Title: Shadow's Secret

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tom Riddle/ Harry Potter

Timeline: Seventh Year, AU

Summary: Britain is preparing for the upcoming war, when a sudden attack on Durmstrang sends half its students off to Beauxbatons, and the rest to Hogwarts. Daniel Potter's world is suddenly turned upside down as his lost twin, Harry, returns to England. And why is it that the assassin, the Grey Shadow is so intent on thwarting the Order's plans? Danger is coming to Harry, in the form of Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore, and his mate is powerless to protect him.

Warnings: SLASH. This means a male/male relationship people! Any flames where someone has a problem with this are not welcome! AU, only slightly follows a few plotlines from the books, which means there will be some SPOILERS. At some point, further along in the story, there will be RAPE. That chapter will contain a large, bold warning so that anyone who doesn't want to read it or about it are aware that it is coming. A rather large amount of OCs will be used. Many canon characters will be OOC.

Disclaimer: Besides the standard disclaimer (I don't own it, don't earn anything yadda yadda), anything you don't recognise is mine unless stated otherwise. So, unfortuantly, the Potterverse is still currently out of my world dominating hands. This disclaimer will not be repeated at the start of each chapter.

Chapter One-- How It All Came To Be

Fog crept along the ground, curling up around the men who shifted impatiently. The night was cold, freezing in fact, and none of them wished to be there. A muggle shuffled past and they froze, waiting to see if she could, in fact, see them. They had done this several times, and even though they knew no muggle could see through the Disillusionment charms placed upon them, they still wondered.

After all, any one of the muggles in Godric's Hollow could be a wizard working for the Dark Lord.

"How long did the Potters say they were gonna be gone?"

"A couple of hours."

They were silent for a moment before the first spoke again. "How long has it been?"

The other snorted. "Thirty minutes."

"Gawd. This place is boring. Don't know how they can stand it."

Something in the bushes moved and both men trained their wands onto it. The leaves parted and a cat shot out from it, hell bent on getting far away.

"Humph. Just a stupid cat."

"You don't think you-know-who would send Werewolves after them?"

The moon hung mockingly full above them, casting silvery beams of light about the lot that looked as if it were empty and devoid of life. This was the Fidelius Charm at work of course. Two members of the Order of the Phoenix calmly sat at the kitchen table, watching the twin boys carefully. While the other Auror's debated whether or not Voldemort would send werefolk, these two knew that he wouldn't shy from it.

That was why they watched the twins. Lily and James Potter were taking a sample of blood from each to be tested at St Mungo's. Dumbledore suspected that one or both may have creature blood in them, and it was far better to be prepared than caught unawares.

While they watched, they noticed something distinctly different about the two boys. Little Daniel, with his fiery red hair, pale skin and hazel eyes, was occupying himself with throwing the little coloured blocks about him, giggling when they floated and spun in intricate circles. Harry on the other hand, with raven locks, light olive skin and piercing emerald eyes, was watching those blocks intently. It had only taken the Auror's a few minutes to realise that Harry was making the blocks move.

And then something changed. Harry shuddered and Daniel screwed his eyes up and began to cry. Confused the Auror's picked Adam up, eyes on little Harry. James had told them that only a few weeks ago Lily had found a small cut on the boys arm that refused to heal. Since then he had been acting strangely.

The bright emerald of Harry's eyes began to change, gold creeping into them. It was almost like the fur crept over his skin. Where the one year old had previously sat, now was a tiny bundle of blue-black fur. Gold eyes blinked up at them and the cub barked.

Terrified the Auror's turned to leave only to hear their counterparts outside yell, "He's here!"

There was a flash of bright green, and then the door shattered inwards, an imposing figure in a black hooded robe stepped through. A wand was levelled on them and the one holding Daniel ran up the stairs, knowing that the only safe place for him was in his crib. The other glanced down at the tiny wolf cub, which barked again. Turning, he ran after his partner, leaving little Harry at the mercy of Voldemort.

Harry whined before his eyes latched onto the robed man. With a playful yip he placed his forepaws on the top of the playpens barrier, small tail wagging happily. Voldemort watched the young pup curiously.

