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The plot thickens

Tsunade was not happy not only was her decision to remove the Uchiha from the council was vetoed by the council but the council had decided to lable Naruto an S-rank missing nin that was taken care of however. But now there is a threat to the entire world over that she has to deal with


Tsunade had just been informed that her decision to remove saskue from the ninja core has been dinied and that Naruto had been deemed an S-rank missing nin when she noticed avisitor from her window at the time she was still asking Kakashi about the 'cold blooded murder' of the ANABU and assumed that it was jiraya going to give his feed back of the story.

"get your ass into my office now you old perv" Tsunade said angerly at 'Jiraya'

"hey I resent that " said a man clearly Not Jiraya

The man had spikey hair and clearly black not white he had somewhat of a beard which jiraya never liked he also wore a doctors coat and a T-shirt with vines with red leafs going across it with black dress pants clearly something a ninja would not wear.

"who are you and how did you get hear" Kakashi demanded

"Whoa easy now Cyclopes I'm Kurosaki Isshin I need to speak to the Hokage immediately" isshin said frantically

Kakashi look shock not believing what she was hearing he recognize the name from the letter and also knew that he was not a person who he could take on if what was in the letter was true . Tsunade on the other hand looked puzzled at the man. Clearly he was not an ordinary human but why did Kakashi look like he just meet the Shinigami him self in the flesh.

"Kakashi who is this man and why do you look so scared" said Tsunade

"remember the letter that I told you about well if what this man says is true then he would be Masaki's husband in retro spec that would also make him a Shinigami" Kakashi replied

Tsunade could not believe what she just heard 'a Shinigami why would a Shinigami be doing hear in my office saying that he has important business with me wait a second A Shinigami'

"do you mean that there is more than one Shinigami" Tsunade said

"in a word yes there are actually several of us there is even a school for them to go to but regardless I need to see the Hokage immediately" said Isshin

"prove your who you say you are and reveal your sprit form" Kakashi demanded

"very well" Tsunade just stood there not comprehending what just happened until the man took out a pill and swallowed it he then he seemed to get out of his body and while his other body began to fall to the ground leaving two Isshin's a shocked Kakashi and a confused Tsunade (AN: you know what he wears if you're a fan of bleach)

"what the…who the…how the, some one better make sense of this moment right now" Tsunade said with VISABLE irritation in her voice

"yes well you see I'm a Shinigami and as such most normal people cannot see me, ninjas can because they practice some form of spirit power whenever they use chakra as such you can see me however most normal people cannot as such we need gigai's in order to be seen by ordinary people now that I am quite done with this explanation I really need to see the Hokage" Isshin said

"I am the Hokage" Tsunade said

"YOU sorry the Hokage I am looking for is a man my age with long blond hair can you please tell me which village I need to go too to see THAT Hokage " Isshin said

"sorry your out of luck Yodamine-sensei is dead" Kakashi replied sadly

"Oh I am sorry to hear that what about his mother and son " Isshin said

"Kushina died during child birth and we don't know who his son is seeing as most birth records during that day were destroyed, we don't even know his name" Tsunade said sadly

"That I can help you with" Isshin said taking out a small letter Tsunade opened it

Dear Masaki

Its good to hear that you are alive Masaki-neechan both mom and dad had died during the war with rock sadly, anyway enough with the bad stuff time to get down to way I am writing this like you I am also getting married to a women by the name of Kushina Uzumaki she's a real bomb shell and I am not just talking about her looks either. She's also like you is pregnant with my kid. And after all those jokes about me never getting a girl looks like I get the last laugh Masaki-neechan. Oh I am also now the HOKAGE HA HA HA I AM LIVING YOUR DREAM RIGHT NOW TAKE THAT NEE-CHAN.

With love Namikaze Minato

P.S sorry it took so long I had figure out how to send a reply to your dimension

P.P.S we have decided to name the baby naruto

P.P.P.S don't kill me

The information took several minutes for Tsunade to comprehend sure she knew kushina but never would she had guess that naruto was her kid not to mentions Minato's kid there were several Uzumaki's that were able to escape whirlpools destruction and all of them were dead now except Naruto (AN: Yeah I know Tsunade already knows this information but in my fanfic she doesn't so there)

"Is something wrong Hokage-sama" Kakashis said

All Tsunade could do was hand him the letter which Kakashi read and was shock at what he read so shock that he dropped the letter straight to the ground

"I take it that you both know him" Isshin said it was at this moment that Tsunade and Kakashi begain to tear up and Isshins face began to look pale

"what's wrong with you two" Isshin said

They began to tell him every thing about the boy (after he took a blood oath of course) up to his birth and to his FINAL assassination attempt.

