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Hi everybody, this is patty, and this is my first fanfic.

Sorry if my English is not that good.

Okay Naruto is twelve but he is more mature than in the anime/manga, but the story follows its normal path though. Naruto will have to make friends and trust them if he wants to survive all the dangers and obstacles that await for him if he wants to be the greatest Hokage ever. But how will a certain indigo haired girl help him to carry his huge responsibility? NaruHina, other pairings inside.

Now with the story


Chapter 1


'Damn'Naruto though. He turned in his bed groggily and slowly opened his eyes.

7: 30 A.M

It was never easy for the blond to wake up early.

"Five more minutes" He mumbled to no one in particular as he reached for the clock and pushed the small bottom; the sound ceased at once. He accommodated on his bed and closed his blue eyes again.

A gust of wind made his curtains wave around. This made rays of sunlight enter the dark room, some of them hitting the whiskered blond right in the face. Naruto pressed his eyes even closer, trying to block the sunrays. He grunted and turned away from the window. A minute passed before he remembered his five-minute promise.

'Damn' He opened his eyes in shock, turning abruptly towards the black, digital clock. Naruto witnessed the numbers flashing angrily.

8: 15 A.M

'Not again'Naruto mentally cursed. Why was it so hard to get to class in time? He couldn't remember the last time he arrived before Iruka. Never mind that, he needed to get ready. Naruto threw his covers aside and got out of bed hastily. While he walked to the shower he slid off his shirt and sweatpants that were his pajamas. No time to wait for the hot water, the blond resolved, positioning himself directly under the freezing water. The blond let out a startling yelp as the liquid ran down his back.

Naruto hissed in pain as he stepped on a discarded kunai resting on the wooden floor. He dressed himself quickly, his golden hair still dripping water. Naruto wondered if he had time to eat some ramen before going to the Academy. 'What the heck.' The blond stepped towards the kitchen cupboards. 'I'll be late anyways.'

Ten minutes later the blond emerged from the run down building he lived in. It wasn't exactly what you could call a 'home', but it was all he had and he liked it. The Sandaime gave him this place because it was almost deserted, and it was the safest place he could offer Naruto if he didn't want to be attacked in his sleep or when he was leaving or entering his apartment.

Why did the villagers hated Naruto so much? The blond could only guess. Cold, accusing glares followed him everywhere he went.

They ought to stop that someday, Naruto resolved. They can't look at the Hokage like that. Naruto thought while he passed man that was giving him the first hateful glare of the day. 'I'd like to see you try giving me that look when I'm Hokage.'

He decided to aim for the Hokage's office since that'd make everyone swallow their insults. Besides, he had already made the decision to be the best ninja in the whole village. They'd probably even start to respect him. He'd be lying if he said he wouldn't like that.

He sped through the streets, running into a bunch of people who were yelling at him or acting disgusted only for having had contact with him. Naruto did not really care what they were saying. Through years of not being heard or cared, he started feeling indifference at what people thought about him or the names they called him; demon or monster were the most common.

'I might be a brat sometimes, but I'm no demon.' He'd like to say, but he knew they would ignore him. He was determined on being noticed. 'Some day you'll recognize me, you fools.'

After ten minutes of jogging, he got to the Ninja Academy. He slowed to a walk and entered the building. The halls were empty, since class had started forty-five minutes ago. Naruto searched his brain for a good excuse… again. He stood staring at the classroom door for a few seconds, then sighed as he opened the door slowly. Every pair of eyes focused on him at that moment, the blond noticed. Here we go…

"Naruto! You're late for class!" Iruka's voice exploded. "Again!"

"Sorry Iruka-sensei" chanted the blond in a bored manner. This had become his routine every morning. He knew what Iruka would ask him then.

"What's your excuse?" the chuunin's voice was stern.

"You see, sensei I…" Naruto racked his brain for a good excuse. Finding nothing there he slumped his shoulders. 'Does it even matter? He's not gonna believe me anyways…'

"Yes, Naruto?" proded his sensei. Why did he even bothered? He should just give him his sentence.

"I overslept" The blond responded finally, in a defeated tone. He was getting it again; that meant he would start his training later than usual. And that meant he would get to his house later, also. Man, he was not going to sleep at all tonight.

A throbbing vein could be seen under Iruka's headband.


'Great' the spiky haired boy thought to himself as Iruka said something about the importance of being responsible and blah, blah, blah. Finally he was permitted to go to his place. It could be worse, Naruto told himself. At least he didn't have to erase all the graffiti in the tables, most of them were of hearts and Sasuke. At this thought he turned to look at Sasuke. He was sitting in his place, his face facing the board. He didn't paid attention to the Uzumaki as he walk-past him. A few years before Naruto was jealous of the Uchiha because all the attention he got. Good attention, unlike the one he received (if he received any). At this point on his life he didn't care, it wasn't even his fault. He was born being an Uchiha and that attention was destined for him. He'd leave the last Uchiha alone, exactly how Sasuke wanted it. He was the kind of person that just wanted to be by his own.

As Naruto continued to walk to his empty chair, he could hear the other students snickering and laughing at him. The kids were the same as the villagers; they either avoided him and glared or spat insults. 'Whatever'though Naruto, they weren't important.

