This is a short drable I guess- Ratchet centric. Short, writtin on my new laptop in a short time; getting used to the keys and stuff. Takes place in Megatron Rising.



Ratchet knew he was supposed to stay in the bridge until he got word from Optimus about what to do; he knew his job. But he needed to look at the Allspark. He had gone to it Each time he was alone in the Ark. He told Telatran 1 to page him immediately if something happened- from a security call to Optimus paging him.

Ratchet stared down at the open Allspark case, the blue-white light setting everything near aglow. He knelt down sadly and patted the casing, "You chose wisely." He understood that the Allspark had chosen Sari and Sari alone to guard the Key. He didn't know why exactly, but hoped beyond all hope it would return to her, its rightful owner. He glanced at the missing part of his arm, shaking his head briefly before continuing, "When Sari gets it back she'll take far better care of it."

His mind wandered to every Autobot he'd ever lost on his medics table, or failed to save from some kind of permanent horror- like Arcee's memory. But there were many others in the war that faced just a terrible and in some cases worse fates. But he had to admit the hardest bots to lose had always been friends. He remembered one bot who knew he wasn't going to make it had tried to make him calm, his futile efforts worrying the scrapped bot, the bot had told him, "Primus and the Allspark decide what we do and when we go- I'm meant to be destroyed Ratchet. Don't worry so much, you've saved a lot of sparks, but you can't keep us here if Primus wants us."

That was fairly late in the war, in one of the darkest times of it. Many bots were lost in those solar-cycles. If Ratchet was honest with himself, that bots explanation had made him almost thrilled the Allspark was sent away. He remembered celebrating with the other medics, including the femme he was happiest not to lose- Wrench. Their sparks pulsed as one, in synch with one another; they remained in contact with one another as much as possible when separated, even if communicators were unavailable. Wrench worked as a medic in Pharx when he was working with off-world Autobot stations.

He retired from being an Autobot medic quite a while before Wrench was scheduled to. He wished the femme would've retired with him, even more-so after she was destroyed trying to save an injured Autobot soldier. He couldn't stay on Cybertron after that, and volunteered to work repairs on spacebridges. He had begun to blame the Allspark and Primus for the destruction of Wrench, he resented Primus, and almost dared to say the deities were on the side of the Decepticons.

Ratchet decided to go back to the bridge. He headed over to the door, but turned back and touched the Allspark again, closing the casing gently, "I hope you made the right choice to take the Autobots you did. They were good bots. Especially…" He turned away, "Her spark had better be safe when I join her." He left with heavy steps, leaving the Allspark alone.

The Allspark glowed when it was alone; producing an image of a pair of sparks, intertwined but separated. Neither image inside the Allspark itself. It then closed itself, looking just like an orange metal box- that happened to hold an amazing power source.

tell me what you think- I might expand on it, might just slip in references in my other animated story; thanks!