"Now, why would the Potter's have a werewolf in their house, hmm? Unless…of course. You are young Harry." The cub yipped again. "Very well, I am afraid I must dispose of you."

A low, angry growl broke the sudden silence. Harry barked again, his tail working furiously now. Voldemort turned to see a large, shaggy coated grey wolf. It's golden eyes flashed in warning as it moved within the room. Behind it was a slightly smaller wolf, its coat smooth and gleaming silver in the soft light. Amber eyes were latched onto the young cub and it moved forward, confident that it would not be harmed. Harry licked at the wolf's face, before he was carefully picked up by the nape of his neck.

"Fenrir." The grey wolf gave another low growl. "Am I correct in assuming that young Harry's transformation was your doing?" Another growl answered him. "Very well. Please remain here, Fenrir. I have some business to take care of." He eyed the silvery wolf, where it stood protectively over Harry. "If there are any more members of your pack, please keep them under control."

An angry bark followed the chuckling Dark Lord up the flight of stairs. He could sense strong wards all around him, but none were so tangible as those placed upon the only closed room. Flicking his wand, the door disintegrated, leaving the two wizards within staring at him, frozen in fright.

"Avada kedavra."

The beam of green light slammed into both wizards, throwing them into the opposite wall. Two cots sat in the room. He assumed that they had once been quite close, the dent in the soft carpet all the proof needed. But now the one on the right had been moved into what looked like an alcove of sorts, as far from the other as it could get without leaving the room. Powerful charms and spells had been placed upon them. The left was protected by wards created to keep things out. The right had a ward designed specifically to…keep things in.

Voldemort frowned at this. It was obvious to him who slept in that cot. Little Harry. A young werewolf cub. This was not the behaviour he had come to expect from the Potters. This family were the most competent of his opponents, and despite their loyalty to Albus Dumbledore, had always cared for their children. The knowledge that they would push one away simply because of something that could not be controlled caused his eyes to flash an angry red.

Striding into the room, he stopped by the cot that still sat in the centre. Inside was a gurgling Daniel, chewing on the leg of a poor stuffed dog. His hazel eyes were devoid of the intelligence his brother possessed; he was most likely destined to be more like his father rather than his mother. Sneering at the child, Voldemort raised his wand and spoke in a low voice, "So this is the other. I'm afraid you have nothing to your twin. Avada Kedavra!"

The green light shot from his wand, hitting a shield that glowed bright gold a moment, before reflecting the spell back. The Dark Lord gasped as his soul left his body, hovering only long enough to see that some part of the curse had touched the boy. Daniel was crying loudly, blood seeping from a cut in the shape of a lightening bolt on his left cheek.

Auror's suddenly flooded the lower level of the house, attempting to stun the larger wolves. The blue-black cub was left behind as they reluctantly retreated. An Auror conjured a small steel cage, bare and cold. The cub was thrown roughly into the cage and left hovering the middle of the room. He barked and growled before whimpering as, one by one, they hit the cage as they passed it.

No one cared for the oldest twin. After all, what place does a dark creature have in a light family?


A year to the day later, Lily Potter swept Daniel Potter up into her arms, laughing and proclaiming that this day was special to everyone, and all because of him. He giggled and waved at his godfather, Sirius Black, who gave a mock bow. James Potter smiled at the proceedings before turning to his unnaturally intelligent two-year-old son.

"Now, Harry, this day is very special for two reasons. Do you know what they are?"

Harry frowned, refusing to raise his eyes from where they were glued to the inside of a thin book titled Siren's Song by Silvavang. It was a book detailing what every young wolf would need to learn and had been gifted to him by his own godfather, Remus Lupin. While Harry could read, he was nowhere near being able to understand what was in the book, but the moving pictures fascinated him. The wolves were friendly to him. "Dan saved the world, Voldemort died."

James glared at his son, reaching forward and grabbing the book. The wolves bared their fangs and raised their hackles in retaliation. Glowing emerald eyes looked up and latched onto hazel ones. "Harry, tonight is the beginning of the full moon."

