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And here we go

Life's waiting to begin

Matt stood at the park and watched as the darkness shaded it a dark color. If he was cliche, he would have said it looked like a scene from a horror movie that went bad or really, really good. No one was around to be making a mess of things. The swing set was creaking away, allowing the eerie sound fall.

He walked over to a nearby tree and sat down on the base.

"Bad relationship?"

A boy was standing right across from him. He looked like he was a skater because of the hoodie and the baggy jeans, but he could be wrong. The boy had dark hair that plastered over his left eye.

"No." Matt said. "A relationship never started more like it."

"One of those." The boy nodded understanding. "Another guy?"

"Yeah." Matt easily admitted that he was gay to a guy. So? What was the big deal?

The boy laughed, "I don't know what type of guy he is, but if he's like my girl, sometimes telling him through an email or I.M works."


"Yeah, they'll never know its you." The boy laughed. "Try it." he turned around and walked off.


Hey oh here I am

Mello sighed as he looked out the window. Matt still hadn't came back home. Its been a few hours too. It was now 5:20 and the sunrise was coming up from the horizon. He heard the door open and Matt walked through and took off his shoes.

"Where were you?" Mello asked.

"At the park near here." Matt told him as he looked up at him. The boy suggested I.M, would it work with the blond? Maybe it would. He had an account already. "Random question, do you have MSN or Yahoo?"

"MSN." Mello answered. "I added my account on there."

"Okay." Matt said as he got onto the laptop.

"Why?" Mello asked looking at the redhead suspiciously. If he was going to try to break into his account there was going to be hell to pay.

I can not live

I can't breathe

Matt signed on to his and noticed that another laptop was on. Good. So Mello must have gotten bored and decided to look around on the internet for Kira. Maybe he was signed on. And up on his friends list, the only one online was Mello.

He doubled clicked it.

Gamermaster13: Hey

Mello heard a ding and Matt was glancing over at Mello's computer like it was poison. Wondering what the hell happened, he walked over and saw the message.

Unless you do this with me

MasterofNear24: What Matt

Gamermaster13: O.O You knew it was me.

MasterofNear24: I had to if I wanted to add you.

Gamermaster13: Okay so maybe the anonymous part won't work, but at least you can't laugh at me through via computer.

MasterofNear24: What is it Matt?

Gamermaster13: I like you.

MasterofNear24: Duh...otherwise you wouldn't be my friend.

Gamermaster13: No...not like that Mells.

Mello blinked as he thought about it and it drew to him quickly. Before he could reply, he saw that Matt signed out of the MSN and was already walking back into the bedroom.

Did he believe that he didn't feel that same?

Life's waiting to begin

Mello walked quickly after Matt and grabbed the door before it shut. "Why?"

Matt looked behind his shoulder and stared at Mello. "What do you mean?"

"Why. Why do you like me like that?"

"Do I really need a reason?" Matt demanded.


"Because I do. Your everything I can't be, and I try to do things for you just to make your life easier." Matt told him.

"Alright that's admiration. That's not what..."

"And because youknowhowtoshowemotionsthatevennearcan'tshowbecausehe'scoldand yourwarm!" Matt said in such fast talk, Mello almost believed it to be some sort of form of gibberish or Japanese.

"What?" Mello asked.

"You know how to show emotions that even Near can't show because he's cold and your warm." Matt translated. "Look if your going to reject me, do it now before I do spill my heart out and watch it wither and bleed."

"I ca..." He bit his lip.

"Yeah...I thought so." Matt slipped in to his blankets.

Damn him and his pride.

Mello went on to the computer and decided to steal Matt's idea and write an email.

I don't see how you read me so easily. I admire you Matt. You know how to take things and let them go. I hold onto them so strongly I'm actually think its breaking you more then its breaking me.

I like you too.

You just never gave me a chance to say it.

Just like he never got to read it.