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Chapter 38

Naruto actually laughed as he ducked under the paperweight that Orochi-Sasuke threw at him. He leapt back as Kabuto came at him the chakra scalpel leading his attacks.

"Nice move you just tried there Kabuto-kun. You weren't really a Genin." Naruto said as he bob and weaved avoiding getting hit by the lethal medical jutsu attack.

"And you're not dead. Pity." Kabuto returned ducking under a roundhouse kick from Naruto. He went to hit the leg with his chakra scalpel, but missed by inches.

"Finish it!" Orochimaru hissed at Dante.

"I don't think so!" Naruto said. "Temari, take Kabuto out for a walk." He said and they watched as a windblast slammed into Kabuto knocking him thru another wall onto the street.

"You going to be okay Naruto-kun?" Temari asked.

"We're fine." he assured her and looked from Orochimaru to Dante then to the bound sacrifice.

"Can't let you free him." Naruto said to Dante who was looking at him, as if studying a new form of insect under a microscope.

"You do resemble him greatly." Dante said after a bit.

"Who?" Naruto asked trying to play dumb. Dante didn't answer but cocked her head to the side.

"So you're the boy that Ed-kun was sealed into."

Naruto was getting a bit unnerved. "Tell me boy, is he still a little whiney bitch?"

Naruto closed his eyes and prayed, even as it was too late as the eruption of Mount Saint Ed went off.


Naruto's auto-mail hand palmed his face as Ed had broken cover and both beings that possessed the name Fullmetal sweat dropped as Dante smiled.

"So you are free." She said and Ed froze.

"Crap." He muttered as he realized that once again his temper had gotten the best of him.

Orochi-Sasuke blinked at this. It never had dawned on him that the Kyuubi child would be separated from the demon fox and still live.

"It has been a while hasn't it Fullmetal." Dante stated as she cocked her head to study the two-tailed fox that backed up and was at Naruto's side. "And to be trapped in the body of a descendant, that must have boggled your mind."

Ed wasn't in the mood to discuss lineage with Dante of all people. "What are you doing with Elicia Hughes body?"

Dante smiled at the grown up body. "You like? It took me some time to do this, but I'll let you in on a little secret. I've been cloning the body for a thousand years. I was amazed when I was trapped in the body of the rat when I barely escaped Gluttony's feeding frenzy when I came across her as a teenager. I watched her for years as she matured and then I struck." Dante smiled, it was one that didn't belong on the face of someone like Elicia. "She was at her father's grave, grieving when I took her." Dante giggled at this then thought of something. "It was after you and your brother had disappeared…" Dante became pensive. "What did happen to you both, I never learned until I heard of your transformation." She became grim. "Tell me Edward, do you and the other bijuu really think you are protectors of mankind? They don't even acknowledge it. They attack you and…"

"And you keep playing your merry little games." Ed spat cutting her off.

Dante cocked her head to the side. "How did you do it Edward? How did you and the others become Bijuu?"

The two tailed fox growled and was ready to attack.

"Surrender Dante. We can't let you leave here with Orochimaru or the stolen body of Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto said. "Even now Anbu is on its way to deal with the Oto soldiers that are here."

Dante looked at Naruto then at the array. She sighed. "Orochi my son, it won't work."

Orochi-Sasuke snarled, "WHAT?"

"The array is damaged." She reached out and snapped the neck of the sacrifice.

"Until we meet again Edward." She vanished.

Orochimaru snarled in rage and took several steps towards Naruto who looked at him and then slapped his hands together and slapped them to the ground. Red alchemic energy bathed the room in light

The Snake Sannin was engulfed by transfigured stone into steel and it wrapped around him, leaving him in a metal cocoon with only his face free.

"Looks like Dante didn't care that much about you." Naruto said and he could hear the sounds of battle fading in the distance and he wondered how the girls were.

"I will kill you boy." Orochimaru snarled, his voice and Sasuke echoing the other.

"No." Naruto said shaking his head. "I don't think you will. This ends here for you."

Naruto straightened his jacket.

