Chapter One - Horitsuba Gakuen

Kurogane growled in frustration. Where the hell did the damn idiot hide the spatula this time?! He'd tried the "obvious" places, such as the oven, the fridge and the ever popular fake drawer under the sink, but it seemed his blonde roommate/colleague/lover had chosen a new hidey hole, and was annoyingly separating Kurogane from unburned omelettes.

If I was an idiot science teacher who had just gotten into my boyfriend's pants for the first time… Kurogane thought… Where would I hide the damn spatula?!

He ducked down onto hands and knees and crawled across the apartment, throwing aside dining chairs, magazines, unmarked homework from last term and a few takeout menus; he still saw no sign of the cooking implement.

He sighed and tried a new tack. I'm a twenty-five year old, pansy-assed, foreign science teacher with a kink for sweets. His eye nearly twitched out of its socket. What do I use a spatula for?

5 minutes later, with an omelette that was only slightly burned at the edges and a mood sourer than the milk he'd had to throw out, Kurogane tiptoed back into his and Fai's room, pausing slightly in the doorway.

Suddenly calm, he allowed himself a small smile. After all, who wouldn't smile when faced with Fai, sprawled out naked on the bed and tangled in the sheets, purring softly in his sleep?

His hair was messed and tangled cutely, his skin tinted with the afterglow of the, ahem, activities that had conspired the night before. Kurogane vividly remembered the sweet sound of Fai's ecstasy, and the addicting heat their bodies shared as they moved as one, everything around them blurring and dull and unimportant, and he suppressed the shiver of lust that tingled through him at the memory.

Kurogane padded over quietly, before balancing his plate in one hand and using the other to try and bring some form of order back into the bedcovers without waking the blonde. He'd be annoying and say something along the lines of Kurogane trying to take advantage of him while he was vulnerable and he'll have to be kept on a leash for being a bad puppy.

Soon, Kurogane had successfully settled back into bed, plate in his lap, and was chewing thoughtfully, following the lines of Fai's body with his eyes. Kurogane had tried to preserve the man's dignity (whatever there was of it) after he'd gotten up and had pulled the duvet up as much as he could, covering up to a pale belly button, next to which was a dark bruise. Kurogane grinned possessively.

Kurogane's eyes slid shut as he kissed from Fai's lips to a pink nipple, licking it tentatively and gaining an approving gasp. Fai's thin body shivered and he mewled appreciatively when Kurogane sucked on the soft skin, Fai's nipple rapidly tightening against his tongue. All too soon, the tanned man moved on, kissing lower and lower, pausing next to Fai's belly button, nipping hard at the pale flesh to leave a purple love bite.

Kurogane gulped and willed the erotic thoughts away, and was about to dig in to his breakfast when Fai's internal Kuro-wan sensor went off and the man sat up and stretched languidly.

Kurogane flinched and gobbled down the omelette as quick as he could, as the inevitable could only happen.

"Hyuu!" Fai cooed, leaning over to Kurogane, either unaware or uncaring of his own nakedness, "Kuro-sama's so good to me! Making me breakfast in bed! But if he wanted to share it, he should have asked, ne?"

Before the gym teacher could blink, the omelette had been stolen from his hungry grasp and was instead now being enjoyed by the smaller of the two, now with only his left shin down being covered by the duvet.

Kurogane glared over at him, pointedly ignoring the way the other's pale skin was still flushed and how his golden locks fell over his face in untidy strands.

"I hope you're gonna share that." he grumbled, knowing he was in for it when Fai looked up and his eyes glittered with mischief.

"I will, as soon as I finish this delicious omelette!" Fai smirked, taking another bite.

Kurogane snatched the rest of the omelette up and devoured it, not taking his eyes off of the other, who was glowing with amusement. Fai suddenly crossed his arms and huffed, flicking his head off to the side.

"I knew you were too good to be true!" he commented melodramatically, "But you were so perfect when you rescued me from that evil water puddle, I couldn't help but fall into your trap!"

Kurogane rolled his eyes, focusing instead on picking the crumbs from his plate.

"And last night you were so romantic, with the chocolates and the bouquet and the loving words! But now I know you're just a beast who deflowers innocent young men!" he finished by gathering up the bedcovers and crying into them. Kurogane still wasn't convinced.

"You bought those chocolates yourself, idiot."

Fai's head whipped up.

"But, the bouquet!"

"You fell into a flowerbed on the way home. And as for 'deflowering' you?" Kurogane smirked, "I don't even need to comment."

Fai pouted.

"Kuro-wanko's so mean…"

Kurogane grinned. "And you're a drama queen,"

Fai pouted, hopped out of bed and followed Kurogane to the kitchen. It seemed that the blonde man had no inhibitions, whether he was sleeping, cooking or walking around the apartment in the morning.

