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Chapter 1

Indigo Child

Corrine's Point of View

Peace! Peace and comfort surrounded me in that almost blissful sleep. Never had I slept this way, as though nothing could ever happen to me. I did not want to wake. I did not want to respond when the alarm clock would finally decide to pull me out of bed for school.

­-"Corrine…Corrine, wake up, ma chérie."

That voice which was calling my name, it wasn't my father's. Papa had a husky voice, raspy and somehow rusty, caused by many years of smoking. But that voice that just called me…it sounded familiar and it didn't at the same time. I could not quite place it. Where did I hear that voice? It was calm, deep and so incredibly sexy. It made me shiver and absolutely not in a bad way. I did my best not to moan, which reveal to be more difficult than I thought. I did not move. I kept silent, unmoving, sure I was dreaming, since I knew no one with a voice like that. No one was sexy in my family…you hear these kinds of voices in movies or on the radio. Also, I wanted to see if I would be called again by that mysterious, manly whisperer.

-"Corrine, I know you are awake!"

Oops! I was discovered, but I was still unsure if I really was awake. Maybe I was dreaming that I was awake. The ways of dreams were sometimes…weird, for lack of a better word. Deciding upon sleeping a while longer, I turned in my bed. My bed…? No, I was surely not in my bed. This one had silk sheets and a velvet comforter. We did not have those at home and what confirmed the whole 'this is not my bed' thing, was that I was comfortable. It was definitely not my bed!

Almost fearfully, I slowly opened my eyes. I gasped when I saw I was no longer in my tiny bedroom but on a movie set. Though, there were no spotlights or camera… But, this could only be a movie set, since I was in somewhere that was not even real. I was in the Phantom's lair. One (out of many) question remained; Was I really dreaming? I mean, I felt awake, but…this was just way too weird.

It was a bit dark, but not enough not to see where I was. As my vision slowly adjusted to the dimly lit chamber, my breath caught in my throat as my eyes settled on him. There he stood, the Phantom of the Opera, clad in his nice black dress-suit and crimson waist coat. He was not the Phantom from the book, which I read more than safely sane, but the one from the movie. What was his name again… ah yeah…Gerard Butler. The very sexy Phantom of the Opera with his piercing green eyes that could seduce any girl in the blink of one of those amazingly gorgeous orbs.

Yes, I admit it, I am one of those fan girls who has fantasies about similar situations. How many fanfictions I read about girls falling back in time and into the Phantom's lair, I lost count long ago. But this was way different. It felt so…real. How could this be? The only reasonable answer to that, was that I had gone completely mad because of all those stories I kept reading all night long.

As though my eyes could not hide my fears, the man before me smiled warmly, carefully approaching the bed in which I laid. He raised his gloved hands up, showing me he was unarmed, those killer eyes never leaving my shy and awed ones.

-"There is no need to be afraid, my dear." He said with that breathtaking voice of his. "I will not hurt you."

-"I'm dead." I declared after a few seconds of silence, swallowing painfully. "This is a dream, for sure…"

-"This is no dream, Corrine." He said softly. "The Soul Maker brought you here and I was assigned as your guardian."

-"Yeah, right… it explains it all." I laughed sarcastically. "And you, I suppose, are my angel of music. Look, I may be a bit dreamy and cloud headed sometimes but this is just a tad too much to assume."

-"You do not understand, mademoiselle." He sighed. "This is no dream or hallucination. You will not wake up from this."

-"Then, if this is all really happening, would you care to explain to me, because right now I'm on the verge of tears with thinking that I've gone completely mad!"

The masked man, who most of the girls I met online would call Gerrick, scooped closer to me and I could feel his warmth even under the thick bedcovers, even if he wasn't that close. It was almost unnatural… the Phantom took my left hand, caressing my knuckles with his thumb. Wow! That was the word that popped into my mind at that moment. I suddenly felt as though my whole body was weighting nothing but a feather. I also clearly felt a charge of power coming from his body and into mine. Hard to explain…

One of his gloved fingers of his free hand came under my chin, gently turning my head in his direction, making me notice I had been kind of hypnotized by what his magic thumb had been doing with my hand. He leaned closer and I thought for a split second that he would kiss me. If he dared, he would receive a fair slap on his unmasked cheek. I was not an easy girl! Though, part of me wanted desperately to be kissed by those gorgeous full lips, but of course, he did nothing of the sort. Damn. He just wanted to look into my eyes, digging as deeply into my mind as he could or at least that's how it felt.

-"Your soul needed to be protected." He began, his voice even softer and deeper than before. "The Soul Maker brought you here, where you are completely safe from the outside and under worlds."

-"My soul needed to be protected…what is that suppose to mean?" I asked, half smirking at his joke. "Look, I am nobody, just a girl with too much time between her hands. My soul isn't different from any other being!"

-"This is where you are wrong, darling. You are an Indigo Child. A human that is born with wisdom and knowledge no other mortal possesses."

My eyes widened, as though what he said actually made sense. I have never felt life the other kids, when I was at school. I even jumped two classes and I learned to read on my own before I even began school, I was about four years old. Did I mention that this meeting with the Phantom was really weird?

-"Besides the wisdom/knowledge thing, what is a… what was it again?" I asked, half lost in my own thoughts, really beginning to think I had lost my mind for good

-"An Indigo Child." He stated and I think I heard a hint of annoyance in his voice, but I wasn't sure. "There is one or two in every country around the world. You were the one assigned for the province of Quebec, in Canada."