When he sat down in his chair, he heard an almost inaudible voice coming besides him. "G-good m-morning, Na-Naruto-kun" Said a certain indigo haired girl.

"Morning Hinata" responded the blond haired boy with a small smile. From Naruto's point of view, Hinata was a very strange little girl; She didn't seem able to talk without stumbling all over what she said, and that blushed just confused him even more. He thought that someday she'd have a heart attack from all that nervousness. But he had nothing against her; she was always nice to him and helped him when he needed it. Still, he had a hard time coping with her timidness.

"How's it going?" asked Naruto with the smile still there.

"g-good, thank y-you" Said Hinata, her blush almost covering all her face.

Naruto nodded his head. 'At least she is not like the other villagers"Naruto thought to himself. At that moment he could hear Sakura and Ino arguing about who would sacrifice more for Sasuke and stuff like that. Until recently, Naruto have had a crush in Sakura, he thought of her as the most beautiful kunoichi in the village. But whenever he talked to her or asked her out, she would insult or laugh at him, sometimes both. He also noticed that she was over obsessed with Sasuke, and finally he realized how annoying she could really be. Now Naruto thought that she was one of the most irritating girls that ever existed.

Iruka hushed them and continue to speak. The class followed as usual, Hinata paying attention and at moments glancing at Naruto timidly, Sasuke taking notes, Sakura and Ino staring at Sasuke, Iruka explaining the topic and Naruto falling asleep most of the explanation. After a while the bell rang and all the kids went to the rest area to eat their lunches. Naruto sat at his usual place, alone as always. After they finished, the bell rang again and the kids went to their respective classrooms. Everything continued the same, except with a few interruptions of Iruka shouting to Naruto to wake up and pay attention.

Naruto awoke when he heard the bell rang for third time. The students started collecting their stuff and Iruka was wishing everyone a good day. When Naruto was about to get out of the classroom, he heard Iruka's voice calling.

"Naruto… where do you think you're going?" demanded Iruka.

"Err… to the bathroom?" asked Naruto, hoping against hope to escape.

"That's not gonna work again" said Iruka. Naruto emitted a groan of defeat. Iruka handed him a broom. "Here you go" said Iruka with a smile on his face.

While Naruto was cleaning, Iruka asked him "Naruto, why are you always late?"

"Dunno." answered a bored Naruto.

"You always say that you want to be the best, why don't you try harder?" said Iruka in a calm voice.

'I train my ass off every day, isn't that hard enough for you?' Naruto mentally answered. "I'll see, Iruka-sensei" Naruto said, trying to finish the conversation.

Iruka sighed. "If you keep going that way, you're going to have to repeat another year at the academy.

Naruto smiled. "That's not gonna happen. This year I will pass" The blond said confidently.

"Why's that?" asked Iruka concerned at this point.

Naruto kicked himself. He didn't want anyone to know he was performing an insane training. If Iruka-sensei discovered that, he would become worried and inform the old Hokage. They would forbid him to train that way again. He also wanted to surprise everyone with his strengthened abilities.

"Because I've been studying at my place, I think your explanations are boring, but I read books of what you've explained" Naruto was trying not to sound too nervous.

Iruka stared at him intensely, then a smile spread on his face. "Well Naruto, I am very proud that you're studying, I could have never imagine it" 'Me neither.' The blond thought.

"But even if you think my classes are boring you still need to pay attention. It's your responsibility, remember that." said Iruka after a short pause.

Naruto could breathe again. "I will try to pay more attention to your classes, Iruka-sensei" Iruka nodded in approval. They didn't talk again until Naruto finished cleaning.

"I'm done, C'ya Iruka-sensie"

"All right, Naruto." The blond started towards the door but his homeroom teacher stopped him one last time. "You better be here on time tomorrow, boy, if you don't want to sweep the whole Academy."

Naruto groaned and exited the classroom. He ran towards his training spot.

The moon as high on Konoha's sky and Naruto was at the last exercise of his training session. He was panting heavily and he had all the right to be tired. After five laps around the whole village, two thousand pushups, two hours of weapon practice, two hours of taijutsu training, two hours of chakra control, and two hours of ninjutsu training. To top all that the Uzumaki wore ten pound weights while he trained.

He started using weights about a year ago. He got the idea from a weird guy with a bowl hair cut and very big eye brows. When he was doing one of his laps around the village he heard the man saying something about the weights to a kid he couldn't see very well because they were in a training ground surrounded by walls. He though he also could buy some weights and train with them. Now every six months he bought new ones weighting more and more.

The blond was facing the dark sky full with stars. He was panting and every muscle of his body was sore. His black t-shirt was soaked in sweat. 'Tomorrow I will have to buy the new ones'He thought, looking at the weights in his wrist.

He stood up with a lot of effort, took his jacket and his weapons and headed home. When he got to his apartment he took three cups of instant ramen from his cupboard and started devouring them. He took a quick shower after that and headed to his old bed. He made sure to activate his alarm clock before closing his eyes and drifting to the land of dreams. One final thought crossed his young mind,

'I need to buy more ramen'

He slept soundly, not even the deep chuckle inside his mind disturbed him.

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Hope you like my first chapter of the fic. There's more to come.

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