The Day that changed worlds

It was quiet in Konoha, not because of an unhappy event happening but because almost everyone had heard of the disappearance of Saskue Uchiha. Because of this many were waiting at the gate for the shinobi to come back. Among them was Sakura Haruno who had a crush on the boy in question along with the stupid half of Konoha. When Choji was carried through the gates of konoha looking like he was about to kick the bucket at any second she got really worried. Not for the reason most people would expect she got worried that Naruto may die from this fight.

'calm down Sakura, Choji was the weakest member of the team its not like it was Neji that was near death. Besides he probably had to fight one of the stronger kidnappers' thought Sakura

Ever since the sand invasion she had been fighting off her small feelings for the blond ninja not nearly as strong as her feelings towards Saskue but they were their and she certainly did not want him to die. That is why she tried to calm herself down like that. Even using stuff that was probably untrue and unfortunately for her she they would not work for long because Neji was carried in at that exact moment.

'is that Neji oh god no he looks like He's hurt badly what if Naruto is dead what if they killed Saskue-kun no Naruto would never let anything happen to Saskue' thought Sakura

Unfortunately for sakura she had just chose that time to hear the local gossip

"great just great now the huyga prodigy comes back looking like a mess and still no Uchiha" said villager 1

"well what did you expect the Uchiha's kidnappers took out to chunnin AND 2 joninn its safe to say that they will not be coming back from this fight unscratched" said villager 2

"what then why is it that we just sent out 5 gennin to take care of the problem they are just going to die a dogs death out there" said villager 1

"hey look on the bright side I heard the dem-" villager 2 was cut off by villager 1

" hey don't speak that word you know that speaking of it is forbidden thanks to the third" said villager 1

"still he is part of this rescue attempt and seeing as there is a the Huyga prodigy is down me thinks its safe to put a steak thought the demons heart" said villager 2

"well this is good news in fact lets go out drinking may the demon brat die a slow painful death" said villager 1

"hey you just said the word" said villager number 2

" aw who cares very soon now the demon will die and we can say this all we want" said villager 1 as they left for the closest bar

Sakura's heart sank at that moment she knew who they had been talking about as her own mother uses it to describe Naruto. She did not know why the rest of the villagers uses such bad terms to describe her teammate she was going to ask her teammate that when he got back but as it stands she just hope he made it back alive. She was not thinking of Saskue she was right now just thinking of Naruto hoping and praying that he came back alive.

Kiba came back with Kankuro caring him she was confused by this and when Shikamaru came back with Temari afterwards she decided to ask him about the details of there rescue.

"Shikamaru-san what's going on why is everyone except you coming back with these hirable injuries isn't Saskue-kun suppose to be alone" said Sakura

She truly did think that saskue was alone and that orochimaru did not have his men escort him she was suspecting it with the conversation that she overheard but she did not however know it. That and she is a practitioner of the saying "if I don't hear it then its not true".

Shikamarus thoughts about talking to sakura were in a word 'troublesome' it was no secret that Sakura was hopelessly in love for the Uchiha and that she would not think twice about sending someone to the hospital if they ever bad mouth "her Saskue-kun".

"no sakura he was not alone sound 4 was with him and naruto as far as I know is still pursuing him but it looks like there is a fifth member to sound four and as far as I know he is the strongest among them I think me and he looks like he will not go down as easy as the other as for Saskue-san I truly do not know what has happen to him" said shikamaru

That was it sakura had been standing out there for two days and was worried sick in addition to having no food or water she was stressed out of her mind for what has been happening recently. She did what any other sane person would have done with these situations……she fainted.

"great now we have to carry that pinked haired bitch back to the hospital with us" said Temari

"Don't worry she is actually pretty light all things considering if she is like ino then she starved herself to death for her saskue-kun" said shikamaru

"we need to get you to the hospital too" said Temari in a worried tone

"why" replied shikamaru

"because for the first time I met you, you did not say that something like this is 'troublesome'" said Temari

"that's a good point" replied Shikamaru

Two days later

Sakura was just waking up, she could tell that she was in a hospital from the room she look beside her and saw that saskue was right next to her she was overjoyed at this but then there eyes met and she could see that his hatred for her was in his eyes

"Sask-" she was cut off by her lover

"why did you send naruto to get me"


" I needed to go to Orochimaru to get the power to kill my brother I needed his teaching in order to become strong enough to take my brother down"

"but Saskue it Orochimaru he killed the third Hokage why would you want to go to him of all people cant you be-" once again she was cut off by Saskue

"no he was the strongest teacher for me he was the only one who could make me stronger than my brother he was the only teacher that could make me stronger than my brother and if YOU and the dobe did not interferer I would be well on my way to killing my brother right now" shouted saskue

Sakura look shocked at what he had just said that "your brother, you mean he is the guy you want to kill, and you thought that Orochimaru could help you do that".

