Ron Weasley was sitting in his armchair, after dinner, and was blissfuly pretending to be reading his newspaper, when he heard a loud pop and he saw his wonderful twenty-four years old daughter standing in front of him.

'Rosie! What are you doing here? I thought you were in London!' he said hugging her.

'Yes, dad' she replied, sitting in front of her father 'but I wanted to come here to see you. We haven't seen each other in a long time, haven't we?' she said smiling.

'Well... actually we met three days ago...' Ron said suspiciously 'How is Scorpius? Are you still together?'

'Oh, yes, definitely' she said, blushing.

'Hmm... does he treat you right?'


'What? I'm just asking'

'Let's stop talking about Scorpius for a moment, ok?' she said, her eyes twinkling.

'As you want, honey. What do you want to talk about, then?'

'Hmm... how are James and Alice?'

'They're fine. Harry showed me the pictures of their honeymoon yesterday'

'Their wedding was great, wasn't it?' Rose said thoughtfully.

'Well, it was a Weasley wedding through and through. Your Aunt Ginny crying like a baby, Neville fainting when James addressed Alice as Mrs. Potter, your cousin Dominique breaking her leg... a perfect Weasley wedding, I'd say'

'Yes, it was perfect. And before that there had been Teddy and Victoire's wedding, right?' Rose asked smiling.

'That was amazing' Ron said grinning 'Teddy arrived very late and Victoire wanted to kill him, we all cried and laughed, Dominique broke her arm... or was it her leg?'

'I think there's going to be another Weasley wedding soon. The best of all' Rose said slowly, smiling to her father.

'Really?' Ron asked 'Has Albus finally popped the question to... what's her name?... Sandy?'

'It's Mandy, and no, we're not talking about him. About someone else... someone of this family...'

'Lily is getting married?!' he yelled 'Oh my God, does Harry know? He's going to die! Little Lily is getting married, oh my...'

'No, dad! Lily is not getting married. She broke up with her boyfriend during James' wedding, remember?'

'Oh yes. She cried all the time.'

'That's right'

'Who is getting married, then?'

'Think about it, dad. Someone who is very close to you...' she said beaming.

'Hmm... one of Victoire's siblings... your cousin Fred... Lucy...'

'It's not a nephew or a niece of yours, dad'



'Oh Merlin, I understand now!' he said, getting up and pointing to Rose.

'Oh, finally!' she said smiling.

'Hugo is getting married!' he yelled.

'I can't believe it...' Rose muttered.

'He is getting married to that niece of Fleur's, isn't he? I knew there was something in the air, a father knows certain things, he knows before others...'

'Dad!' Rose shouted.

'What?' he said surprised.

'Dad, I'm the one who is getting married! Everybody in the family knows, except you. Mum told me to tell you in a soft way, so you wouldn't be shocked but...'

'You... married... to...'

'To Scorpius, dad. He asked me last week and I said yes' she showed him her hand 'I've been wearing his ring for the whole week but you never noticed it' she said laughing.

'My Rosie... married...' he muttered incoherently.

'Dad, are you ok?' she asked worried.

'... fine...' he muttered and he fainted.

'This is really going to be the best Weasley wedding ever...' she said laughing.

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