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True Love?:

Streets of Konoha (Hinata's POV)

As I walked down the familiar streets of Konoha I wondered why I was chosen for this mission. All Sakura had said when she came to get me was that it was really important, and life changing. To me she looked like Kiba after food pills. Ugh. I knocked on the door, dreading my fate.

" Come in," said Tsunade. I entered acutely aware of the stench of sake. Shaking my head i thought, that Tsunade won't have a chance but with pervy-sage at the rate she's going.

Tsunade scares me so as meekly as I could I said. " Lady Hokage you wished to see me?"

" Yes, Hinata are you familiar with Kisame and Itachi of the Akatsuki?"

"Hai" I'm only in love with one...

"Well, I have decided that in order to defeat my former comrade Orchimaru, we must team up with the Akatsuki. Unfortunately They have decided to send the team of Kisame and Itachi. As you know Itachi Uchiha has been a rouge ninja from this village ever since he massacred his own clan."

Then Tsunade got apage, " Lady Hokage the"AMBASSADORS"from the Akatsuki are here." the voice said with a sneer, as if we shouldn't consort with such people, and it made me want jump through the phone and murder the thing on the other end, as it was I trembled with rage, which thankfully, the Hokage took for fear.

"Don't worry, they are here on a peaceful mission," she said slightly tipsy and kindly.

I flew to the entrance rushing off to my love. When I got there, I was out of breath and red-faced, I almost fainted at the sight off my love: Itachi Uchiha.

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