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Chapter 7.

There were certain things in life you could always assume just were. There's the fact that time moves on, that things will grow and learn to understand each other. There's the fact that everybody has to die one day and everybody has to be born or not born on another day. The fact that your hair'll be tousled when you wake up, the way you like to do weird things when nobody sees you. The fact that bees sting and birds fly. The fact that sharks kill and cats purr.

And then, of course, there's the fact that Sasuke Uchiha is moody.

But this fact seemed to have worsened in the last couple of days, for everybody who came within three feet away from the Uchiha was snarled away or ignored to death. Or they were killed by a sudden pierce through the head, caused by the infamous Uchiha Glare.

You see, Sasuke Uchiha was not happy. It had been a week since he had seen Naruto last, and he was beginning to feel ignored. Sakura was there, every lesson, but Naruto was nowhere to be seen. And the worst part was Sakura constantly asking him why Naruto wouldn't come. It seemed the blonde didn't want to talk about it. This, of course, pissed Sasuke off to no end, and so it happened that he was walking outside, trying to kill people passing by, by glaring at them.

He was on his way to the library, since he was told to read up on a certain book by his friends. Or, friends.. there should be a better name for- Oh, wait. Nerds. Yeah, that was it. So as Sasuke Uchiha stepped into the library and walked through the entrance hall, he tried to not emanate a warning aura, so he could sneer all he want, but found that he couldn't help it after all. (Though this warning aura actually made it far worse)

As Sasuke marvelled at the brilliance of the entrance hall, he checked in and went through the gates giving him access to the lanes of books in front of him.

Since I met Naruto in the bar, I haven't been feeling like myself. To be honest, I am feeling quite irritated. I mean, one moment he's kissing me and looking all cute, and then he's asking for time, but never really coming back to me to tell me the answer. I pulled up my bag and slammed it down on a random table, scarring the girl next to me for life. She shuffled away a bit, but I didn't care. I took out my reading list and thoughtlessly ran my finger over the paper. Deciding to take some action instead of staring at the stupid piece of paper, I stalked away.

A few moments later I found myself in a lane full of books about other books. Irritated, I grabbed a random book and started eyeing the pages warily. Maybe I should just read the book first, before I went and wrote my opinion about it.

Sighing, I walked over to another lane and searched for a while before picking the book I was searching. Opening it, I started reading as I headed to the back of the library. My favourite reading spot would surely be satisfying while reading such an old book. As I read page after page, I wandered through the library, coming closer to my destination with every step. When I almost passed the right lane, I stopped and looked up, stalking into the lane, before suddenly standing still. Frowning, I listened to someone humming, and, as I suspected, found a person sitting on my favourite spot.

The only thing I didn't suspect was that he would find a mop of blonde hair hanging above a book and swinging from left to right on the rhythm. Surprised, I walked back until my back was against a rack of books, watching the person sideways. I was surprised when the humming stopped and raised my eyebrows, hoping he hadn't noticed me. But luckily, he hadn't noticed me and just continued reading. I lowered a bit, hoping to see if the person really was Naruto. When I saw three whiskers on a cheek, I nodded in recognition and stood up straight. I grabbed my book again and walked over to the boy, sitting next to him.

The tall boy made his way over to the blonde boy and leisurely sat down, swinging the book in his hand on his way. When he was seated next to the blonde, he finally answered the questioning eyes of the blonde, by looking at him blankly.

'Why are you reading your book upside down?'

Naruto spluttered and got big eyes while he tried to put the book away. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and reached out, easily grabbing the book Naruto was holding. Naruto yelped and tried to pry it away from Sasuke's hands, but his hands were shoved away roughly as Sasuke pulled the book to him and turned it around.

'No.. Sasuke, it's not- I wasn't..'

Sasuke openly gaped at the book, before looking at Naruto again, shaking his head.

'You think this is going to help you?!'

He eyed the book angrily while reading the title again. How to know if you're gay, it said. Naruto huffed and looked away, irritated by the fact that he was discovered by the one he'd least wanted to be discovered by. Sasuke growled as he opened the book at the page Naruto was reading it. Scrunching up his face, he read the first question of the test on the page.

Which of the following would you choose?
a) Cher
b) Celine Dion
c) Barbara Streisand

Outraged, Sasuke pushed the book beneath Naruto's nose.

'Dobe, how can you even begin to think a book like this could help you? Being gay isn't about which kind of music you like, it's about the person you like, stupid!'

'Yeah, well, excuse me if I want some help from a professional,' Naruto sneered.

Sasuke eyed the cover of the book. There wasn't a writer mentioned anywhere.

'You call this a professional? You're mental, Naruto!'

Naruto glanced at the book and flinched, before looking troubled and pouting slightly. Sasuke looked surprised at this and watched as the blonde began to fidget with his hands. He whispered something, but no matter how much Sasuke strained, he couldn't hear a word of it. He shook his head.

'I couldn't hear you. What?'

Naruto cleared his voice, but he still whispered, although it was a bit louder this time.

'But I don't know what else to do.'

