Edited version of Chapter 1

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On a street in London:

Edward and Alphonse Elric walked down Hertford Street in London, looking for the café that their friend had recommended for lunch. Ed stared absentmindedly at the people that strolled by him, losing himself in thought as he took in the crowd. Suddenly, a strange flash of light caught his attention. A tall man, wearing a brown pinstriped suit that clearly did not belong in this decade, pushed his way through the crowd toward them, his face focused and a small silver tube with a light on the end clutched loosely in his hand. Al turned his head toward his older brother as Ed's sharp intake of breath caught his attention. "Brother?" Al said, a slightly confused look on his face.

"C'mon Al, let's go." Ed said, turning away from the man and pulling his brother down a side street. His heart was suddenly racing, frantic thoughts whirling in his mind. 'What in the multiverse is HE doing here? Could it be that in this universe the time lords survived?' Ed thought. Either way, in Ed's opinion at least, it was best to avoid them.

"Ed, what are you doing!? I thought the café was that way." Al said, looking behind him and seeing the man in brown in pursuit. Ed evidently saw him too because he quickly picked up his pace. "Ed..!?" Al was shocked at the almost painful pressure on his arm as Ed sprinted down the side street, dragging Alphonse behind him. Ed looked back and saw that the man was sprinting after them. "Ed! Why is that man following us?" Al asked, following his brother's gaze.

Suddenly and without warning, Ed turned to the small ally at their right, nearly tripping his brother in the process. Al came to a sudden stop, staring up at a large blue box with the words "Police Public Call Box" on it. "Nii-san, doesn't this look a bit familiar? I swear I should know what it is-" Al said subconsciously putting his hand in his pocket and touching his old broken silver pocket watch.

Ed quickly cut off his brother's words, loudly saying "No it's nothing! Come on Al let's get out of here." They turned around to leave, only to come face to face with the man that had been chasing them.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor. And you are?" he said with a cheery tone of voice and a cheesy smile, extending his hand to the oldest brother. Ed slapped the hand away, refusing to meet the man's eyes.

"None of your business!" He grabbed Al, but before Ed could move, Al pulled away.

"Don't mind my older brother; he can have a temper at times. I'm Alphonse Elric and this is my brother Edward," Alphonse said politely as he shook the Doctor's hands.

"Well, Edward," the Doctor said, gesturing towards the blue box, "Alphonse, why don't you come in to my Tardis, and we can have a nice chat, and maybe a cup of tea, too!" He put his hand on Ed's shoulder lightly, maneuvering the boys towards his ship. The older one was definitely a time lord, but there was something strange about the younger one as well. Ed brushed the Doctor's hand off by rolling his shoulder.

"No, we have to be somewhere," Ed said rudely. He was NOT letting that man get Al inside of a Tardis.

"No, No, I insist!" the Doctor said, continuing to push him toward the Tardis.

"Fine!" Ed said knowing he couldn't win, "Al, go home NOW!" Al looked startled at Ed's outburst but knew that when his brother was like this he could never win. Al nodded before backing out of the alley.

Ed and the Doctor stepped into the Tardis, which was, as expected, bigger on the inside. Its natural coral was exposed, and the console rose from the center of the room like some oversized mushroom. The Doctor's facial expression was suddenly serious. Breaking the silence, he said "I know you're a Timelord. So how'd you survive?"