"Fai, if you're still naked when you open the refrigerator, I'm throwing you outside in the cold." Kurogane warned, washing his plate up.

Fai huffed and quickly grabbed some chocolate from the fridge and ducked back into their bedroom before the black haired man could hit him with the dishcloth and put him out in the chilly morning air.

"Oh, Kuro-min!" he skidded back into the kitchen, now wearing the jeans Kurogane had been in the night before. "Yuuko-sensei has plans for a chemistry trip at some point after Christmas, and I have a feeling I'm gonna have to chaperone," he grinned cheekily and poked Kurogane's nose, "You think you can last two weeks without me?"

Kurogane's expression remained indifferent, even though his jeans were way too big for Fai and were slipping down the blonde's hips, and replied slowly. "It will be the quietest two weeks I've had in three months."

"Wah! Kuro-pan is so mean to me!" Fai wailed, attaching himself to the taller man, "Please don't leave me, Kuro-wanwan!"

Kurogane's eyebrow ticked and he didn't answer.

X o X o X

Fai grinned and turned to face his class.

"Welcome to year 11, class! My name is Fluorite-sensei, but it's a bit hard to say, so everyone just calls me Fai-sensei," he waved his hand passively, "I'll take the first register, and it'd be a big help if you could raise your hand when you answer," he demonstrated, "So I can put a name to a face."

The class gave each other worried glances, the students either wondering what Fai-sensei was on, what Fai-sensei had to be so happy about at eight-thirty in the morning or whether Fai-sensei was insane.

Fai-sensei just smiled.

However, in Kurogane's classroom, things were a little different.

"Alright, brats, I'm Kurogane-sensei. You call me Kurogane-sensei, and you ignore whatever the blonde science teacher says about me. I'm taking attendance, so be quiet and listen up."



"Are you okay, Fai-sensei?"

Fai sniffed and smiled widely.

"Someone must be talking about me, ne? Anyway!" he turned back to the whiteboard, "If one parent has the alleles for blonde hair and blue eyes, and the other parent has the alleles for black hair and re- I mean, brown eyes, what is the probability of the child having blonde hair and brown eyes?"

The class exchanged glances, most of them aware of whom Fai was referring to, before gingerly sketching out genetic diagrams in their books.


Kurogane glared at the school, somehow aware that Fai was being an idiot inside one of the classrooms. He growled lowly to himself and ignored his curiosity (for now), turning back to his class.

Who had all finished warming up.

And were staring at him oddly.

He coughed in annoyance and they all pretended to have been looking in other directions, giving him the chance to size them all up.

He held back a lengthly sigh. They were a bunch of wimps.

"Alright," he rumbled, "You're gonna go straight into a game this lesson, as I don't know any of you. I'll go ahead and assume you all know the rules of Softball. Name them."

The class was silent, until one kid raised his hand.

"You, glasses."


"Whatever." Kurogane replied shortly.

The kid, Urashima, gulped. "That it's the world's biggest oxymoron."

Kurogane raised an eyebrow.

"An oxymoron is—"

"I know what it is, smartass!" Kurogane snapped at another kid, a short little bastard with purple hair and a glare almost as practised as his own.

The kid stared back at him. Kurogane's eyebrow ticked.

He coughed again and growled out the rules of the game, and made them all repeat them until they were burned into their brains.

Watching their match, he discovered that they weren't as useless as he'd suspected, and that pleased him. Though, the Urashima kid had severe spaz problems that Kurogane couldn't be bothered to deal with, not in the first lesson anyway, and the purple haired brat proved himself to be more than just a purple haired brat with an accent weirder than Fai's, as he could actually hit the ball.

It didn't matter, as Kurogane still had the urge to trip the bastard with his Kendo sword as he ran past him.

X o X o X


Kurogane sighed. Lunch had just started and he was looking forward to quietly reading his manga in the staff room. He had practically run over to the PE cupboard to put the lesson's equipment away quickly, when a certain blonde turned up to whine at him.

He turned to face Fai, whose eyes were watery and large. Kurogane raised an eyebrow.


Fai lifted his hand up to reveal a rather large cut in his palm, a piece of glass sticking out, blood dripping steadily down his hand.

"I got an owie!"

Kurogane sighed and sat Fai on the desk, pulling the first aid kit out of a drawer.

"This is gonna sting." Kurogane warned, holding Fai's hand in his own and pinching the glass with the other, ready to pull it out.

Fai nodded and bit his lip. He winced and let out a small noise when Kurogane pulled the glass out, his eyes stinging with tears. He tried to pull his hand away when the gym teacher started cleaning it, knowing what was to come next.