Sadness crept into the bright eyes and the small shoulders sagged. "Oh."

"Yes. Come on now, we best get you safe."

Harry never bothered to mention to his father that the idea of being trapped within the tiny cage caused him to tremble and cry in his sleep. He dreaded the full moon because it meant that he would spend three days from his family. Oh, he could certainly see the worry in his mother's eyes; he knew this was hard for everyone. But Remus got the wolfsbane potion each month. Harry was not allowed the potion.

And he never bothered to mention to his parents that he could, if he wanted to, refuse the change. Remus knew his secret, and kept it safe for him. Besides, Harry was much happier in his wolf form.

As he was led inside the metal cage, he noticed the plush blanket folded neatly in one corner, and a smile tugged at his lips. He could smell his mother's scent, and knew that despite everything, she really did love him.

"We can't have this in here." James grabbed the blanket, pausing when Harry launched himself onto it, refusing to relinquish his hold on what was, essentially, an offering of comfort and love. "Harry, let go. Now, Harry!" James yanked hard and his son was thrown off, slamming into the metal bars.

Almost immediately, fur melted over skin and clothes, and emerald eyes suddenly swirled with gold. Harry growled, jumping up and turning to face his father. James' eyes grew wide with fear, the blanket falling from numb fingers. The werewolf cub, though only slightly bigger than a year before, had learned to trust his instincts without question. They had served to keep him safe from the childish way his brother attempted to harm him. And now he was seeing his father as a threat to his own well-being.

James gulped and backed away, stepping out of the cage and slamming it shut. As he left the room, the haunting howl of his son spun a devastating melody around his already torn soul.


Albus Dumbledore stepped inside the office of one of the head Medi-witches in St Mungo's, nodding to the witch and to Lily and James. In Lily's arms was a grinning Daniel. Beside James, enclosed in a metal cage and sitting on a soft blanket, was a transformed Harry. The mostly green eyes glared accusingly at his father, but turned to the older wizard the moment he was near. A deep-throated growl broke the medi-witch out of wherever she had been before.

She smiled down at the small cub. She had absolutely nothing against those with creature blood. Werewolves, when treated with respect and dignity, were quite placid, most even kind to those who cared for them. Her team was handpicked for empathy. In fact they had become attached to the small cub, whether in his transformed state or as a young to-be wizard. He had tremendous power and the potential for helping make their world a better place. Despite what some considered as 'bad blood'.

"Headmaster," she smiled politely at the older wizard. "I was not aware it was you we were waiting for. This really is a matter for family and guardians only."

"I am to be young Harry's guardian, depending on the results of your tests." His blue eyes hardened a moment. "I assume you have concluded what we suspected?"

She frowned at him. It was something she had been used to while attending Hogwarts under his supervision, but she found that it was rather rude out in the real world. "As a matter of fact, Headmaster, I have finished the tests. Harry most definitely, as I am sure you can tell by now, is a werewolf. He most likely received the bite, or cut, only a few weeks after birth. Now--."

"That's impossible!"

The medi-witch glared at James for his outburst. A soft whine caught her attention and she looked down at Harry. His tail wagged slowly before stopping. The sadness in his eyes was most likely due to the fact that he was restricted to his cage during transformations. "It is quite possible, Mr Potter."

"But Harry didn't change until…until that night." Lily's eyes were wide, yet within them was a genuine worry for her son's welfare, not for the status of his blood.

"Yes. Finding out how he was able to stop the monthly transformations took quite a few more tests, the results of which were surprising to say the least." She sighed and closed her eyes a moment. When they opened again they were focused intently on Harry. She leaned forward and flicked her wand, levitating the cage onto her desk. Ignoring the protests from the men, and filing away the look of approval in Lily's eyes, she opened the door.

For a moment Harry seemed torn between defending himself and venturing out. It didn't take long for the natural curiosity for a three year old to win over his survival instincts. The medi-witch was well known to him and her scent was comforting, despite the tangible feel of fear from his father. Jumping from the cage and into the witches lap, he barked and his tail began to wag furiously.

