Kiba had been left in charge of his younger brother and friends that were staying over for the night. He'd rather have been hanging out with his girlfriend at the mall and maybe going to see a movie, but he didn't mind watching his brother and his friends too much because one of them was a really cute kid that he'd always liked. Kiba was sixteen and had known for a while that he was bi-sexual. Since puberty he'd started getting a boner when he looked at other guys shirtless and lately his preferences had started to wander toward younger boys. His brother, Anari, was twelve and all his friends were the same age as him. Konohamaru was just a week older than Anari and had been coming round for as long as he could remember. He'd watched the boy grow from a shy and quiet child into an extremely good-looking and extroverted adolescent with messy light brown hair and dark black eyes that made his stomach go tight whenever he looked into them. Anari and his friends had spent most of the day swimming and as Kiba lay in the Jacuzzi out back staring up at the night's sky he ran the images of Konohamaru's shirtless young body through his mind and felt the warm tingling sensation in his dick as he started to harden. He was only wearing a pair of boxers since it was just the Jacuzzi. Kiba had longish brown hair and brown eyes and was really good-looking as well. He played soccer and water polo and had a young athlete's body with broad shoulders and washboard abs. He'd started to get more hair on his legs and arms but so far his stomach and chest remained smooth and tanned. He heard a sound next to him and looked up to see Konohamaru standing nearby in the board shorts he'd been wearing earlier and a T-shirt. He was holding a towel and Kiba wondered if he'd been planning on going swimming.

"Hey Kono," he said, casually nodding at him and looked back up at the sky again, when really all he wanted to do was stare into Konohamaru's dark black eyes.

"Hey, what you doing?"

"Just chilling, everyone else asleep?"

"Yeah, the movies finished and I'm not tired."

"Why don't you climb in, its really warm." He seemed to have been waiting for Kiba to invite him because his cute little face lit up and he pulled his T-shirt off and scrambled into the Jacuzzi. His movements were too quick for Kiba to get much of a look at him shirtless again but he saw his smooth armpits and tight little stomach as he took his shirt off and slipped into the water. Sometimes Kiba wondered if Kono was staring at him too, if he was he guessed it was just because he was curious about what was happening to his body and what it was going to look like. Kiba stretched out in the water, putting his arms above his head and arching his back so that his teenage muscles flexed and his body was exposed for him to stare at, Kiba was sure that the kid was as well and decided to test the water so to speak.

"So do you have a girlfriend yet?" Konohamaru shrugged and then shook his head.

"No, girl's are lame."

"You'll start to think differently soon," said Kiba, "When they start getting big tits and let you finger them and shit. Soon you won't be able to look at a hot chick without getting a boner."

"Is that what you do with your girlfriend?"

"Yeah, she strokes my cock for me and even goes down on me."

"You mean she sucks your dick? That must feel awesome."

"It does, just thinking about it gets me hard," said Kiba and he ran his hand down his flat stomach and into his boxers and wrapped his fingers round his hardening cock. He watched Kono's brown eyes follow his hand beneath the water and thought he saw the boy change position slightly, as though trying to not let it be obvious that he was getting a boner. "Imagine having a really hot chick stroking your cock right now, Konohamaru, wouldn't you like that?"

"Yeah," said Konohamaru and he grinned as he slipped a hand into his board shorts and started to stroke his dick too.

"Have you got a boner?" Kiba asked him, trying to keep his voice light.

"Yeah, have you?"

"I've got a massive boner, I really want to jack off." Kiba stood up out of the water and let the material of his boxer's cling wetly to him so that the shape of his cock tenting his boxers was clearly visible. Kono's eyes locked onto it immediately and this time Kiba knew for certain that the kid was staring, very slowly he gripped the waistband of his boxers and began to pull them down, showing more of his toned stomach and then his thick patch of pubic hair until his hard, teenage cock sprang free and arched up toward his stomach. Kiba was quite proud of his cock, it was pretty big and had a nice round mushroom shaped head and low hanging balls, though they didn't have that much hair on them yet. He was a well-developed, really hot sixteen year old and Kono seemed to be totally taken aback by the sight. Kiba sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi and continued to slowly stroke his boner.

"It's the best feeling when my girlfriend puts her hand round my dick and starts jerking me off," said Kiba, "You should get a girl to do it for you one day."

"Is it better than when you do it yourself?"

"It's much better." Kono was staring openly at Kiba masturbating and the older boy decided to take a chance and slid down into the water right in front of Kono. He put his hands on the boy's knees and began to massage his legs, slowly making his way up his smooth, hairless thighs. "Do you like that?"