"ok WHERE THE F(beep) IS THE CONCIL I WILL RIP THEM ALL A NEW ASSHOLE FOR WHAT THEY DID TO MY NEPHEW!!" Isshin said with enough killing intent so that the entire village could feel it (AN: yeah I know that Isshin is a pretty easy going guy but that is normally a mask and honestly I think you all would have said something along the lines of this if your family was treated the same way)

"calm down shouting and killing the council won't bring him back, anyway, you said that you had something to tell me" Tsunade said

"right you see my dimension is in the process of destroying itself luckily no one was hurt due to the fact that we reacted quite quickly but we had to move to another dimention yours to be precise, however the rest of use will be arriving in a few days. The people from our world and your world will be confused by this I need you to do is talk to them ensure them that everything is alright. Also I need you to be on the look out for a renegade Shinigami by the name of Azin Soskue he is incredibly dangerous we have also heard that he has taken an interest in Konoha" Isshin reported

The information took several minutes to process as it was unbelievable what the hell would happen if the two worlds managed to fuse together. Furthermore more this Azin Soskue is interested in Konoha and judging from the mans voice he was a serious threat

"are any of the other hidden villages in danger of this threat" Tsunade said

" every comer of the world will take up refugees in my world luckily more land should also become available due to the excess in spirit particles" Isshin said

"ok what about Azin" kakashi asked

"that problem you will have to deal with on your own unfortunately I cant get any help from soul society its strange we do have a few ninja that came from your village" he looked at the startled Hokage and Kakashi's face

"before you are even ask our worlds had always had a strong bond of sorts that's why we were able to move people to this world along with our spirit particles however the threat of over population for a few years is very real" Isshin said

At that moment Danzo decided to walk in the room looking very HAPPY but when he saw the Hokage he looked like turned to sadness

"who's this" Danzo said with disappointment looking at Isshin

"this is Isshin, Danzo he came to warn us about a traitor we have within the council" Tsunade said with a wink at Isshin

Danzo now looked worried he had been training a secret division of the ANABU called ROOT in an attempt to gain favor with the populace to claim the seat of Hokage and he had just finished with a major mission and a leak could have very well occurred

"And does he have any idea as to who it was" danzo asked

Isshin just looked at Danzo he had a knack for knowing when people are in trouble and he knew that Danzo was in trouble right now so he did what anyone would have done at this point…he made the man more uncomfortable

"I have a pretty good idea who it is lets just say that someone really should check and see if those ANABU's that were killed last night weren't taking any side jobs" Isshin said just playing with the man

"well it seems you think that those people were NOT lured into the so called demons den for him to kill but just sent there to end his life by this traitor" Tsunade said playing with him

Unfortunately Danzo did not think that they were playing as those ANABU really were taking side jobs from him and he really did order them to kill the demon this caused him to take drastic measures

"ROOT KILL THAT MAN" shouted Danzo

Just then six ROOT ANABU's agents appeared surrounding him. No one new what happened next as the man moved with godlike speed and killed all six of the ROOT members each had about seven slash marks on them. Kakashi took this moment to go after Danzo and restrain him.

"So it was you who and your ANABU tried to kill Naruto and not the other way around Right" Isshin asked

"yeah I did unfortunately you cant prove it" Danzo said

"oh no" at that moment he took out a tape recorder the shin obi were surprise to hear danzos confession on this black box.

"I think you have all the evidence you need to clear my nephews name along with his friend and to put this man behind bars" Isshin stated

"right Kakashi take this man to the ANABU Danzo is being arrested for attacking me and you are my witness as for the man you defended me he will become an honorary citizen of Konoha" Tsunade said

Kakashi clearly getting the message casted a major genjustu on Danzo and carried him off to the ANABU HQ.

"I'm not sure that I'm ok with that" Isshin said

"would it help change your mind if I said that that man lead the banishment talks about Naruto and for him to have supposedly tried to kill Saskue Uchiha, besides naruto is to hated among the council he would just be let go" Tsunade said

"completely and immediately" Isshin said with utmost certainty

End flashback

This sounds like mostly good news so why was she so upset because sending Danzo to jail made her fill out 10,000 more sheets of Paperwork her most hated enemy she almost considered releasing Danzo just to get out of paper work…almost.