"yes he was the only one who could do that and I will get you for stopping me from achieving my dream I already got the dobe for what he did to me" said saskue

Before she even had a chance to ask Tsunade came into the room looking more mad than she had during her entire life and Tsunade's temper was famous throughout the five regions, that and her famous bad gambling habits that eat the village out of half its money. Needless to say that this won't not end well.

" YOU WHAT THE F DID YOU DO" shouted Tsunade

Needless to say everyone was shocked because no matter how angry Tsunade got she never EVER cursed well everyone except Shizune who looked like she was on the verged of tears Sakura got really worried when she saw her face like that not many things could put such a sad face on that upbeat girl so now something really bad must have happened

"You are going to have to be a little more specific Hokage-sama" saskue stated


There was silence for several minutes. Sakura just laid there comprehending what Tsunade had just said about Naruto's banishment then Saskues words started to replay in her head.

"you did this dinent you this is how you got EVEN with Naruto you banished him and crushed HIS dream didn't you" sakura half said half shouted

This of course came as a surprise to everyone in the room Shizune now look like a fish from the shock and Tsunade well lets just say if there was still any doubt that she had been angrier before today it was immediately was dispelled

"Sakura can you please repeat what you just said SLOWLY" Tsunade said trying to calm herself

"He said that he manage to get back at naruto for what he did to him he also stated that he was going to get back at me" said sakura with discuss in her voice

"You will never be able to prove it in front of the council and besides they like me I am the last of the-" saskue was cut off by someone

"THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO STOP ON A KIDS DREAMS LIKE THE WAY YOU DID THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DECIDE TO BANISH ONE OF OUR OWN WHO IN MY OPINON IS A GREATER NINJA THAN YOU COULD HAVE EVER BEEN" surprisingly this did not come from Tsunade it actually came from Shizune it was shocking to all those who were currently present at this even Saskue look petrified at the women in front of him.

"regardless I will move to remove you from the ninja core seeing as how you have tried to betray us we are leaving Shizune" stated Tsunade

Shizune was glad to get away from the Uchiha she had never truly hated someone before but this time she really hated what the little brat said. Before they could reach the door sakura came up to them.

"Tsunade can I ask you something" sakura said

"go ahead ask me anything you want about the banishment I will try not to yell at you" said Tsunade

"Its not about Naruto's banishment its something that I wanted to ask Naruto but sadly could not before he was banished" said Sakura

"I will try to answer it seeing as you think I know what it is" Tsunade said calmly

"why do most people in the village call him the demon brat" sakura ask

This shock Tsunade and Shizune to the point were they were at a loss for words. Finally Tsunade spoke up

"come to my office I will tell you everything there" Tsunade said calmly

When they were gone saskue thought to himself

'banish that's not right he is supposed to be dead'


Naruto was walking through some deserts he was incredibly depressed about what the council had decided for naruto. He was mad at the council for doing with no solid evidence but he was not surprised. What he was surprised about was were they were and how they got there

Flash back

Naruto entered the room about to give his mission report at the time three council men were there instead of Tsunade

"oh I'm sorry am I interrupting something" naruto said

Immediately he realized that Tsunade was absent from her office and the three members of the council were waited there for him

"no we were actually going to ask for you now you have saved us the trouble" said homaru

"what's is this about" ask naruto clearly not liking where this was going

"naruto based on the decision of the council you are hear by banished from the leaf we will want your things packed up and moved out by dawn" said Danzo

"what why I have completed my mission why am I being banished just for doing what I was told to do by the fifth" asked naruto

"I do not need to explain my self to you just get out of this village by dawn you demon brat" said Danzo

Naruto stormed out of the room and strait to his apartment to sit there and cry about what has happened

He did not like the fact that he had to leave the village but with the deadline he had no time to go see Sakura at the hospital to check up on her

He heard a nock at the door and naruto wiped away his tears

"come in" was all he could say when the door opened he was shocked to see that it was non other than his friend from suna Garra he look like he always did and he saw that naruto was packing

"konoha must work you hard if they are already sending you out on another mission" said Garra.

All naruto could do was cry this action defiantly confused Garra as to why his words would make his friend cry.

