Her Spring

She's there, your sister.

She growing up, but she shouldn't be. She seven and quite confused, and your her trusted big brother.

By now she looks your age, so maybe the medicine's not working. Maybe she'll grow up quick at fly away.

It's science, it's knowledge, so she's your 'sister project'. Just wait, and look at her. With her buds and her big brown eyes and complete confusion. She looks to you for help, and you look back because you can keep your eyes off her.

She's grown up in the mind as well, and she is a pretty girl. It's all so wrong so you deny it to yourself and it's under the name of science. You've got to know her condition, got to know her condition...

You really think of her as a rosebud, small but still beautiful- not the rose. You don't notice this because you do repress the reality of the situation. it's science!

This will mean something someday.