'Why are you made to be a girl?' John asked.

'We are created to blend in, you have girls in your world too.'

'Yes I know that. But why did future John sent someone like you?'

'Someone like me? I do not understand.' Cameron said as she looked at him with big confused eyes.

'Well, you know. Like I explained, a girl.'

She gave him a very puzzled look. 'I still do not understand. Do you have problems with me being a girl?'


'No, no.' John stuttered quickly. 'It's just that he could have also sent a boy to be my brother, maybe the blending in would have worked better then.'

She was looking at him and if he didn't know better he would think that she was thinking deep.

'You are not satisfied with how I blend in?' She asked after a short moment.

This conversation was going the wrong way, John thought quickly.

'I was just thinking that things might have been easier if you had been a boy.'

She tilted her head to one side now, and he wondered if that was a human trade that she had seen on others and had copied now. She was a fast learner. And she WAS blending in more and more lately. Perfectly, maybe too perfect.

'John?' She questioned confused when he didn't answer.

'I can adjust if you are not happy with me.' She offered.

'No it's not that. It's just. It would have been easier when you were a boy.'

She gave him a puzzled look again.

'If some big machine is coming and beats you up like that, I…. I…' Man this was awful to admit… 'I feel the need to….' Her eyes grew even bigger as she waited patiently. Had she gotten more facial expressions over the weeks? That could be, she could have copied them too. She was a very good observer. ' to protect you.' He spat out finally.

'Protect ME?' She asked surprised. 'You can not protect me.' She simply stated matter of factly.

If he hadn't known that she was in fact a killing machine, that would have made him feel weak. He scraped his throat. 'I think it's just a thing men have.'

'What thing? I have not heard of this thing.' Cameron said confused again.

'Men have this urge to protect woman.' He didn't want her to get hurt. He had been so worried when she got attacked everytime. Even when his mother threw her out of the window and she lay there lifeless on the car. And those feelings were getting stronger by the moment. He knew they weren't right. She was a machine, a THING.

'But I protect you. You can not protect me. That is a fact.'

'Yes I know.' John said, he almost rolled his eyes. Maybe that wasn't what he meant at all. It wasn't about protection. It was about her being a very attractive girl/ machine. Him having to remind himself over and over again that she was made of wires and iron/ metal and what not more. That everything about her was fake. That under those brown eyes were those red piercing bulbs all the Terminators had.

He hated that he got confused.


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