(in the hyuga complex three hours later)

Hinata was very happy she had just gotten the good news that naruto was no longer a missing nin and that Danzo was sentenced to be killed by a kuni impacting his flesh until he died. She then crossed a room where she happen to hear a man shout from the room


This intern caused Hinata to become curious and decided to listen in.

"calm down what if someone heard you and then they no that we are trying to overthrow the Hokage" another Huyga elder said. Hinata gasp silently and continues listening

"but he does have a valid point now that we lost Danzo we have no one to blame it on when the Hokage falls" the third and youngest elder said

"perhaps I can be of some help" said a voice that seemed to come from no where to the elders but was clear from hinatas prospect

He wore a Captains Shinigami uniform with the kanji for 5 on it (AN: not wasting time with description)

It confused her when one of them said "where are you"

'could they not see him was he INVISABLE to them why is that'

"I am every where yet nowhere I am Kami-sama I am here to tell you that all hope is not lost that there is a way according to Konohas laws you can remove the position of Hokage if you get a 90 vote from the council" said 'kami-sama'

"first off not one single council member will agree to it second we are not garneted to get the position of ruler" said the first elder

"just get them in a secluded place and leave the convincing to me" said 'kami-sama'

Hinata began to go back to her room in fear of getting caught by this 'kami-sama'

( in hueco mundo)

Ichigo was currently fighting off Ulqiorra. Both Garra and Yugito were down along with naruto all of them looked like they were having unpleasant nightmares

(in narutos mindscape)

"What the F(comet crashes to earth) are you doing here kuybi I thought you were dead it made me happy" naruto said

"well to bad I just got moved to the sword"

"oh" 'note to self break sword'

"just to tell you that sword cant be broken"

"god dam it now I'm upset"


Naruto like what he was hearing he knew the fox regretted what he did when he saw him cursing himself

"so what's the death flash" Naruto said

"it's the only justu that can kill a bunji we usually keep it with ourselves but it looks like nibi decided to teach it to a human the last time a human learned that move well lets just say that there used to be A lot more of use then there are now and she would have killed us to if a certain justu hadent been used at the same time he tried to kill me killing that bastard you know the one I'm talking about" Kuybi said

"yeah I think I get it the point but something bugs me"

"what is it"

"don't you think that that's weird that there was a technique that humans could learn that would be powerful enough to actually kill demons I mean how does that work you guys live in hell" naruto asked

"to put it bluntly yes we do and this technique sends us to a pocket demention therefore we cannot escape on our own. However there is a way to escape with help from the outside however there is a price 500,000 human souls to be exact I was in the middle of gathering sacrifices when I was sealed inside of you" kuybi said

To say naruto was shocked was an understatement but than began to ponder something

'there are more of them besides the nine lords what the hell, wait why would someone like kuybi want to rescue other demons. I thought that these guys had no emotion, sure he could use them as minions but he must of known that we developed sealing techniques powerful enough to seal lords seeing as his fellow lords were all sealed before him unless…no that cant be it…well there's no harm done asking' thought naruto

"you had friends inside that dimension didn't you" naruto asked kuybi looked at the boy clearly shocked

"yes I did and also I suspect that the girl I love was inside of that dimension" said kuybi now Naruto looked even more shocked "she was very beautiful her name was tear for the kindness that she caste down upon us 'as well as the pain she inflicted upon us'. This human meet her some 200 years and used the move but I then noticed that that human was gone in a moment so I could not confirm it I spent 100 years trying to find a way to bring her back from that dimention that's when I constructed the life flash"

"so you then sent the other lords to get the necessary sacrifices in order to use the technique…I'm guessing that you can store them in yourselves for long periods of time but when they didn't come back you went yourself and here we are" kuybi smiled

"honestly you are an intelligent human being but those ignorant ninjas all but took away your chances to expand your knowledge you " kuybi said

"alright ill help you" naruto said, kuybi looked confused by this gesture

"Im sorry I must not have heard you right did you just say you will HELP me" kuybi said shocked

"Well yeah I just think that I would have done the same thing if it was Sakura-chan and before you ask no im not going to kill 500,000 people and offer there souls to break your girlfriend out but I will find another way"

"with your intelligence it might happen its not like I got a chance off getting out now while you're here I might as well tell you a few things about about your current situation and offer advice"

"ok that would be a good idea comparing our plans"

