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Nibs walked into the common room of the home under the ground, his eyes blazing fiercely. He was tense and ready for a fight. Peter's anger was palpable in the air, and something told Nibs his affair with Wendy was no longer secret. Looking around the room, he spotted Peter pacing like a caged lion at the far end in front of his throne, his sword gripped tightly in his hand.

Rather than speak and startle Peter, Nibs strode confidently forward, stopping in the middle of the room, crossing his arms over his chest and waiting for Peter to notice him. As he stalked past and made a turn, Peter froze, noticing Nibs. His green eyes locked to Nibs' dark ones, and he snarled furiously, lunging towards Nibs, slashing viciously at his side.

Nibs jumped to the side, rolling into a somersault and ending crouched on his feet against the wall, picking up a stray sword just in time to block Peter's downward stroke towards his neck. Silently cursing himself for leaving his room without his sword.

Peter and Nibs remained locked, swords pressing furiously together, snarling at one another. Peter was livid, and Nibs couldn't help being drawn into the furious atmosphere. Gathering himself, he thrust upward violently, throwing Peter backwards off balance, lunging out of the corner and into the open space in the middle of the room. Growling in fury, Nibs crouched slightly, twirling his sword, ready for Peter's next attack. The circled each other, looking for an opening, neither succeeding in gaining an advantage. They had trained together far too much to still retain flaws in form or technique.

Feinting and parrying lightly, they each attempted to gain entrance into the others fighting space in order to land a blow. But each cut and jab was parried easily, glanced and flicked to the side. Finally, after Nibs had once again flicked aside one of Peter's slices to his midsection, Peter lunged forward, howling with rage, driving his sword straight towards Nibs' face. Caught off guard, Nibs barely had time to bend backwards and take the force of Peter's lunge to the body, his sword slicing harmlessly through the air above his face. The force of the impact tumbled them backwards, and both dropped their swords, attempting to twist the other into a position of submission.

As they wrestled, Peter got Nibs in a headlock, but was forced to let go as Nibs drove his elbow into Peter's ribs. Twisting around, Nibs, grabbed Peter and head butted him, sending him reeling backwards, then spinning to roundhouse him into the wall. Peter grunted, taken off guard as he slammed into the wall, then growled and rushed towards Nibs, bending to hit him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. Nibs attempted to dodge, but got rammed hard by Peter's shoulder, sending them both to the floor again.

Landing in a heap, it was a race to see who could gain the upper hand first. Peter gave Nibs a solid punch to the face, eliciting a sickening crack from his nose, blood spouting forth, but was forced to back off as Nibs drove his knee up into Peter's abdomen.

Taking the advantage Peter being winded, Nibs rolled quickly behind him and put him in a head lock, wrapping his legs around Peter's waist and hanging on for dear life. Peter thrashed and attempted to drive Nibs off by thrusting his elbows back at him, but could not sufficiently reach. Finally, panting, Peter held up his hands for a truce, rolling away and laying down, panting as Nibs let go. Collapsing backwards, Nibs lay there, also panting, staring at Peter.

"Have you...gone...completely...mad?" he asked between gasps.

"No...just...mostly." Peter countered, glaring at him furiously.

As a wave of pain from his shattered nose washed over Nibs, he groaned and spat blood, gingerly wiping his face. Peter retched slightly, his belly having been assaulted by Nibs' strong hits. Both boys stumbled to their feet, glaring furiously at each other, but calm enough now to exchange words instead of blows.

"What were you thinking?" Peter seethed, his fists clenching again. "Wendy is mine!"

"Yours?!" Nibs howled in rage. "You cast her aside like a used toy! You don't get to claim her anymore you arrogant bastard!"

"I brought her here! I have every right to claim her, and you had no right to touch her!" Peter's face was twisted into an ugly mask of hatred.

Nibs' fury rose higher, panting now as he struggled to repress the urge to pounce on Peter and pummel him within an inch of his life again.

"You ignored her, hurt her, and cast her aside, Peter!" Nibs shouted. "You no longer wanted her, and the only reason you're interested now is because you don't want me to have her! You grew bored with her, like you do with everything. Then you tossed her aside, and I was there to pick her up. And now you're jealous, because I have what you lost. You're such a child!" Nibs bellowed. "It's too late, Pan, I'm not losing her! I've waited too long for this chance. You can't have her back. She's mine now!" Nibs face was set into an ugly glare. Peter was nearly howling with rage, and about to lunge, when another voice shattered the tension.

"Stop!" Wendy shrieked from the entrance to the passage leading to Nibs' bedroom. Her face was twisted in anger as well, her sharp blue eyes darting between the two boys.

"I belong to neither of you! I am my own person, and I can't believe you would talk about me like this! You're disgusting pigs, both of you, and I hate you." Her voice dripping with venom and malice, Wendy spun and dashed towards the opening leading to the surface, flying up and out.

Nibs paled, watching her go. Muttering a curse, he looked at Peter with disgust. "Now she's angry at both of us because of your selfishness, you spoiled brat!"

Peter also looked somewhat disgruntled by Wendy's outburst, but his anger was still evident on his face. Slowly, sorrow was creeping over his features as well. Finally, in a softer voice, he spoke again.

"Why, Nibs? Why Wendy? You knew how special she was to me…" Peter trailed off, his green eyes sad. Nibs' anger faded as well, and he sighed.

"Peter, you've always known how I felt about her. And when you lost interest, I had to take my chance. I couldn't live like that anymore…"

Peter sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I didn't lose interest, we…I...I mean…we…" He trailed off, unable to finish his sentence, the realization that Nibs was right slowly hitting him. He was far too cocky to admit this, so he set his jaw in a stubborn line and refused to speak.

Nibs, however, knew Peter too well. He saw the recognition dawn on his face, and lifted his chin slightly in triumph. Peter was defeated, and the arrogant boy knew it. Pausing for a moment, Nibs allowed some silence to build before he spoke again.

"Do you love her?" The question was simple, but laden with meaning.

Peter glanced at him sharply, then looked away, crossing his arms, not answering. That was answer enough for Nibs. He knew that Peter had indeed lost interest in Wendy, and they both realized that she was Nibs' to claim now. Even if Wendy didn't see it that way.

Walking quietly away, Nibs flew out of the Home, going in search of Wendy. He had to explain things to her and apologize.

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