-"O…kay… and, what does it have to do with…well, with this?" I motioned for the rest of the room, waiting for some believable answer

-"The Indigo Children were conceived to lead the world, after Armageddon. For the past few weeks, demons of the underworld had been searching for some of the Indigos, sensing that their end is slowly coming closer."

-"So… am I supposed to be worried because I am searched by demons, or for the upcoming Armageddon?"

-"Neither, ma chérie." He smiled

-"O…kay…" I scratched my head, trying to understand

-"If demons were to find the Children, they would turn them into demons and use them among their ranks in the great battle they are so eager to unleash."

-"Yikes!" I declared dumbly, my mouth turning downward and I am sure I must be looking like a frog now. "And, why exactly am I…here?"

-"To be protected."

-"Yes, I caught that part, thanks." I sighed, quite exasperated. "What I don't understand is; how does it come that I am in the Phantom's Lair…well, your lair I guess…? And why is it not the place from the book but the one from the movie?"

-"Well, it is simpler than it seems actually. The Soul Maker brought your dreams into something real and gave me that shape, so you would feel safer in surroundings which would cause you no fear."

-"So, if I get everything you said right, if I had been a Star Ward fan, I would have landed on Dagobah and you would have been Yoda or something like that?"

The man laughed heartily, then nodded and I joined into that healthy fit of laughter. I had needed this badly. After a while we stopped. I did not know about his sides, but mine were hurting quite a bit now. A few moments of silence passed before I finally asked him what he was exactly. I needed some more answer to clear my now busy mind. He seemed to think about what he might tell me, I guess.

-"In your world, you would probably say that I am an angel…" He said matter-of-factly

-"Then, what is the Soul Maker…is he God?"

-"No, not really. There are many forces ruling the world you come from, mademoiselle. The Soul Maker is the one who decides which soul goes into which body. When you were born, he gave you an Indigo soul."

-"He must be quite a busy man…err…god…hmm…maker…?" I frowned at my own clumsy words. "Do you know when the end of the world will occur?"

-"The Sky Seer predicted Armageddon for 2012, but do not fret over it for the moment. For now, you are a healthy and ordinary young woman and we must take care of you until the time comes. We could not afford having you fall ill or die prematurely. You also acquired the knowledge and wisdom of Indigos, only… you still need to learn how use what you know. Only time will awaken the wisdom sleeping deeply inside of you. Does what I said makes it any clearer?"

-"I-I think so." I shrugged. "But understand that its quite thick to swallow. So, you are shaped out of my dreams and fantasies, right?"

I asked that with the silliest grin one could ever imagine. I could not help but blush the deepest shade of red since some of those fantasies were a bit naughty, like a lot of 'phangirls' I guess. The masked angel looked right into my eyes, dead serious. Geez he was so intimidating!

-"I am not your sex toy, Corrine, if that is what you think." He said calmly but firmly. "I am your guardian and I can be your friend, but do not expect me to love you in that way."

My cheeks were burning with embarrassment and I said nothing, bowing my head. He seemed to have read my mind just then. I wondered if he could do that. I looked up at him and before I could even ask, he nodded… Oh oh… the guy could pry into my thoughts. Not good. That's even more embarrassing than the sex toy comment.

-"The Soul Maker made it very clear that if I needed to read your mind, I was free to do as I pleased. This way I can protect you more effectively and make your stay as comfortable as can be."

-"Well, I am politely asking you not to do that too often. Okay?"

-"As you wish, ma chérie." He smiled mischievously. "Are you hungry?"

The question hit me like a blow on the back of my head. My mother was probably preparing breakfast at the moment and my brothers and sisters must be fighting over the last drops of Nesquick. Poor siblings, I finished it last night. Oh my god, my maman was always so worried for me just about anything, what will she think when I won't get down for the morning meal?

I suddenly felt a warm hand caressing my face in the most caring gesture I ever felt and my eyes met with the Phantom's. I knew, when he smiled sadly, that he found out why I was in such distress all of a sudden.

-"Do not worry about them, Corrine." He whispered. "Their memories were altered, they will not remember you."

What? How terrible was that? Tears reached my eyes, blurring my view with lightning speed. My mother, my stepfather, my little siblings… what did they do to them? Without a word, the Phantom's image helped me on my feet, slowly walking me out of the bedroom.

-"You would have been too easy to find, Corrine, with people having memories from you. Mortals have weak minds, easy to corrupt. The demons would have used this knowledge their advantage and they would have killed your family afterward."

Okay, that was an enough good reason and yet, I could not help myself from weeping over what I had lost. My new guardian surprised me by taking me into the most gentle and reassuring embrace. I leaned gratefully against him, sobbing freely. When he began humming in my ear, I thought my heart would stop beating. Damn it was wonderful. I felt like those women in most of the 'non-Christine' fanfictions I read through the years. Even if this angel was not supposed to fall in love with me or anything of the sort, I felt as if I was. I guess it's mostly due to the fact I have never been in a man's embrace before and well, this one was coming from my fantasies… Ohhh, for it to be perfect, he would have to scoop me up into his arms and hold me until we reach the kitchen.

As soon as I had formulated that silly thought in my tired mind, I felt him bend down, place his left arm under my knees, his other one folding around my waist and he easily lifted me from the rocky floor, making me gasp in surprise. I automatically laid my heavy head on his shoulder, my arms folding themselves around his neck. I could not stop myself from smiling, very much liking this new position.

-"I told you I could read your mind, didn't I?" He smirked

-"Yeah, but you said it was to protect me…"

-"Well, protect you or make you feel safe."

-"Then keep it up, you're doing a great job!"