A/N: This is going to be the running title for a series of one-shots, focusing on different characters and universes and situations. Basically, it's an outlet for all the little plot bunnies that hang in my head. Most of them seem to be little snapshots of life, so the title just hit me and stuck like a bad song. They're mostly drabbles, small snippets in the life of many confused souls.

Home Movies and Scrapbooking: Take a look at the daily of real people, with real lives. It's not always the fairy tale we hope for.

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Home Movie 1: Happiness

Character: Haruno Sakura

Pairings: one-sided SasuSaku

Summary: "Is there true happiness? Or is it just a dream, made from excess amounts of pop culture and alcohol?"

The hospital break room—cluttered with plastic chairs and wobbly tables that looked way too old to even hold up a carton of take-out ramen and suffocated with large medical tomes describing unknown diseases—served as the only outlet of stress for weary medics. Who cared how uncomfortable the forty-year-old couch was? It was good enough for a nap, right?

She collapsed next to Ino in a flurry of dull pink and green, her medic coat flapping about her.

"Yo, forehead."

"Hey, pig."

Ino chewed on the tip of her pencil, and Sakura vaguely wondered why someone who actually had a life (read: living, breathing man at home) was pulling the Christmas shift.

But it wasn't her life, and it wasn't her place to tell her dear friend that she was a moron. After all, if she had a man, she'd be home.

"Why the hell are you here?"

Shika's back home with his family, so I'm alone this week. Family stuff is tomorrow, so I figured I'd volunteer. Not like I have anything to go home—"

The pencil dropped as she realized her mistake.

"I didn't mean to… well, I just…"

She sighed, and looked at the dark sky trying to encroach on the fluorescent atmosphere inside the hospital.

"I know. It's okay, Ino."

"Sakura, I really didn't mean to."

"I know," she said, a little forced. "Stop apologizing. It's not your fault, right?"

The depreciating, bitter chuckle that wrenched itself from her throat let Ino know exactly whose fault Sakura thought it was.

"There's always something more important than me, you know? Why did I think it'd be any different with him?"

Ino just stared at her, sympathetic.

"Do you think true happiness is real, Ino? Or is it something we invented? Some random idea gleaned from way too many chick-flicks and romance novels telling us that the perfect man is out there?"

"I don't know, Sakura. But you're really depressing for Christmas."

She just smirked, a little shallow and unforgiving, before getting up from her chair and heading out to complete her rounds.

"Sometimes I think it exists. When I'm tipsy, just buzzed enough from a good drink to feel an electric shock of euphoria."

"Just because he was an asshole, Sakura, doesn't mean they all are."

She stopped at the door, her hand on the frame as if the hall seemed to be something that would swallow her whole and take her into another dimension of life. One where she had to become Dr. Sakura Haruno, savior to many and person to so few.

"Well, maybe you're right. Feel like a drink after your shift, by any chance?"

Ino looked over at her, the broken female standing in the midst of a shattered marriage and hopeless dreams.

"Why not. I have some quality sake back at the apartment. And a few hours to spare before I get some sleep."

Pink strands swished around a nodding head before disappearing down the hall.

Ino wondered if Sakura would ever get her Christmas wish granted.