Sasuke watched Naruto as he stood up, picked up the book and laid it down next to him as he sat down next to Sasuka again. Sasuke rolled his eyes and watched the ceiling as he answered.

'So you have absolutely no idea if you're gay or not?'

Naruto glanced up at Sasuke for a second, before murmuring an answer.

'Just a bit.'

There was a silence as Sasuke watched Naruto, sitting in the light coming from the window next to them. Naruto himself was watching his hands, thinking about what he should say. It took a moment before he found the right words.

'I just.. it's.. I don't know how to know I am.'

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

'It's not about what you're wearing or about the songs you like, Naruto,' he sighed. 'It's about the people you like. It's about you enjoying me kissing you or any other guy. Besides, it's not like you can't like both. There are plenty of people that don't really like either one better, women or men.'

'But even if it's like that, I don't know,' Naruto whined.

At this, Sasuke got irritated.

'Listen, dobe, it's easy. The only question is, did you like me kissing you?'

'Even if you say so, I.. I..'

Sasuke growled and leaned in, pushing Naruto against the wall and coming very close. His nose touched Naruto's and when Naruto gasped, he started grinning.

'It's about if you like,' Sasuke said, tracing Naruto's jaw with his fingers, 'this.'

With this, Sasuke leaned in further and captured Naruto's lips with his. Trailing his fingers over Naruto's cheek, his body came even closer and he slipped his hands around Naruto's petite waste. Naruto was trying to push Sasuke away, but stopped when Sasuke bit his lips. Moaning softly, Naruto succumbed to Sasuke and let him roam his mouth. When their tongues touched, Naruto moaned again and Sasuke grunted softly, pulling Naruto closer against him. Trying to desperately become one with Sasuke, Naruto clinged to Sasuke's neck with his arms and hugged him closer.

Sasuke smirked at this and brought his hands under Naruto's shirt, slowly caressing Naruto's abdomen. Naruto mewled at this and fell sideways, into sight. Sasuke glanced up when he heard a soft yell and running.

As pink hair retreated quickly, Sasuke pulled Naruto up and pulled him to the other side, where the window was. He kissed him feverishly, stroking Naruto's chest as he came up to breathe again. As he kissed Naruto's jaw and neck, he said:

'You- were-here-with,'At this point, Naruto moaned softly, 'Sakura?'

Naruto made a strangled noise before nodding and redirecting Sasuke's head to his. He pulled Sasuke closer and breathed into his open mouth, touching Sasuke's hair gently.

'Yeah,' was his breathy answer.

After this, he pulled Sasuke closer and initiated the next overheated kiss. Sasuke chuckled, while Naruto writhed beneath him. He teased Naruto's nipples some more and touched Naruto's gum with his tongue, making Naruto moan softly. Suddenly, Sasuke felt something tugging his shirt and he broke with Naruto, watching Naruto's hands as they lifted up his shirt and touched his skin.

Grunting, he started kissing Naruto again, when he realised they had been in some kind of important conversation, earlier. He tried to let go, but Naruto started whimpering. He almost, almost lost his resolve to continue the conversation. But the conversation was more important, at the moment. As Sasuke moved away, Naruto pouted, pulling his shirt down again.

Sasuke watched him for a while, before tracing Naruto's lips with his fingers.

'So, what did you think?'

Naruto flushed silently, before standing up quickly and extending his hand. Sasuke raised his eyebrows, but held onto the hand as he was pulled up by Naruto. Naruto took a stand and leaned against Sasuke as he came closer.

'I learned the waltz from Sakura,' was the only thing Naruto said as he let Sasuke start the waltz.

Sasuke nodded vaguely, before pulling away his hands and just encircling Naruto's waist instead. Naruto laughed softly, before throwing his arms around Sasuke's neck. Sasuke hn-ed as Naruto smiled against his skin.

'So, what did you think?'

His patience was growing out. Naruto chuckled at this, before kissing Sasuke's collarbone.

'Some things, Mr. Uchiha,' he said, sucking on Sasuke's collarbone, 'aren't things to think about. It's about feeling them.'

Sasuke groaned softly, before pushing Naruto away somewhat, and gazing into his baby blue eyes.

'Then, what did you feel?'

Naruto flushed slightly at this, before hugging Sasuke close.

'I think.. I think I.. kindoflikedit.'

Sasuke smirked at this, pulling Naruto's head up and almost closing the gap, leaving only an inch or so between their lips.

'Way to state the obvious, dobe.'

Naruto gaped, shocked. Sasuke just smirked and feverishly closed the gap, pulling Naruto into another corner and continuing on ravishing his blonde.

That night, 11 pm

As angry eyes were following them, they walked out of the library and turned the corner, smiling secretely. When they were at an acceptable distance from the place, they drew closer and Sasuke held out his hand, smiling as Naruto grasped it.

'And to think Itachi actually did a good thing by signing me up for dancing lessons,' Sasuke mumbled. Naruto grinned as he heard the words.

'Right! Who ever said it was stupid, anyway,' Naruto agreed, laughing loudly as he ballanced on a stone.

Sasuke smiled at his dobe as he pulled him from the stone, breathing into his face for an instance, before pushing his lips against Naruto's.

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