Tears free fall

Tears free fall
The warm drops
Burning me like ice
And fire all at the same time

How could you?
With him?
After everything...
How could you?

All I ever wanted
All I ever lived for
My heartbeat, reminding me I'm alive.
The breath filling my chest with each passing moment.
That was you.

Holding me in your arms
Kissing me harder than you should've
Letting me stay by your side
Through everything
And being there by mine
Our memories

Now will you have those moments
Now will you share those times
With him?

You should've known
You must've
That I couldn't've slept
Not if I couldn't say to you
Good night, Danna
Not if you couldn't hold me there
Even for a moment

You should've known I'd be here
Tonight when I returned
You should've kept it secret
I never should have heard
I never should've seen
Then I wouldn't know

Then I could pretend.

But you didn't want that...

Did you?

A/N: I was listening to a tragic song.
I drew a sad pic.
And then I wrote this to go along with it.

Deidara wanders into Sasori's room to say goodnight before he goes to sleep, and finds him cheating. With who? Good question, though I pictured Itachi, it really doesn't matter. (I think I only picture him b/c he's hot)
Certainly not my best piece of poetry, but probably not my worst, either.

Sasori, Deidara and ? (C) Kishimoto-sama