Kurogane silenced him with a Look the second Fai started wriggling at the sight of the disinfectant bottle. He knew Fai didn't like the sting of the disinfectant, hell, no-one did! But both of them knew it had to be done, even though the cut was clean and thin.

He dabbed the solution onto Fai's hand carefully with a cotton ball, ignoring the whines coming from the blonde.

"Were there any chemicals on that glass?"

"N-no… W-we were doing osmosis, s-so there's only water." Fai replied, stuttering slightly, "I s-slipped when I was clearing away a few beakers..."

Kurogane looked up to see Fai staring at his now bandaged cut, eyes watery and a few tears running down his pale cheeks. Kurogane reached up and brushed one away with the pad of his thumb, and Fai's blue eyes jerked to meet his red ones.

Fai smiled shakily and placed his good hand over Kurogane's.

"You probably think I'm being a baby, don't you, Kuro-rin-sensei?"

Kurogane leaned up and kissed Fai's forehead, not replying. He knew Fai knew he didn't think that, and he used his action as his way of saying 'It's okay, you've had a shock.'

Kurogane stood and Fai went with him, wrapping his shaking arms around Kurogane's neck and leaning into him, his small frame trembling slightly.

"Oi…" Kurogane started softly, "You need a hot drink or something?"

Fai shook his head, "Kuro-tan is warm enough."

Kurogane grunted and put his arms around Fai's thin waist, resting his chin lightly on Fai's head.

They stood there for a while, during which time Fai sniffed a bit and Kurogane kissed his hair a few times. Fai then tilted his head back, his gaze connecting with Kurogane's. The gym teacher felt something constrict in his chest at the sight of the usually cheery, bouncy science teacher's eyes red and face flushed with tears, his expression worried and unsure.

Before he could speculate any longer, Fai stood on tip toes and they were kissing, the blonde desperately clinging to his sports jersey. Kurogane smirked against Fai's lips and gladly returned the gesture, willing confidence back into his lover. Fai mewled quietly and pressed himself flush against Kurogane, shivering as warm, rough hands found their way under both his lab coat and his turtle neck sweater.

Fai gradually relaxed, and the sense of uncomfortable urgency evaporated from their tender moment, the kiss becoming lazy and gentle. Fai hummed softly, his fingers playing with Kurogane's short spikes, and Kurogane's hand travelled upwards to rest over Fai's heart, which was still rather fast and out of rhythm.

Both of them were comfortable in their haze, ignorant to the fact that lunch was quickly drawing to a close. Kurogane suddenly jerked away.

"We are NOT going to have sex in the PE cupboard!"

Fai blinked and looked down, before grinning sheepishly and buttoning Kurogane's trousers back up.

"Can't blame me for trying!" he teased, his previous shock melted away.

Kurogane gladly kissed the smirk off of Fai's lips, ignoring the bell, humming softly, Fai's tongue curling around his own, idly being granted domination by the taller, who was flitting his fingertips across Fai's back in strange, abstract patterns. Fai moaned softly, his head swimming from the adrenaline and lack of oxygen. Before Kurogane could register the sound of his jersey being unzipped, Fai's cool hands were rubbing his chest sensually, making him groan and pull Fai harder against himself.

They broke apart and stared at each other, both of them flushed deeply (though it was really only noticeable on the paler teacher), and both of them panting for breath.

Fai grinned.

"We're really late for our lessons, you realise?"

Kurogane would have slapped his forehead, if his hand hadn't been so preoccupied with Fai's hair, so he instead groaned and stared at the ceiling, cursing both the PE cupboard and kami-sama for his misfortune.

X o X o X

"What would Kuro-danna like for Christmas?"

Kurogane raised an eyebrow. They were on the train, heading home, discreetly groping each other at every opportunity, and the blonde science teacher just had to ruin it with something that wasn't of anyone's concern yet.

"Fai, you realise Christmas is in three months, right?"

Fai nodded, smiling, "I wanted to get a head-start!"

"I haven't thought about it yet." Kurogane replied after a while.

"Well, you should!" Fai gasped, as if he was lecturing the child who ate all the cookies in the cookie jar, "Christmas is the best time of year! You all eat dinner together and make snowmen and play games and get presents and—"

Kurogane knew he was getting looks, some dirty, some afraid and some encouraging, but frankly, when you have your tongue deep inside your lover's mouth, you don't really care what random people on the Shinkansen think about you. And hey, at least it shut him up.

Fai soon pulled away, regretfully, smiling giddily.

"And we get to be alone the whole time." he finished, quietly.

Kurogane suddenly grinned.

"Then you get to watch a group of brats explode things and make out with each other for two weeks," Kurogane narrowed his eyes, smirking malevolently, before adding "Without alcohol!"

Fai's grin fell.