"uh did I say something I shouldn't have" said Garra

Finally naruto decided to speak up

"Garra I am not going on another mission I-I AM BEING BANISHED" said naruto now in full blown sobbing

Garra looked visibly shocked by what he had said

'b-banish he's a jinkuri there was no way they would just banish him he might get into an enemy's hands something is wrong here' thought Garra

"Naruto come with me to Suna" Garra said

To say naruto was shocked was an understatement he knew that this would compromise the alliance with the other nations which was something he did not want to do he still had precious people in konoha right now.

"w-wh-why" naruto finally got out

After he said that a ninja immediately broke through his window and said

"Die demon brat"

His sword was drawn and just when it was about to slice off Narutos head Garra stopped it and restrained the ninja

"Why are you here" said Garra

"I don't have to answer to you demons" the assassin stated

He was wearing a standard ANABU uniform with a sword on his back and a ferret mask

"Then I guess I don't have any reason for you to live" Garra said

The ANABU looked scared

"wait wait ill talk" the assassin said

"that's a good boy now tell me why did you try to kill my friend" said Garra tightening his grip

"I-I was ordered to they said he was banished so he would focus on other things and would not notice my blade in time" the assassin said

"why do they want to kill me" said naruto to the assasin

"they don't want you to go off to another village that's why you demon brat" the assasin spat

"is there more of you" Garra asked

"yes" the assasin stated

Garra then killed the assasin clearly seeing were this was going he then looked at naruto

"you have any Ideas on how to get out of here" Asked Garra

"just one it's a justu I saw when I took a look at the forbidden scroll its called the hirashin-no-justu using it I can teleport were ever I had been before" said naruto

"good use that NOW" garra demanded

"ok grab onto me" naruto said

He then went thought the hand signs when six more ANABU's came busting through the windows, ceilings, walls, floor, and the door when he finished the hand signs

"hirashin-no-justu" naruto shouted

A rift opened up instently killing all six ANABU's and dragging naruto and garra into it they were speeding though what looked like a multy-colored tunnel garra looked confused and naruto looked horrified

" is this supposed to happen Naruto" Garra asked

"No its not hold on tight I have no Idea whats about to happen" said naruto

Garra complied just as he did eight other people appeared around them they all looked unconscious two were within reach a blonde haired women and an orange haired boy the women looked like a shinobi wearing a fishnet shirt and ANABU style pants. While the boy wore baggy blue jeans and a white shirt. They both leaned in to grab them when they did that the other six were hit the walls and were replaced with blue, dark blue, green, yellow, light red, and black balls. They saw a light at the end and knew that they were going to make it out ok when they did they were all dressed in black robes with swords on them. But there suroundings were even more suprising from what they could tell they were in a desert with dead trees, and the trees were made of quarts as Garra had pointed out. There was a castle in the distance so they decided to go there

End flashback

They were heading to the castle when the girl was coming around and she clearly looked confused

"were am I, who are you two" the girl said Garra and Naruto just looked at each other and figured that they should introduce themselves

"Uzumaki Naruto"


The girl then looked at the boy "and him" she asked

"we don't know we just found him like you" said Garra

"By the way whats your name" said naruto

"Nii Yugito" she said

"well Yugito-san do you remember anything at all before this happened. Naruto said

"yes I was practicing a move that nibi suggested and-" she stoped there when she realized something

"Wait I cant contact Nibi that's weird I still have her chakra but I cant feel Nibi don't tell me she is dead" there was a pause before she and Garra spoke again

"OH HAPPY DAY" they both said

Naruto looked now thoroughly confused at to what was happening

"Uh is there something I missed" naruto said dumbly

"I cant feel Nibi I am free from the Jinkuri title" Yugito said

"I also cant feel Shikaku Naruto I am so HAPPY" said Garra

Naruto was now shocked and wierded out shocked that Garra cant feel Shinkaku and weirded out that he was happy since they mentioned it he also felt different like something was missing he gathered chakra and sure enough his seal was broken somewhat before he could mention any thing he spoted two people.

"hold up Garra and for god sakes put your girlfriend down" naruto teased

Both Garra and Yugito blushed Garra more so than Yugito.

When he aproched the two he realized one was sitting and the other was laying down dead.

When Naruto approached him he looked up he had blue eyes that were slited and had blue hair as well as a partial mask that had teeth on it he wore a white robe with a hole in the center were his chest was. The other guy looked just like the guy they were holding only he was wearing the same cloths they were

"excuse me but who are you naruto asked he looked up and replied


Oh hell yeah just so you know if you already havent figured it out that's ichigo

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