ok, i'm TOTALLY excited about seeing this new movie!! i'm going to see the premiere of it with, like, 20 of my friends!! lol! it's gonna be awesome!!
ok, anyways, i'm so anxious about seeing this movie that i just HAD to make a story based on it!! obviously, i haven't seen it yet so not everything is going to be, like, perfect but the plot and characters and stuff like that is the same!!
so this is the trailer!! hope you like it and PLEASE review!! i'm working on the first chapter right now so it should be out soon!!

My life was perfect

Shows Gabriella with all her friends

I had the perfect family

Shows Gabriella's parents

The perfect friends

Shows Gabriella with Taylor and Sharpay

The perfect boyfriend

Shows Troy give Gabriella a bouquet of flowers. Gabriella smiles sweetly as she takes them


Shows Gabriella turn around and scream

Screen goes black

I was stalked

Shows Gabriella cautiously glancing out her bedroom window

By a teacher from my high school

"He's scaring me!" Gabriella cries

I couldn't leave my own home! I knew he was waiting for me

Shows a shadowy figure sneaky around outside

He left me messages on Myspace

Shows Gabriella sitting at her computer. She looks at her comments.

'I'm coming to get you.'

Gabriella slowly lifts her head and a hand clamps over her mouth.

Screen goes black

But that was three years ago

"He's locked away. He's not going to hurt you," a therapist tells Gabriella, who sighs.

Things are a lot better

Shows Troy wrap his arms around Gabriella from behind, hugging her tightly. He places his head on her shoulder and she sets her hands on his arms.

I've got nothing to worry about

Shows Gabriella come out of a dressing room, wearing a gorgeous white halter top dress. Sharpay and Taylor shriek.

"Chica, you look hot!" Sharpay cries.

Gabriella smiles.

Except senior prom!

"Will you go to prom with me?" Troy asks.

"You know you don't even have to ask. There's no one I'd rather go to prom with," Gabriella replies and she wraps her arms around Troy's neck, hugging him.

We were super excited!

"Oh my god! We're here!" Taylor cries.

The girls scream excitedly as they pull into the parking lot of the beautiful Lava Springs Hotel and Resort.

Shows quick flashes of the gorgeous hotel.

And everything was going as planned





The group of friends dance together, having the time of their lives.


Shows Troy and Gabriella approach a desk.

"One card for suite 523," Troy says.


Shows the two kissing on the bed in the suite

But then…

"And our new prom king and queen are…" The teacher begins to open the envelope.

Gabriella grips Troy's hand, her heart pounding in excitement. Troy smiles down at her.

Suddenly, the lights go out. People scream.

He came back

"Anyone here?" Gabriella calls, looking around the suite. "Troy!"

She hears something behind her. She whips around. Nothing.


A dark figure appears behind her.


A low, creepy voice whispers, "Gabi…"

Screen goes black

"I've missed you."


"Where is she!" a detective demands into the phone.

"Her prom," the man on the other end replies.

"He's escaped!"

Shows Gabriella running down a hallway.

"Find her and GET HER OUT!"

She thought her nightmare was over

"He's gone, Gabi. There's nothing left you need to worry about," Troy assures, running his hand through her hair. She smiles.

But it's only just beginning

"No! Stay back!" Gabriella screams as she backs up. A man carrying a blade slowly approaches her.


"He won't stop until they're all dead!" the detective says. "I need backup! Now!"


"Troy! I can't find Taylor!" Chad yells.

"Dude, Gabriella's missing!" Troy says.

Chad freezes.


Shows Zeke looking around a suite. "Sharpay?" he calls.

Suddenly, two hands clamp around his neck.

Screen goes black

Shows Gabriella hiding in a closet. She glances through the crack in the closet door. She lets out a squeak when she sees the shadow of someone outside. She places a hand over her mouth to quiet her heavy breathing. She turns back around and sees a body. She screams.

Prom Night

"I'm coming to get you."



A hand grabs onto her hair. She screams.

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