"You see, Harry is unique. Far more unique than even young Daniel is, despite his…triumph over the Dark Lord." She raised a hand and began to stroke the silky soft fur. "He was able to prevent the transformations because, somehow, he was aware of your dislike of dark creatures. However, judging from his godfather, it does not extend to every one of those creatures. The only other explanation is that he was simply preparing himself."

"I beg your pardon?" Dumbledore frowned. "Preparing himself? Harry may have above average power, but he is nothing more than a werewolf in wizard's robes."

The medi-witch glared. "Do some research, Headmaster. We have tested Harry each and every time he has come here and found that he is far more than 'above average'."

Lily bit her lip, tentatively reaching out towards her son. Daniel wiggled and was quickly passed to James. Harry cocked his head to the side and watched her, judging her actions. With another bark he jumped onto the table and butted his head against her outstretched hand. A smile touched her lips and she scratched him just behind the ears. With a happy little whine, he stepped down off the table and curled up on her lap. His mother relished in this, she hadn't had much of a choice in how Harry was treated.

"What is Harry, exactly?" Lily's soft green eyes were full of worry for her son.

The medi-witch smiled reassuringly. "If it were not for the werewolf blood in his veins, Harry would have been a full-blooded Hecatamus."

"Preposterous. Hecatamae died out during the Founder's Era." Dumbledore shook his head, the twinkle in his eyes completely dead. "Harry could be nothing more than an elemental of some sort. He has none of the characteristics of the Hecatamae."

The witch glared angrily at the older wizard before her eyes moved back to Harry. The small cub was watching her carefully. "Harry, please show them what you showed me."

The cub barked, jumping back onto the desk. He growled at the sight of the cage, yipping when it slammed into the wall near the desk. Wagging his tail, a glow appeared around him, the fur melting back into skin and clothes. Before them, now sat a three-year-old Harry, but on his back, shimmering in the light, was a pair of thin leathery wings, coloured a deep blood red. Harry appeared to be in some sort of pain as he struggled to keep the wings there. With huff and a pout, the wings vanished completely.

"Very good Harry." The medi-witch smiled as Harry grinned up at her. She looked at the other three. "It's harder for him to make those wings visible. The werewolf blood is interacting with the Hecatamae blood, and because we've never seen this type of hybrid we have no way to know what will happen in the future."

Dumbledore was frowning down at Harry. "How is it he can control the transformation process?"

"We don't know. At best we can guess."

"Hecatamae control things around them. So, it makes sense if Harry can control some aspect of his own nature," Lily said as she gathered the three-year-old into her arms. "And I think it's a fantastic show of his abilities."

They continued to discuss peculiarities of Harry's unique situation, but the medi-witch kept most of her attention on mother and child. Lily truly did love Harry, despite what made him different to Daniel. Speaking of the younger twin…her eyes flickered over and a frown creased her brow. The three-year-old toddler was currently glaring at his brother; pure hatred in what should have been soft hazel.

"Should we give him the wolfsbane potion?"

Dumbledore nodded to James. "Of course, he will become more violent as he grows older. It would be best to get him used to it as soon as possible."

"No!" The medi-witch glared at the two wizards. "We already tested that. Harry reacts quite negatively against that particular potion. It causes him enough pain for him to loose control over the werewolf side of him."

Lily nodded. "Alright, we won't give it to him then."


Daniel glared at his twin. Harry was currently chasing his own tail in the middle of the snow. His black coat, shined with faint blue highlights, and his emerald eyes would be swirling with faint traces of gold. He wasn't even meant to be out there. He was a werewolf for Merlin's sake! He could injure someone!

Why his mother thought they needed to spend time together was beyond his comprehension. All he knew was that she believed the two seven year olds could somehow get along.

He frowned when Harry turned and loped over towards him. From being a small bundle of black fur and gold eyes, he had grown to the size of an average Timber wolf and could easily eat up miles. And Daniel knew, he'd seen him on more than one occasion running around the mini Quidditch pitch that sat at the back of the estate.

In one fluid movement, Harry went from loping wolf to running child. There was a brief flash of his wings before he skidded to a stop before Daniel. "Dan?"