"Yeah," said Kono, his voice had suddenly gone really tight he seemed to be frozen. Kiba's hands wandered further up the legs of his board shorts and Konohamaru could feel his boner pressing against the front of them. He wondered it Kiba could tell he had a boner as well. Kiba's hard dick was right in front of Konohamaru, it was so big, he wondered what it felt like and had an irresistible urge to reach out and touch it. How would he react? Did Kiba want him to touch his dick? Kiba was so hot, he wished he could be as ripped as he was. Kiba's fingertips brushed against the base of Konohamar's cock and moved over his tight balls, he took each one in one of his hands and began to move it around, feeling its size and shape. Kono had never been touched like this by anyone and his dick felt like it was going to explode. He desperately wanted to jerk himself off but he didn't want Kiba to stop touching him.

"Stand up," said Kiba and he lifted Konohamaru up out of the water and onto his feet, his young boner tenting the front of his shorts was obvious. Kiba looked down at the boy's shorts and smiled. "Are you enjoying this?"

"Yeah," said Kono nervously, his brown eyes wide as he watched Kiba's hands pulling off his board shorts. The twelve-year old was in just his wet boxers now and Kiba could clearly see the outline of his young cock through the material. He wanted to see and touch it properly though.

"Will you take your boxers off?" he asked, stepping back so that he could see him properly and look at his smooth boyish legs and adolescent young body. Kono hesitantly began to push his boxers off and Kiba watched with fascination, stroking his hard erection as Konohamaru slipped his boxers off and let him see his young cock. Kono was only just beginning to experience puberty, he only had a very sparse scattering of pubic hair and his fully erect boy-cock was only about three inches long, it was nicely in proportion though and seemed to be enticing Kiba to come and touch it. looked down into Kono's eyes as he took hold of the boy's erection and wrapped his finger's round it. Kono's breath caught and a look of absolute infatuation passed over his face as his friend's older brother began to slowly stroke his cock, back and forth. Kiba's other hand made its way down between his legs and caressed his balls, making them draw up tightly against his barely pubescent body as waves of serotonin and testosterone washed through him. Kiba wanted the boy's cock in his mouth and he knelt down and let his lips touch Kono's firm, hot cock head, he slid his tongue out and passed it over his head, tasting the slight sweetness of his young precum. He gently kissed the boy's hard erection and Kono began to move his hips forward, pressing his dick against Kiba's mouth and wanting more. Kiba let the boy's cock slip between his lips and into his mouth and he began to stroke it with his tongue as he ran his hands over his hairless legs and up between his but cheeks to his little hole. Kono opened his legs a little for Kiba and he pressed his finger against the boy's hole and started to move his finger back and forth, it was so tight and warm. Konohamaru didn't seem to mind him touching him there and the older teen started rubbing his finger against him in time with his tongue on the boy's cock, controlling his movements and making Kono moan softly.

"Someone might see us out here," said Kiba, stopping what he was doing and standing up, Konohamaru looked disappointed but his face lit up when Kiba suggested they go back to his room. They both wrapped a towel around them, doing their best to hide their erections and quietly made their way to Kiba's bedroom. He closed and locked the door behind him and turned to look at the twelve year old boy standing in his room with just a towel wrapped round him and a wide eyed look of pubescent bewilderment on his young face. Kiba dropped his towel and walked toward the boy, his now half hard cock quickly growing as he looked over his thin upper body. His dark hair hung in wet curls over his face and Kiba watched a drop of water fall from one of the strands, landing on Konohamaru's shoulder and sliding down his chest. He brushed the hair out of the boy's face and gently squeezed his shoulder's, feeling the firm young muscles beneath his hands. Konohamaru's towel dropped to the floor as well and Kiba could feel the boy's warm erection against his thigh. He was going to reach down again and touch it but Konohamaru sat down on the edge of Kiba's bed so that his face was level with the older boy's cock and seemed to stare at it as though wondering what he should do. The boy took hold of it and Kiba shivered as he felt Konohamaru's small hands on his throbbing boner, the boy began to slowly stroke Kiba's cock and the teenager stared down at Kono's beautiful naked body. The twelve year old put his hand between Kiba's legs and began to roll each of his balls around, feeling their shape and the slight scattering of hair that he had over his ball sack. Then Kono did something that almost made him blow his load right there. He opened his mouth and tentatively licked Kiba's cock head, the feeling of the boy's soft warm tongue on his cock was almost too much and moaned softly as he moved his boner gently against Kono's wet lips.

