I will, Kenshin. I will take very good care of his memory." She whispered and with that, she made her way to her house where Sayu's warm and sweet voice welcomed her.

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