Looking at him, I don't know why he always sits alone

Looking at him, I don't know why he always sits alone. I sit in the back of the classroom, at the same graffiti-ridden desk everyday. Everyone moves around, everyone adjusts to sit with his or her own, usually over-stereotypical cliques, but somehow, I am granted the very same view of him, everyday. He sits three rows back, on the farthest possible desk to the left, right next to a large window, which he spends all of class period staring out, always. I believe he has a certain fascination with the birds that have taken residence just outside it. Some days, people sit in all the desks around him, others, they avoid him as much as possible. Rumor has it he's highly unstable, but then again, everyone in this damn place probably is.
So I simply can't understand it. Why isn't he popular? He has the looks to be; long, immaculately cared for blonde hair, paralyzing blue eyes, though only one is ever visible though said blonde hair. Our teacher has stopped calling on him, because his answers are always strange, but witty, at least, and the desperate teens in this school are always exalting troublemakers. Looks, attitude, a criminal record. All the things that should give you at least some form of friends in this school.
Sure, maybe he didn't belong with Ino and her moronic group of preps, but I'd be ashamed to see him lowering himself to their level, anyway. Really, it was hard to pin point exactly where he belonged, he was too lively for the younger Uchiha's crowd, although his sense of fashion probably appealed to them. Mesh undershirts, tight black or blue tank tops, usually jeans or leather pants that did one of two things; clung to his every curve until it looked painful, or hung off his ass. Always accessorized with a black, metal studded belt, and the cut-off leather gloves I'd never seen him without, even one day in my life.
He wasn't, however, completely without attention. Someone else pays a particular amount of time on the object of my current interest. I recognize him by the almost hollow facial features, and the long, low black ponytail that rolls down his back like black water; the elder of the Uchiha brothers, Itachi. He hovers around that shimmering blonde ponytail like steel draw to a magnet, I think, however, that I'm not the only one who disapproves of the Uchiha's seductive behavior. Although I don't know of any particular reason for the demeanor, I have always noticed a sort of cold tint to those blue eyes, when they stare at the wanting brunette. Then again, I suppose he doesn't need a reason, if Itachi's mannerisms weren't bad enough, his reputation precedes him where ever he goes, and it's hardly a good one.
However, as much as I'd hate to admit it, Itachi's gang seems to be the best group for someone like him. Not socially inept enough to be a complete misfit, but unique, and certainly misplaced in the moronic high school society. Really, "Itachi's gang" isn't the best way to describe them; if their strange clique has a ringleader, it's Pein. He's a senior, I think, him and his girlfriend, Konan. I'd never been one for the school hall gossip, but word was they'd been together since before middle school, and that they were the masterminds behind the group's antics, as they were. Pein definitely had the social influence to guide, or misguide, the six or seven teens, and Konan had enough brains to pull off anything her boyfriend asked of her, or nip a bad plan in the bud. Yeah, they were probably the clique for Deidara, the rumored pyromaniac that he was. They weren't so much on the popularity scale, but they were a bit of a school legend, they even had a common nickname, though whether they were responsible for it, or just some other dumb kids, I don't know. The 'Akatsuki', I think it was. Ridiculous, if you ask me.
And speak of the black haired devil, in the classroom just in time to steal that small bit of Deidara's serenity before the bell rang. "Oi, Dei-kun," He begins, his voice as low, and husky as ever. "Been thinking about my offer?" Deidara turns his head from the window and raises a naturally sculpted eyebrow. "What offer?" He says, my thoughts exactly. I know I have no right to be possessive over someone who is probably oblivious to my very existence, but I'd love to know exactly what that whore of an Uchiha thinks he's offering. Itachi gives a quiet chuckle, though I doubt it's sincere. "Obviously not, then." He says. Deidara looks like he's about to reply, but is saved by the bell, and a horde of students making the room obviously too crowded, and too loud to discuss whatever the matter was. Itachi runs a finger slyly down Deidara's shoulder as he bids him a farewell, that is a bit too fond for my tastes, and Deidara's too, by the small shudder that grasps him as the Uchiha saunters away to his seat.
Within the next ten minutes, all the latecomers manage to find their way into the room, the last of which, sadly, is our teacher for this class, Kakashi-sensei.
He offers a piss-poor excuse, which I doubt any moron could fall for, creative though it is, and class begins. Leaving me with roughly an hour to be bored out of my mind, but better yet, roughly an hour, to observe a much more fascinating subject.


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