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Home Movie 20: The Home Movies

Character: Sakura plus many

Pairings: Sasusaku, KakaAnko, Naruhina, etc.

Summary: Reflecting on life.

"Naruto, no, keep the camera straight, dumbass!"

"But Sakura-chan, I'm trying!"

"Not hard enough, you're not!"

She laughed at the television, the picture of herself and Ino swirling around as Naruto tried to straighten his focus.

"Dobe, give it to me."

"Shut it, asshole!"

"Give. It. To. Me. Now."

The picture panned over, and was suddenly steady. She and Ino came into focus.

"Now. Continue."

"Alright, well, we wish you guys the best, and we hope you're very happy. And that you'll remember to NOT make the same honeymoon mistakes Naruto and Hinata did…"

"No shit, forehead. Now stop hogging the camera for a minute."

Ino flipped her hair, waving at the camera. "I hope you like it in Sand, and I hope you're ready, because Temari will not let you walk all over her. I've already given her all the Shikamaru-handling advice I can."

"WE LOVE YOU GUYS!" the girls shouted out, startling Sasuke into shaking the camera.

"Anyone else?"

"Not that I can think of, Sasuke, but…ohmigod! Do you see that!"

The camera swung around in the direction the girls were pointing, capturing what seemed to be a kiss between Kakashi and Anko, something that needed to be left behind closed doors with the two perverts.

"I think some people are already drunk."

"I know they are."

She heard giggling off out of view of the camera, giggling that told her Hinata and Naruto were nearby at this point.

"Maybe you should give it to someone else? Let them get the rest of it?"

"As long as Naruto doesn't gain control of it."

She watched the picture on the television pan around the party, taking in the laughing guests and the recently married couple. She laughed as she noticed he paused the camera as she walked away, focusing on her for a scant few seconds before returning to his filming duties.

She had so little of that time left, only a few bits here and there captured on film. They were rarely all together long enough to even worry about getting a camera out.

She snuggled into the couch, watching as other guests stepped up to the camera to record their wishes for the happy couple, waiting for the time that she knew was coming, where Chouji would take the camera and Sasuke would walk in front of it, giving her a glimpse of him once more.

She missed him. So much.

People flitted in front of the camera, and finally Chouji arrived, having a short conversation with Sasuke before taking the camera. She paused the tape as she watched him say something to the new cameraman and turn to walk away into the crowd, making his way to her.


The soft voice startled her, almost made her drop the remote in her hands.

She turned to the foyer, seeing her littlest child standing in the doorway holding her favorite doll, the one she had gotten for her third birthday from her "favorite uncle" Naruto.

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"I couldn't sleep. I had a dream, and…"

"Come here, Mizuki."

Her daughter swiftly made her way to the couch, burrowing and wiggling into her mother's side and her warm embrace. The doll was situated on top of the pillow Sakura had in her lap, cuddled in between the two.


"Yeah. That's at Shikamaru-san's wedding. It was before you were born."

"He's so young…."

"Yup, we all were."

"He's handsome, mommy."

She laughed. "Of course. Would I marry an ugly man?"

Mizuki shook her head, blinking her eyes and settling against her mother. Her eyes were drifting shut now, pulled by the gravity of sleep.


"Yes, baby?"

"I want daddy to come back."

She sighed, holding her daughter closer. She looked over at the mantle above the fireplace, seeing the family pictures lined up. She glanced at the row of dark windows leading out to the darkened world outside. Her eyes landed on the empty foyer, where she had greeted her husband so many times after a long mission or just a day in the Hokage's office, keeping Naruto out of trouble.

How did you tell your daughter it was impossible?

"Me, too, baby. Me too."

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