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Summery: What if Edward snapped in the first day? What if the Cullens stole Bella?

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I had come to a conclusion, there were just to many pubescent boys in this school. I must admit that this Isabella Swan girl was beautiful but, really, someone needed to wash some of these boys thoughts. I shuttered as Trisha Clam sat down in a seat at the end of the row, correction someone need to wash the girls thoughts too. what the hell was the matter with this century?

That Swan girl was so annoying anyway, I frowned. How was it I couldn't read her mind? What was so special about her? I began running the facts through my head. All attention was focused on a seemingly plain girl, this could be caused by her being new, there were not many new arrivals in Forks.

I thought back our first day with a shutter. Emmett had nearly crushed one of the more, enthusiastic, girls when she had actually leapt, yes, leapt onto him. Jasper had nearly died of laughter, had he been human he would surely had popped a blood vessel. Though revenge had been swift in coming when the Jasper Cullen fan group had come around the corner. Ahh, revenge was sweet.

We still don't exactly know what happened, but it had taken nearly three hours for Alice to get him down from the tree where he had hid. He still thought about it sometimes, Alice doesn't know why the word Jazzy-pants makes him go into dry tears.

Poor Rose had actually picked up a stalker, some boy sporting out-of-a-bottle blond hair with repulsive blue tips. Towards the end she had seriously considered 'accidentally' cutting him in front of Jasper. Luckily for the boy his father relocated and they moved to Arkansas. I leaned back in my chair, staring at the ceiling. Yes, he had left but not before declaring his undying love for his Wild-Rose at the top of his voice in the school cafeteria. I had to hand it to him, the boy went into theatrics well. He had went on to state that he would think of her every night before slipping into fantastical dreamed of her (yes, he went into detail).

He was her prince charming that would, one day soon return to her on his milky steed. I have to salute the scream of pure heartbreak that had poured from his lips as the councilors drug him ceremoniously away. Rosalie will not speak of it, and tries so very hard not to remember. Alice teases her relentlessly of course.

That Jessica was a pain. It had taken me quite some time with my gentlemanly manner to make her so that she was a repulsive hag. That I personally thought no better looking than a poorly dressed drag-queen, who had one too many drinks. She still hates me, though I'm quite fine with it.

And that brought me back to the subject of Forks high's little celebrity. Ms. Isabella Swan, who are you? As if to answer my thoughts, she walked through the door. Oh you poor girl, having to sit next to the Cullen. You had to feel sorry for humans, it was a struggle for them. Our body draws them in while there senses pull them away, it left one feeling strained.

I neatly stacked my books into a small pile on my corner of the desk, then... Had it happened, what was that? That smell... Oh, God, OH, GOD, NO!! That smell, my seductive siren. My personal demon, come from the hell that haunts my eternal waking hour. "Come to me Edward, you know you want me." I gulped, "So rich, so thick and hot." I thought I would die. "Come on Edward," the siren purred to me. "What could one little human hurt, how could it stain your soul anymore." NO, I must STOP this. I cannot, no, I will not do this. Think of Carlisle, Edward, think of him, what you would do to him. The shame Edward, the shame. "Everybody slips Edward nobody's perfect, one little drink, just a taste."

NO! No, I cant! "But silly Edward its so easy, its what your made for." Yes, yes it is. It felt so good to give into the siren, to the temptation. How to do this Edward, think now, where is your prey? I scanned the room looking for her, smelling for her. There by the desk, she was just turning around to come sit next to me. yes, Love, just a little closer my Angel. "Edward, Love, Dearest, the witnesses." I looked wearily from her face, "what?" I moaned to the song. It filled me so completely I would do anything for it. Anything.

"The witnesses, the children." The Innocents! My mind shot, NO! I had to get out of here, now. She was stumbling down the isle towards me. She obviously had never found her center of balance, she really is beautiful. I could loose myself in those eyes and the smell! No! No, I would not do this, not to her not to any of them. They don't deserve this. Stop breathing Edward you cant smell her if you don't breath.

I don't know how I sat there with that siren ready to whisper in my ear, and with that gorgeous demon sitting by my side ever ready to pull me further down the path of self-loathing and pain I already walked. I kept from breathing like a good little vampire until. "Edward, would you please tell the class why DNA works the way it does?" No! That fool. I could say 'no' with the tiny bit of air left in my lungs, but then I would have to explain. One little sentence, one little breath. I took a quick breath... And the siren was there, I didn't struggle anymore, I knew it had me and no matter how hard I pleaded it would not let me go. After all, Jasper slipped all the time.

He was the reason we had to leave our last home, I didn't like Forks anyway. Yes, the witnesses... "Mr. Cullen, we're still waiting on your answer." A few of my classmates giggled, perhaps the last sound they would ever make. It made no difference now. I stood slowly. "Mr. Cullen?" He sounded unsure, perhaps wondering if this was some prank. Then it was too late. I struck.

I don't really remember the killing, I never do. There were screams of course, and her watching me in horror. Her sweet brown eyes, so full of life. The blood, I could smell it. The bones must have gone through the skin on one of them. I didn't look around, I had eyes only for her.

And then, there was pain.


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