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Akatsuki Hideout- Common Room

Dear beloved,

I know I should hate you for what you did, and still do, to my comrade Sasuke, but, I can't help it…. I'm falling in love with you. I cry every time Naruto thinks we are getting close to finding and killing you. I hope you're safe and I love you.

Your Konohanian Admirer

"Awwwwwwwwwww," snickered Kisame, "It wrote again!"

"IT?! How dare you? Are you that slow? See the pink stationary, and the flowery handwriting; smell the rose perfume, a woman is obviously writing you baka!" exclaimed a very irked Itachi.

"Sorry Itachi-sama I am a very stupid fish head," he said as he backed slowly out of the room. As soon as he thought it was safe he muttered," I'm sorry that I didn't know how touchy you can get during THAT time of the month." Unfortunately Itachi heard and through a pink stiletto heel at Kisames' head, hitting his fin hard enough to knock him out.

For about two months now the Akatsuki have noticed a change in their comrade: he had seemed more moody and was prone to mood swings at the worst times. But, this hadn't happened till he had started receiving letters from his secret admirer in Konoha- the direct enemy of their organization and the home village of the Kyuubi.

Well the next chapter you will find out who loves him and I will be nice and give y'all a hint: the girl lives in Konoha and is a ninja. It's such a nice clue... So review please. Only constructive things though I don't like flamers!