"Orochimaru, former Sannin of Konohagakure by the power invested in me by the Sandaime Hokage, I Naruto Uzumaki Elric the Hokage's Hand do pass unto you the sentence of death."

Naruto's hands clapped together.

"Wait! I can…" was as far as the Sannin got as Naruto touched the metal and it performed like Gaara's sand and engulfed Orochi-Sasuke fully. His voice echoing from inside.

"As Gaara would say if he used metal…Metal Burial." Naruto said and focused his will upon the alchemy and Orochimaru was squished like a grape. Blood and other fluids seeped from seams in the metal.

With more of his will being focused he made the metal shrink upon itself becoming smaller and smaller and smoother and whole.

When Naruto was finished the ball was the size of a bowling ball and weighed several hundred pounds and contained the broken and liquidated remains of Orochimaru of the Sannin and Sasuke the last of the Uchiha.

"What are you going to do with that?" Ed asked.

Naruto looked at it for a moment. "Toss it in the lake and let it sink to the bottom." Naruto said and he turned to leave. He had to see where his girls were and what happened with the rest of the village once Dante left.

We'll have to keep a look out for her now that she knows we're here. He thought and he knew that the coming days, weeks and months ahead would test him like never before.


(Hospital Room, Private)

The Hokage was propped up by several pillows. Naruto stood at attention along with Ibiki at the foot of the bed.

"The metal ball containing Orochimaru's spirit and Sasuke Uchiha's remains has been dropped in the lake." Ibiki reported.

"Casualty report is that we only lost thirty ninja, twenty of those were in Anbu." Naruto said. "It does not include the Anbu killed prior to the invasion."

The Hokage nodded. He had been hurt not in battle, but by falling debris as the Oto invaders tried to retreat, he sighed at being struck down by something outside of battle.

"The Hospital and shelters remained secure and there were no civilians harmed." Ibiki reported.

"And what of Dante?" The Hokage asked Naruto.

"She left, and took many of Orochimaru's forces with her. Kabuto left upon her command." Naruto said. He'd found Temari who was pissed that her opponent just up and left in the middle of their fight.

"What can you tell us about him?" Ibiki asked.

"I'd say he's very skilled, high ranked Jonin from the way he's fought Anbu and what Temari reported to me in her debrief."

The Hokage sighed. "I'm getting too old for this." He muttered.

Eboshi came in at that point. "I've told you that for years." His personal doctor told him. "I also told you to cut back on the sweets and fatty foods and to stop smoking."

Naruto smirked as the old woman scolded the Hokage as if he was a child. "So, Eboshi-baa-chan, will the old man live?" Naruto asked.

"At least another twenty years…if he cuts back on the smoking and salty foods." Eboshi said.

The Hokage sighed and waved her off.

"Naruto I have a job for you." Hiruzen said in his best command voice.

Naruto came to full attention, all playfulness aside.

"You are to find my other student Jiraiya, he's somewhere in the village and take him to find my last remaining student, Tsunade Senju. She is to return to Konoha and take up the mantle of Fifth Hokage."

Ibiki coughed on air as he heard this and Eboshi became a statue.

"Are you serious?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. I have chosen Tsunade to replace me. This invasion showed me I am too old to run the village much longer. And she is the only one I can trust to take over for me."

Ibiki and Naruto exchanged looks.

"And what will happen while I am away on this mission?" Naruto asked.

"Jiraiya has some things to teach you and Ibiki will be helping me while you are gone."

"And my team?" Naruto asked.

"You can take one of them with you, the others will be needed here." The Hokage said reaching for his pipe on the nightstand, only to have Eboshi snatch it away and give him a glare.

Hiruzen sighed. "As for Jiraiya, he's your best bet at finding Tsunade."

"What if she doesn't want to return?" Naruto asked.

"Then you are to remind her of her vows to me. Should she refuse you are to bring her back by any means necessary. With someone like this Dante out there, we can't be weakened like we are."

Naruto sighed and bowed his head. He knew what Dante was looking for and he would do as the Hokage asked.

And then, I'll hunt that bitch down and end this like Ed thought he did all those years ago.


To Be continued In Fullmetal Fox 2: Crimson Tears

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