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'Kyuubi thinking'

"Kyuubi speeking"


The Valley of the End was ruined. Big chunks were cut out of the walls, the roaring of the watervall just added more drama to that was happening.

Sasuke had released his seal and now looked as if he was mutated. Handshaped wings had sprouted from his back, his skin had become a grey colour and his eyes had lost everything making him human.

Naruto wasn't much better. His whiskermarks on his cheeks had deepend, giving him a more feral, animal look. The Kyuubi's charkra surrounded his body resembling the fox he bore within himself. The red eyes looked at Sasuke hoping he would understand that he wanted him back. One of the first bonds he had formed. No way was he going to give it up now. He was so close to bringing his best friend back, one of the few people who acknowledged his existance.

The stood in front of each other, aware that the last attack would decide the winner.



The jumped at each other. The brunet with a chidori tinted in grey, the blond with a red rasengan.

Naruto didn't really want to kill Sasuke so he redirected his attack. He would scratch Sasuke's headband. Making a statement: he is able to fight on par with the rookie of their year! But Sasuke did nothing of the sort and when their attack touched, a bright light appeared. Releasing an immense power, so great it shook the surrounding area and air.

When everything was clear Naruto laid on the ground, unconsience.

'Will I kill him? Should I kill Naruto? Do I want to become a man like my brother?' The light illuminated his best friend's face, giving the blond one an light of ethereal beauty. A piercing pain in his shoulder reminded him that he had to make haste. The cursed seal was stinging so badly he fell to his knees, giving him a more clear view of Naruto. 'No, I will get powerful in my own ways, not in those of my brother.' Sasuke turned away, stumbled into the forest and made his way to the man who'd promised him great powers.

Scene break ≈ Naruto's mind

The falling of waterdrops awoke Naruto. After several seconds he opened his eyes. 'Where am I?' He looked around and found himself in his own mind. The sewers were still dripping with water and the floor was flooded. He sat himself up and found out he was sitting in front of the Kyuubi, the Nine-Tailed demon fox. Deciding it would be better to stand when something would happen to him, he stood up and stared the fox in his eyes.

"Finally awake, gaki?" The Kyuubi smirked at his vessel.

"Why am I here?" Naruto would not let the demon intimidate him.

"Your guess is as good as mine." The demon sneered. "I saw that fight of yours with that friend."

"What about it?"

"Why would you go so far for that human? He would have killed you if you had the chance! And if you don't know, if you die, I die too. And I don't intend to die in the near future."

"Oh, I didn't know you cared." Naruto sarcasticly said.

"When you were fighting, it rattled my cage. You really should pay more attention to your surroundings." The Kyuubi found it hilarious that Naruto hadn't seen the new door yet, and in his own mind no less. The door had appeared when the chidori and rasengan touched.

"Hu?" Naruto turned his eyes away from the demon trapped in the cage of his mind and let his gaze linger. As the Nine-Tales had said, there was now a doo where there hadn't been one the last time he had been here.

'What to do? What to do?' Naruto unconsiously stepped closer to the door, and before he knew it, had his hand on the doorknob. 'Oh, what could happen in my own mind, just to hell with it!' He turned the doorknob and stepped through the door. A light blinded his vision for a moment and panic surged through his body.

"Have you come child?" A voice ecchoed through the room. The timbre was soft, a woman.

"Who are you?" Naruto was so much in panic he didn't even answer the voice.

"I am an ancestor of you. Come and I'll tell you all about this."

Without thinking the young man stepped futher in the room and saw a beautiful woman with red hair and blue eyes that would put the sky to shame.

"Hello young man. Let me see you." The woman smiled pretty and Naruto turned around, givng her a clear view of himself.

"You are handsome. I am happy to have finaly met you. I can tell you are curious as to who I am and what it has to do with you."

Naruto nodded his head and stepped closer to the woman who was the only link to his past and now future.


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