Daniel sneered down at his twin. "Harry. Would it kill you to call me Daniel? It is my name after all."

Harry frowned. "Why? You're my brother. Aren't we supposed to have names for each other?"

"I don't see why I would want to do that," he sniffed. "Being related to you is enough of a punishment. I still can't see why I would deserve such a thing!"

Emerald eyes flashed and began to glow. "Why? Because you're the fucking boy-who-lived? Mum put up the ward that saved you! All you did was lay there!"

"So? The world bows at my feet. They all want to know me. And they don't even know who you are. Oh, sure, they know I have a twin. But they've never seen you. If they ever did you'd be shunned and in Azkaban so fast not even your dirty magic could save you!"

Harry flicked his hand and suddenly Daniel found himself pressed against the wall behind him. Pure, raw, magic was bearing down on his throat making it hard to breathe. Those glowing eyes were suddenly everything he could see.

"Don't call my magic 'dirty'. Everything I am, everything I have, is more pure than anything you can lay claim to!"

The pressure eased off, and before Harry could change his mind, Daniel screamed as loud as he could, "DAD! HARRY'S ATTACK--mrf!"

Harry flicked his fingers and suddenly Daniel couldn't speak. With one last glare, Harry stepped back, fur sliding over skin as he dropped back into his wolf form. Just as he spun and began to leave, a beam of red light shot just over his head. James Potter strode from the house, his wand trained on his own son, a look pf pure contempt twisting his normally handsome features.

Harry growled angrily, turning to face his father. As another beam of red light streamed his way, he made to jump away, but then yet another slammed into him and sent him into a nearby tree. His fur melted away and he groaned, pain shooting up and down his pine. The spell should have knocked him out, but his magic pushed at the black haze clouding his vision.

Daniel watched, speechless, as colourful wisps of magic snapped around Harry. He had only seen this once, when they were five, and he had pushed him down the stairs. Then, the magic had cushioned his fall and healed a slight bump to the head. It was then that Daniel had realised that Harry's Hecatamae blood really was made up of pure magic. His mother's wand had never worked in Harry's hands. Neither had their father's for that matter. No wand ever did.

Emerald eyes flickered, the glow still there, anger still sparking. He pushed himself up and glared at his father, who still had his wand trained on him. A spell was on his lips when a female voice cried out, "expelliarmus!" and the wand flew out of his hands.

Lily rushed past her husband and youngest son, instantly kneeling beside Harry, casting a specially designed spell over him. The wisps of magic were suddenly sucked back in to him, and his eyes returned to normal. "Oh, my poor Harry."

"Lily! Step away from him, he attacked Daniel!"

Anger made the jade eyes spark the same way as Harry's emeralds and she whipped around to face her husband. "And he probably attacked him first!"

"It doesn't matter, Lils. Harry could turn him."

"James Potter! You've been ignoring this for three years now! I can't do it anymore. I can't listen to you bad mouth our son. And not even just because he's a werewolf. You call his magic dirty James, dirty. And why? Because he's a Hecatamus? That is no reason. Please James, please, just try to love him?"

James looked at his wife. He could see in her eyes that she would leave. He knew in his heart that he had pushed her away enough times that if he hurt her once more…

"Okay, Lils. I'll try."

It didn't work. Three months later everything fell apart. Lily never said it, she didn't even bother to let her husband know, but she had already filed for divorce and he had signed the papers, though he wouldn't remember it. The Confundus charm was a useful spell. She left him a note, told him not to come looking.

Dear James,

This letter will most likely find you soon after your dim-witted brain will realise that Harry and I are not in the house. I doubt you will worry overly much because of that fact, since you care so little for your own child.

I'm not going to ask you to understand, nor will I explain everything. An Auror they call you, I find that rather difficult to believe now.

I am leaving. I am not coming back. I am taking Harry. And don't you dare cheer because your oldest son is gone! We are now officially divorced and I am free to pursue the one I always did truly love. Lust is such a blinding emotion.

Stay safe I suppose.

Lily Evans

P.S Try growing a brain at some point, will you?