"Class dismissed," I never thought the two simple words could sound so sweet

"Class dismissed," I never thought the two simple words could sound so sweet. As I exit the fume-filled room, I immediately find myself scanning the hallway for either of the two Uchihas, particularly the elder, as I know Sasuke is still struggling his way past the gaggle of brainless zombies- I meant women, in our biology room. Why I am searching for Itachi, I'm not sure. Whether it's to keep an eye on him, or to try and avoid him is anyone's guess at this point, never-the-less I am looking. However, I fail to spot him, and decide this is for the best, so as I head down the hallway, I switch my focus to a certain blonde, whom also seems to be out of sight. Then again, I never usually run into him in the halls, why would I now. I rationalize.

I attended my next few classes in a similar manner, and then I gladly left the school building. The walk home was quiet and monotonous, as well as the evening I spent there, I ate, almost entirely in silence with Chiyo and Ebisu, then I retired to my room, where I completed my homework and worked on my puppets until sleep consumed me. I was sorely tempted to throw my alarm clock clear across the room when it dared to wake me in the morning, but for that alluring promise I'd received yesterday. 'See you tomorrow' the hopeful words echoed in my head, slipping so easily past those precisely formed lips. I wasn't sure why exactly it motivated me as much as it did, because it shouldn't have, but I climbed out of bed anyway, and got into the shower. I washed, dressed and left the house, taking my typical path to school.

The walk is uneventful, but as I approach the school grounds, what should I find but Deidara, and unfortunately, Itachi. They appear to be having an incredibly heated discussion, which I know, is none of my business, but I stop to observe anyway. From my distance, I can't quite make out what was being said, but the look on the Deidara's gorgeous features told me it was not at all pleasant. I didn't step in, I didn't see the need to, that is until Deidara shoved Itachi, and the Uchiha responded with a well placed fist in the blonde's face, causing his cerulean eyes to burn with rage.

Before I can reach the two, Deidara has thrown his weight against the other and knocked them both to the ground, and quickly they devolve into an tangled mess of hair-pulling –which I am a bit ashamed to admit is Deidara's half of things- and choke holds. I would've just pulled them apart, but had I taken hold of Deidara, it would've given Itachi an open shot, and I couldn't reach the Uchiha from his place underneath the object of my constant fascination.

"Stop!" I snap, glancing around us to make sure no one is there to catch Deidara –Itachi, I could care less about.- They ignore me, not that I thought they would do any different, and continue their scrap. Eventually, Itachi gains the upper-hand, flipping Deidara and pinning him, an elbow pressing firmly into his trachea. "Listen, you-"

Now Itachi, him I will pull off forcefully, even if it gives Deidara an unfair advantage. In fact, I rather hope for it as I secure the Uchiha in a choke-hold of my own. Deidara coughs and moves away from his place on the ground, and Itachi breaks free of my hold and glares at me, and then Deidara, before stalking off silently.

"Oh, it's you again, Sasori no Danna," Deidara says, strangely chipper for someone who was just getting owned in a fight he started. "Thanks, un." I blink at him for a moment, trying to figure out exactly were all this excess energy comes from, he only grins at me while wiping the blood from his nose with his sleeve. "Um… yeah, you're welcome I guess," I say.

"See ya around, un!" He says, waving and running off in the direction of the school building.

...Very strange indeed.

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