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Dancing lessons with Sasuke Uchiha

There were times I seriously wondered why I hung out with Sakura.
Today was no exception.

Sakura was one of my closest friends and I wouldn't give her away for the world, but today I just might've hated her a bit. I mean, what kind of best friend drags you into a dancing school when you don't even want to learn how to dance? .. None.

But anyway, it was decided: I was getting dance lessons too, and as I was about to give the cashier the money due to Sakura's convincing peptalk, I stopped. What was I doing? Dance lessons? Why? Whoever told me to do this? I am a guy for kami's sake!

'Mou, Sakura, I'm a guy. Why do I have to do this again?'

Sakura sighed.

'It's not like you're going to be the only one in there! There are plenty of guys signing up to this!'

'… I bet they don't even want to go here. They're forced, just as I am.'

'I'm not forcing you, baka.'

'Then what's it called,' I answered, motioning towards my hand which was still being held by Sakura, 'when you get dragged to a place and are forced to pay money for something you don't even want to go to?'

'Naruto, you're such a baka! You're my best friend, you're obliged to come!'

I grunted, tired of arguing (I was going to lose anyway) and paid the cashier. Sakura had never looked so happy in her life. Well, maybe she had, but I don't remember. I smiled innocently at her and followed her through big red doors at the end of the hallway. I silently cursed myself. Why, o why had I ever thought Sakura was a nice girl? Why, kami, why?

There was a group of people standing in front of us and when Sakura absentmindedly knocked someone over, the whole group turned to look at us. I scratched my head and apologised, while dragging Sakura up. She cursed softly and then smiled at them, completely ignoring the victim of her crime.

'Ah, a bit late, dears,' a voice announced.

I looked around franctically, searching for the obtainer of the voice, when a woman, in a sleek red dress, made her way through the group. We nodded shyly.

'Not to worry, not to worry,' she said, swishing her dress as she came closer, 'it's only five minutes. That's fashionably late, as my late brother always told me. But come closer dears,' she motioned us and as we came closer, the doors closed. The woman smiled, made her way back again and stood in front of the group. 'Now, my name is Tsunade and I will be giving you dance lessons! But before we talk about what dancing actually is, me and Kakashi-sensei decided to give you a little performance. Music, please, maestro!'

I gaped as the music came out of nowhere and a guy in a black tuxedo made his way over to Tsunade, one hand holding an orange book and the other one waving at us.

'Yo,' was all he said as he put away his book and smiled at Tsunade. It was kind of a strained smile, but I didn't think anyone noticed.

There was a thick silence when suddenly, the two of them started to dance. And when I say dance, I mean, dance. I had never seen anyone dance so beautiful, so.. enchanting, so.. good? I watched them, humming along with the song, when I was nudged in the side. Turning to my left, I saw a guy with raven hair watch the pair.


'Be quiet. You're ruining it.'

I was stunned. What nerve this guy had!

'I wasn't ruining anything.'

'Tch, whatever. Shut up, dobe.'

When I tell you I have never been this insulted all my life, would you believe me? No? .. who cares about you anyway.
I was feeling very, very insulted and very, very irritated. I turned away from the guy and watched the senseis finish their dance gracefully. I cursed. Stupid moron made me miss at least a minute of the dance.

As the music stopped, the crowd sighed and Tsunade and Kakashi bowed, smiling happily. We clapped. Of course we clapped. Who wouldn't?

'So, dears, that was, of course, the-'

'Tango. One of Tsunade's favourite dances and from the look on your faces, from now on, yours too,' Kakashi-sensei grinned. I was intrigued by the black thing covering his mouth and one of his eyes. Had he been burned badly? Was it because he secretly was a monster?

'But, my dears, about your dancing lessons: I know you've probably been dreading this moment, but yes, you have to pair up. And, no, you cannot choose your own partner. We will decide who will be your partner. Now, please form a line.'

Sakura and I shared a look, both equally shocked, as we stood in line. There was a rustling heard and when the line was formed, there was a comfortable silence as Kakashi and Tsunade watched us.

'You, with the pink hair? You're dancing with bushy-brows over here.'

I gave Sakura a pitying look, glancing over at her partner, before listening to the senseis again, who were now halfway through.

'Shy girl, Hyuuga emblem? You go with.. doggy boy.'

'You, blonde and tall? You're dancing with the Hyuuga heir.'

I watched the shy Hyuuga girl walk to her partner. I knew her from somewhere..
Oh, right. She's the one who always flushed when she passed me in highschool. Ah, such a long time ago. Amazing what one year can do to one's life. As I stood there contemplating, I suddenly noticed me and the asshole from a minute ago were the only ones left. Sakura looked envious. I scowled.

'You.. orange kid,' Kakashi said, 'you're dancing with bad-omen over there. You can just switch roles.'

'… No way, I have to dance with a guy,' I asked incrediously. Oops. Did the talking-without-thinking-thingie again.

'If you don't want to, then leave,' Tsunade-sensei answered.

I grumbled and walked over to the asshole and prepared for the worst.

Exams Exams Exams Exams...

I am going to die.

You know you want it :)