"Whoa, whoa, buddy, not so fast," Kiba said eventually as Konohamaru began to try and deep throat him, "You're too fucking cute, I'm going to cum all over your face if you keep doing that."

"Don't you want to cum all over my face?" He asked, leaning back on the bed with his legs open and smiling playfully, his young hard cock was fully exposed beneath his slim six-pack and narrow hips and Kiba could almost see the boy's little hole below his tight, hairless ball sack.

"I'm going to cum all over your face," said Kiba, "but first I'm going to do something else."

"What are you going to do?" He asked with impish curiosity as Kiba rolled him over onto his stomach and stared down at his slender curving back and perfectly round, small ass. Kiba straddled his legs so that his big teenage cock was lying against the boys crack and began to slowly rub the boy's shoulders and upper back.

"Have you ever been given a massage?" He asked and Konohamaru shook his head.

"No, but that feels really good," the boy said as Kiba's hands slid down his back and over his ass, gripping each cheek and massaging the firm muscles. Kiba reached over to his bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. He squirted some onto his hands and ran them around Kono's hips to his front and gripped his rock hard little cock and began to work it back and forth. Kono arched his back, lifting his front off the floor and giving Kiba a perfect view of his small, tight little hole. With his other hand Kiba began to work the lube into the boy's ass, rubbing his finger's against it and feeling the muscles tightening and relaxing as spasms of joy ran through Konohamaru's young body.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked as he lay his hard boner against his hole and began to rub it back and forth between his small ass cheeks.

"No," He said, his young voice cracking as the pleasure flooding through his body mounted. Kiba leant down so that his body was against Kono's back.

"I want to fuck you," he said quietly and Konohamaru looked round at him, his depthless black eyes fixed on Kiba's.

"Will you be gentle?"

"Of course." Kiba took the boys head and drew his face toward him, putting his mouth to his and gently sucking on his full, soft lips. Kono opened his mouth slightly and his tongue came out to timidly taste Kiba, their tongue's met warmly against one another and Kiba felt the boy breathing gently against him. He squeezed more lube onto his cock and began to push it gently against Konohamaru's hole and watched as the boy's little muscle tensed and relaxed as he let Kiba's cock slowly begin to slide into his virgin body. An intense warm, tight sensation enveloped Kiba's cock head and he groaned softly as his cock slid further and further into the boy. He had to work it back and forth a few times to loosen him up a little and every time he did it he thought he was going to cum right away, he was so tight and warm, it was unlike any pussy he'd ever had *Hinata*. Kiba could tell that he was being brave for him and not complaining about the pain so he only let himself slide about three quarters of the way in before he began to move his cock back and forth against the boy, stroking Kono's boner at the same time and feeling his ass muscles tense as waves of adolescent pleasure ran through him. Then Kiba lifted him up off the bed and turned him over, keeping his cock inside him, the boy was so light he could have almost done it with one hand. He wanted to watch his hand stroking the boy's erection while his own cock slid in and out of his little ass. Konohamaru lay back on the bed and moved against Kiba's body. The pain had gone now and he moaned with pure joy as he thrust his hips up against his friend's older brother's hand. Kiba began to push his cock deeper and deeper inside the boy until his ball sack was slapping against Kono's ass as he pounded himself into him. He arched his back and closed his eyes; desperately moving his hips back and forth and knew that the boy wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer. He put his hand underneath his back and lifted him into a sitting position as his other hand continued to vigorously stroke his rock hard boner. Konohamaru looked into Kiba's face, his dark black eyes were filled with a kind of desperate hunger and his breath was coming in ragged gasps.

"I'm so close," he moaned, wrapping his thin arms around Kiba's wide shoulder's and the older boy felt Konohamaru's entire body tense up as he quivered against Kiba's cock and his boner began to twitch as spurt after spurt of hot boy cum shot from his dick and landed on Kiba's chest and stomach and hands. Konohamaru kept moving his body against Kiba, his still hard boy-cock even more slippery from his own cum as he felt the older teen's dick inside him beginning to harden and flex as though he was also close to coming. The two boys looked into each other's eyes and Kiba began to moan desperately as the boy's firm hot young ass muscle gripped his cock and slid up and down it, Konohamaru's cum began to ran down between the boy's and as Kiba looked over the twelve-year-old's thin cum smeared body it was all too much for him and he felt his cock explode inside the boy, filling him with his hot pulsing cum.

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