Konoha's Alchemist

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Chapter 2

"Ed? What the hell kind of name is that for a fox the size of the Hokage tower?" Naruto asked.

"IT'S MINE YOU LITTLE SNOT!" The giant fox snarled.

"Sorry furball. Sheesh, get your tails in a knot, or is it that time of the month for you?"

The growling intensified and for some reason Naruto felt secure. He was good at getting people built up into a rage. He'd learned long ago how to annoy and taunt people into berserker rages.


"I never said you were small." Naruto looked at the frothing fox in the cage, wondering if it was insane.

Kyuubi, a.k.a. Ed calmed down. "Sorry about that kid, I have a short temper and…" shakes its massive head.

"Where are we?" Naruto asks.

"Inside you. You fell unconscious from blood loss while the Hokage's doctor was doing what she could for you. I'm sorry kid, I can't repair the arm, someone had a weird poison on it that resulted in muscle death."

"What? But my arms fine, see." Naruto showed him his arm and moved it around.

"Your in your head kid, of course its fine. Once you return to the waking world, you'll be in pain and the arm is dead. But…we'll talk about that later. First off, we have much to talk about since you're here."

"Yeah, why are you alive and in me for one." Naruto said.

"Your father, the Yondaime…" Ed started, but was cut off as Naruto shouted.


Kyuubi with a anime style sweat drop looked at Naruto. Heh. I think we're related somehow. He acts like me at times its scary.

Naruto finally calmed down and looked up at the Kyuubi who had been watching him. Is that damn fox…he is, he's grinning.

"Now that the drama is out of the way kid, let's talk."


Naruto watched as the Kyuubi that wanted to be called Ed crouched down and got comfortable. "Pull up a seat kid, this is a tale." Kyuubi chuckled at his humor as he had made a motion for Naruto to sit with one of its nine tails.

"Now, my story begins long ago. I came to this world when I was human. I passed thru the Gate…"

"Gate? What gate?" Naruto asked confused.

"Be quiet and I'll tell you." Kyuubi Ed said with a growl at being interrupted. "No more questions until I'm done." He warned the blond sitting before his cage.

"Now, as I was saying, I passed thru the Gates, or as some call them the Gate of Truth or the Gate of Alchemy. Opinions vary. I woke up in this world, where many people were the same, yet everything was different. It was at war, not like you Shinobi like to perform, but similar to it was waged in my own, with alchemy, guns and our usual armaments of war."

Naruto noticed the Kyuubi's gaze was far away.

"I'll skip the boring details of my attempts to return home. It happened, for a short time, and with my brother Alphonse we stopped the invasion from this world to our own, however, in stopping it we closed the gate with us on this side."

Naruto could hear the sadness in the fox's deep rumbling voice. "I was a fool. My experiments cost me, and in the end I found out the ultimate price was paid for sealing the gate to prevent passage. I was no longer mortal. I gained the one thing many on my world had fought and died for, but I never wanted. While I remained the same, I watched Al, slowly age and die. After his death, I threw myself back into the study of alchemy, it was different here, it took me two hundred years to make the proper connections and be able to use it as I once had. My arrogance was as bad as Dante's and my father's."

Naruto wanted to ask about the people, but knew now wasn't the time. he felt sorry for the demon fox. He'd lost his world, his home and his family. We're alike. Naruto thought.

"By that time I was sad to say the world was in ruins. The war had a hard effect. The fools who were in charge tried to force alchemic reaction in weapons, and it backfired. Their ultimate bomb became a planet cleanser. I alone survived for over a century, till like began once more. In order to survive I transformed myself…I became a fox demon mixing alchemy and magic. Sadly, I was never able to find a way back."

Naruto was surprised.

"For my arrogance, I am as I should be. Know this kid, everything has a price. Everything."

Naruto looked at the fox and nodded.

"So, we'll skip centuries of boring things, and come to current events. A ninja from Konoha entered my valley and stole priceless research, research I had done in hopes of reversing my own immortality and transformation." Kyuubi said.

"I tracked the ninja back to this village, but before I could even state my intentions, I was attacked. Granted I may have gotten carried away in retaliation, but some of their attack hurt like hell. I kinda went berserk and in the end…the Yondaime sealed me in you, his son. He apologized as my soul was ripped from my body and placed in you. He and I had talked many times from when he was a kid about your age."

Naruto could feel the sadness and regret from the Kyuubi. "I fought a man I called friend and was the reason he died, and your life has been hell from the day you were born."

Naruto looked at the fox, its head was hanging low. Naruto stood, he wasn't sure what to say. He walked thru the bars and to the surprise of himself, and the Kyuubi he hugged the great demon's snout.


"I-I forgive you Ed-san."

For the first time in nearly a thousand years, a tear came to the great fox's eyes.


After both returned to their positions, Ed the Kyuubi looked down at the boy, his container. "Well, we'll need to make some changes. First thing is you need to study."

"What do you mean, I study all the time."

"No more hiding your intelligence kid. I know how smart you really are. Those homemade bombs, not to mention the tags. No, no more hiding your intelligence. Secondly…new clothes…"


"We'll sneak out of the village to that Tanzuka Town. Also the idea you had about that sewer den…" Kyuubi smiled. "We're in luck. I'm amazed it hadn't been touched in all these years."

"What do you mean Ed-san?" Naruto asked his head quirked to the side.

"Long before Konoha was founded here, there was another town here. The fact that it still exists will be a bonus for both of us. Don't worry about the ninja academy right now Naruto. I'm going to be your teacher. I'll teach you how to brew elixirs, transmute led into gold. I will teach you combat skills long forgotten. So kid, what do you say?"

"When do we begin Ed-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"After you wake up. I think the old man is worried about you a great deal. And kid."


"Tell the old man what's going on. I trust him as he's the only fool in the village to care about you without prompting. After the den is cleaned up invite him down. I think we'll have some protections up by then, not to mention…we'll see about that arm."

Naruto nodded and he felt himself becoming heavier, and as the cage faded away, he felt pain and he knew he was once more outside his mind and back in the real world.

"Fuck that hurts." He muttered using his left hand to wipe his face as his right wasn't responding to him.


"Hey Ojii-san…" he winced as he tried to set up and realized how unbalanced he was with the loss of an arm.

"Stay still Naruto. You're badly hurt. There are some things I need to talk with you about…"

"Yeah, me too." Naruto said. "Like why you never told me the Kyuubi was sealed inside of me? How about my father being the one to do the sealing?"

Sasuke Sarutobi blinked several times. Of all the things he'd expected the blond to say to him, that pair of questions slash statements were nowhere in the top one hundred he'd thought he'd have to answer for at least another decade if he was lucky.

I'm getting to old for this shit. The Sandaime Hokage thought as he sunk back into the chair he'd moved next to the couch in his office. Behind him he could hear Eboshi dropping her medical bag and gasp.

Oh Minato…what should I do?

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