Disclaimer--- Hey, if I owned the Ducks, they'd still be on the air

Disclaimer--- Hey, if I owned the Ducks, they'd still be on the air. But I don't, pleh :P So I'm not makin' any money off of them or this fic either, although hey I would accept donations! J

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Ratedā€”PG for a teeny bit of blood.

Hurricane, part 2

Written by Zelda

Duke's head throbbed in pain as Zelda pressed the gauze down gently over his eyebrow. She held a sizable sliver of glass in her claws, half covered in blood.

"Yowch. Think you got any this big still in you?" she asked.

"They all feel the same to me." he moaned, and sat up rigidly, hoping not to aggravate any more of his wounds.

Zelda stooped down and set to picking the glass out of his legs.

Tanya waved a scanner around Dive's torso gently, watching a small TV screen and a black and white x-ray.

"What is it Tanya?" he coughed.

"That car bent your ribs up pretty bad... nothing cracked or broken though." she said.

"I swear that kid lives his life like he's made of rubber." Mallory muttered.

"Sustaining that kind of impact, maybe he is." Grin pointed out.

"But you did get that generator started." Tanya said. "At least the Medicom can work."

"We don't have any backup power?" Wildwing asked, brushing slivers of broken glass off of his uniform.

"Not enough to run the Medicom for more than a half an hour."

Wildwing nodded, that wasn't enough power. So that was three flaws on the day: better emergency lights, reinforced glass archways, more backup power.

Tanya leaned over and cheked her Omnitool's radar again.

"How's the storm?" Duke asked.

"Getting along. It's moving faster now, should be over us by tomorrow morning."

Wildwing sighed. Tomorrow morning. It would all be over by then. But it seemed so far away at 9:00 PM. The team stuck around as Duke and Nosedive had their wounds bandaged, and Zelda picked a few pieces of glass out of herself as well. They were all exhausted.

"Think we could go to sleep?" Wildwing asked.

"I wouldn't mind." Mallory sighed.

"You and five other Ducks." Duke seconded.

"Okay. I want Duke and Dive to stay in here, just in case."

"I'll stay with them." Zelda assured.

"As for the rest of you, good night." Wing said, and walked off.

Tanya settled herself into bed and listened. The metal framework and walling of the Pond was an extremely good conductor of sound. She could hear the rain drumming on the roof, the wind lashing at the wall. It must be like hell up there. But she was comforted. They were all safe, several floors deep underground. So far away from all the destruction. Tanya felt the earth closing in around her, securing her from the open, howling winds of the surface above. In the silence, she drifted off to sleep.

It was sunny. Grin squinted at the sudden light as he swung open a heavy metal door, and looked out into the main entrance of the Pond. Golden sunlight came pouring in through the shattered archway, making all the little pieces of glass on the floor glitter and reflect like a million stars. The team filed into the room and stood, looking at the calm that now filled the void left by last night's violence. The car still lay on it's back, close to the wall.

Wildwing picked up his broom and set it to the floor. Great, cleanup time.

As he started sweeping, Grin, Tanya, and Mallory were guided up to the door by Zelda. They hadn't seen what she saw last night. The sky was a beautiful clear blue, with a few wispy clouds. But down on the earth it was silent chaos. Broken glass was everywhere. The mall was a wreck. Wooden beams, car parts, and palm tree leaves were scattered about the parking lot. A police car broke the stillness as it picked its way carefully through the streets, lights flashing but silent.

"Jeez, I hope nobody got hurt..." Mallory started.

"The town'll be down for months trying to clean all this up." Tanya agreed.

"Well the sooner we start..." Nosedive hinted, jamming a broom and dustpan in each face.

The four sighed, and got to work.

The End

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