Eevee Evolutions

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Chapter 1: Eevee

As a child, I had always known that one day, I would have to choose. I had always known that on the day I turned one, 5 stones would be placed in front of me. I had always known this. But why, then, had I been so shocked, so scared when it finally happened?

My mother was an Espeon. My father was a Flareon. My oldest brother was an Umbreon, and my oldest sister was a Jolteon. My just-a-few-days-older then me big brother had recently decided to be a Vaporean. It would have been so easy if there was just one left, so that I would not have to rack my brain, trying to figure out who to be like.

The solution was so simple, so easy. Yet I had never thought of it before.

Perhaps that was the fault of my family, their thoughts, their ideas, so set in stone. From birth, I had been brought up to be like that. It is hard to change tradition.

Perhaps it was my own fault. I had wanted a way to escape, but, instinctively, had not wanted to take such drastic measures. It is hard to control your own deepest fears.

Either way, when the time came, I decided. I did not want to be forced to make a decision...I liked my current body! I was an Eevee!

I faced those 5 stones...those life-changing, heaven-given, abysmal stones.

With a flick of my paw, they disappeared into the shadowy forest.

All around me were the gasps of horror. I swallowed my fear. Hadn't I already made my decision? It was far too late to back out now.

I turned around.

"Mother, Father, I know our laws. I know that from now on, I am an outcast, a permanent-Eevee, an oddity. I know that I will be a shame to our lineage, a glitch in the Eevee system. Perhaps I should have just cast a paw over the stones at random, let Mother Destiny decide my fate! But now, my decision has already been made. I changed my own life. Just tell Water Vapor that Steams in the Morning Light and Ring Glow that Fades and Reappears that they were good brothers, perfect brothers, really. Tell Charging Power of Light and Energy that she was the most loving sister one could ever have. And you two...parents that gave me freedom, but also pride and honor. May your lives be long an fruitful under the gaze of Father Moon and Mother Sun."

I bowed my head to each elder, than gave the briefest smile to my parents. I had to be gone by morning light. If I had not reached the outcast Eevees by then, I would be hunted down and killed. I had decided my own fate. I would probably regret this decision for the rest of my life. But maybe I wouldn't. Maybe I would live a happier life with the outcast Eevees. Maybe I would one day be accepted back into the clan. Maybe a would become a hero, even though I was a permanent Eevee!

I hope Father Moon and Mother Sun are watching over me as I run. I hope they are blessing me with the strength of the outcasts.

Being an Eevee? It feels great.

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