"first, this world really is going to blow, but the others didn't they immigrated to ours there is going to be a huge population problem which will lead to a discrimination of the people in this world, as such I think we should start our own village and give these people a place to stay. Second, you need to seriously think about who to give the other bunjis to I recommend getting a healer and a master of the elements, as well as someone who is good at shape manipulation, I would also like a weapons master you will be getting more and more people who you can and will have to give your Shinigami powers to and regenerate them and a weapons master will help them master there shika, lastly get someone who is good with technology as he will come in handy when we start our hidden village. Third as to you getting out of here just use the hirashin-no-justu to get out although the destination will be random it's the only way to get out. Fourth the demon you release into that shinigami were stored deep inside of a semi pocket dimension back then you released a demon without knowing how out of sheer will to help the boy but that wont work a second time whenever you find a worthy candidate then shot a demons name and they will be there".

"all of these are sound and I even have an idea as to the healer but for now I need to go I kinda left the others to fend for themselves" naruto said exiting his mindscape

(back in hueco mundo)

Naruto was waking up to find Ichigo battling Ulqiorra and that everyone else was knocked out as he played dead he noticed something about ichigo he had silver slited eyes and there were eight tails of black chakra swinging around him Ulqiorra was getting desparate he was bleeding severly, both of his knees had been stab his arm just looked liked it went through a meat blender and he could still use his other arm ichigo was breathing heavily he could not keep this up for much longer and knowing what chakura tails do to you he knew that even though he did not look it he was severely injured this was when naruto made his move.


His sword split into two daggers with jagged blades and something that looked like very hard to see wire connecting them. He threw one at Ulqiorra and he dodge but that was when he noticed something…his finger was bleeding on the wire and it looked lke a blade. Ulqiorra began to charge at Naruto, in response naruto threw the other dagger at another wall at the right side were he threw the other one the 'wire' began to titten up and cut Ulqiorra in half killing him instantly. Ichigo just stood there looking stunned that he killed one of the most powerful Arrancar with incredible ease.

"Naruto do you even realize what you just did" Ichigo said

"just lucky if he knew that the wire was a blade then we would all be dead right now good job weakening him though" Naruto said

"Naruto I cant kill an Espada without my bankai AND my mask you did it with just a shika" Ichigo exclaimed

"maybe im just better than you strawberry" naruto said causing Ichigo blood to boil and the others to wake up

"dream on fishcake I could beat you with one hand tied behind my back" ichigo proclaimed

"what was that" naruto said

"ahem" garra said

The others looked at garra

"as fun as it would be to watch you kill each other we need to talk Naruto Yugito-chan I assume you all had similar talks with your old tenants" garra said they both nodded

"ok we need to get out of here but first we need to explain to ichigo and Grimmjaw what will happen" naruto said

He started explained what he had heard about from kuybi all the while he notice that Ichigo and Grimmjaw was distracted he decided to ask

"Ok what's wrong both of you" naruto said they just both looked at Orihime

"Oh right almost forgot about this" naruto said and as he approached orihime

"4 tail" he held in his hands another ball it was dark blue this time and he shoved it into

Orihimes stomach just like with ichigo orihime eyes widened at and a dark blue chakra shoted up from orihime gaining 4 tails of chakra before they disappeared to heal her injuries and take the form of a sword she then slowly began to get up while ichigo looked shocked as she came back to life

"are you kami-sama" Orihime asked as she saw ichigo

"Kurosaki-kun is that you" orihime asked

"yeah its me" ichigo replied as tears began to form no sooner then he replied did Orihime pull him into a huge shocking everyone as Ichigo turned a red that would make Hinata jealous

"Kurosaki-kun please (sob) please don't (sob) scare me like that again (sob) I don't want to lose you" orihime said honestly as ichigo defied all laws of science, nature, and physics as he blushed a deeper shade of red

"its Ok Inoue I will always be there for you Orihime I wont leave you" Ichigo said not realizing he called her by her first name

Orihime heard this and decided it was as good of a time as to confess her feelings

"Ichigo-kun I love you" Orihime confessed as Ichigo stood there shocked at what he just heard not even registering the fact that she called him Ichigo-kun. Orihime felt like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders

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If you havent figured it out as to why hinata was the only one who could see Azin (if you haven't figured out yet that 'Kami-sama' was Azin you need to watch bleach) well he has the power to hypnotized people and simply told them that they could not see him he did not realize that Hinata was listening in and did not do anything to her

As to the phrase Naruto said when he released his shika I just thought of something that Naruto would likely say.

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