Forever Yours by AutobotV

This fic I thought about was meant as a gift for Ladena on Deviantart, after seeing her pics of Hot Rod and Optimus Prime I came up with this story. It's going to be long but it's how a younger Hot Rod met Optimus Prime for the first time.

In this fic Hot Rod is sort of the equiverlent of a 16-17 year old and I'll explain Optimus Prime's later. Please forgive me but I made Hot Rod's life a bit hard but that all changed when he met a kind stranger. Rated M for good reason.

Tailis growled in disbelief as he read the report that was left on his desk that morning. It was a long list, a very long list of complaints and fines that needed paying off and he got the blame. He got the blame becuase he was the Supervisor of the one who caused the mess in the first place, a mess that involved the punk running around the lobby of the building and smashing stuff in his way. Tailis slammed the data-pad on the table and glared at the youth sitting across the desk from him.

'Hot Rod, do you realise what you have done!' he snapped.

Hot Rod shrugged and glared back at his Supervisor. He was a young Cybertronia, a Sparkling-Teen as many called them, red, yellow and orange in colour with yellow wings on his back and a yellow flame job on his front chest. He looked like he had attitude but he was just full of playful pranks and humour. Hot Rod folded his arms and glared at his Supervisor.

'He stole my Energon Stone collection! It's not my fault he tried to out run me!' replied Hot Rod

Tailis growled and folded his arms. Out of all the young Cybertronians that he had to Supervise, Hot Rod was the worst and the most annoying. Plus he had a bad reputation for being manufactored from Vector Sigma at the worst possible moment. The young bot just acted cool in front of him and acted like nothing had happened.

'You still destroyed public property and almost caused an accident! All for this stupid box of discraded Energon!' snarled Tailis

Tailis raised a box with funny shaped, but small, Energon stones before tossing it down the garbage chute. Hot Rod sat up in shock as his collection was thrown out.

'Hey you olf Exhaust-end! That was my collection!'

'It's just a pile of uesless stones! Like you are a pile of uesless metal!'

Hot Rod growled and threw a dtat pad at the older mech's head.Tailis snarled at the youth. Then forced the bot to his feet and booted him out the door.

'Go back to your quarters and think about what you have done MISTAKE!' howled Tailis before slamming the door.

Hot Rod grumbled as stood up and walked down the corridor towards the lift. At least he left the office without a scar of a smack to the head, that was the useal routine. Waiting for the lift to arrive he heard snickering behind him and spun round to see another group of younger Cybertronians laughing at him. They had seen him get kicked out of the office again and found it funny that Hot Rod was always getting told off. It amused them whick sickened Hot Rod.

'Look it's the mistake!' one giggled.

'I can't believe he's still here!' laughed another.

'What a waste of metal!' sniggered another.

Hot Rod growled and walked into the lift the moment it opened. It was filled with older, adult, Cybertronian's but that didn't make Hot Rod's life any easier. He stood near the doors as it moved upwards, planning on leaving the moment it got to his floor. As he stood waiting for his floor he heard loud whispers behind him.

'Say isn't he the one who was manufactured during Vetor Sigma's virus break out?'

'Yep that's the one! I still don't know why they haven't thrown him the smelting pits already!'

Hot Rod growled again but releifed when he reached his floor. He strided down the corridor until he reached his quarters, slamming the door behind him before collapsing on his berth. He hated this place, he wished he could leave but the Cybetronian law forbidded it. When a Sparkling was made, either from two Cybertronian's or from Vector Sigma they came to the Supervision of Rasing Future Cybertronian's (SRFC) where each new Sparkling was assigned to a Supervisor, who raised them as if they were their own. Sparklings who were manufactured from two mature Cybertronian's would be permitted to stay with them as long as they attended lectures so that they wouls gain knowledge. Hot Rod was a Sparkling built from Vector Sigma during what the Guardians of The Super Computor called a disastor. When Vector Sigma was munufacturing him and a few others a virus somehow got into the system and all but him were manfactured without a Spark. When he was inspected they said that his Spark had traces of the virus, meaning that he wasn't going to have a bright future. No one would hire him and no one would want to take of someone that was a possible carrier of the virus that almost destroyed the most advanced computor on Cybertron in their midst. However Sentinel Prime said he had the right to live, that all life from Vector Sigma was considered presious. He was thrown into the SRFC and was considered by many as a mistake. Hot Rod didn't care, he had lived there for 17 million years and was now on the verge of becoming a mature Cybetronian, in other words he was a mid-teen in human terms, and this was considered a great time for him. But no one cared, not even his designated Supervisor Tailis. Since he grew up in a non-loved enviroment he played pranks, did his own things and got into trouble. Some called it attention seeking but Hot Rod didn't care if everyone hated him, he just grew to hate them. As he thought to himself, someone knocked on his door.

'Who's there?' he muttered.

The door opened and a Care-taker mech stood at the entrance of his room. Care-takers were in charge of the health and safety of all sparklings but when it came to Hot Rod they were cruel and unkind.

'We got a new batch of promising Sparklings coming in about a couple of Astro-hours. We need this room so grab your stuff and move out!'

Hot Rod gasped and then growled at the mech.

'Where am I supposed to recharge and stuff!' he cried.

The mech shrugged and was already tossing the younger mech's stuff out the room and into a messy pile in the corridor. Hot Rod growled and kicked him the leg, but the older mech smacked him round the head before throwing him out the room and onto his pile of stuff. Hot Rod glared at the grinning Care-Taker.

'Hurry up loser! Move your stuff before the Sparklings who HAVE futures show up!' he snapped, before slamming the door.

Hot Rod grumbled and tried to ignore the giggling and taunting behind him as other Teen-Sparklings laughed at his misfortune. He grabbed all his stuff and tried to find a spare room, to no such luck. It was getting late and so far no one took any notice of him, not even the Care-Takers or Supervisors. Hot Rod grumbled as he knocked on the door of his Supervisor who answered but was sickened to see Hot Rod holding what little he owned.

'What the Slag are you doing here?' he snapped.

'They kicked me out of room and I need a place to recharge!' replied Hot Rod.

Tailis snarled and smacked the youth round the head. Hot Rod looked back in disbelief, he hadn't done anything wrong. Tailis kicked him back and growled.

'Well maybe if you weren't such a pain you wouldn't be in this mess! You have to wait till tomorrow!'

'Where am I supposed to recharge!' wailed Hot Rod.

'Not my problem!' snarled Tailis, slamming the door.

Hot Rod sighed and grumbled, it was supposed to his Supercisors problem but since when did he care? Hot Rod picked up his stuff and then he heard snickering behind him. Turning he saw the Care-Taker who booted him out of his room laughing his head off. He must had followed the youth to see how he would beg to his supieriors to get a room for him. Hot Rod wasn't in the mood to fight back and trailed off down the corridor. Soon everyone had gone into recharge and Hot Rod was still wandering in the corridors, looking for a spare berth. Giving up he found a corner in a cleaners closet and shuffled in the corner trying to get comfortable. He hated this place. He felt like crying but he gave up on that long ago, it got him no where. When he was old enough he'd be allowed to leave but that wasn't for another 100 cycles. Till then he had to stay here and it was going to be a very long time. Hot Rod tried to make himself feel better as he drifted of to sleep planning revenge.

Hot Rod had already planned the perfect revenge on the Care-Takers as he ran round the building trying to find the stuff he needed. The plan was simple, he'd wait until all the Care-Takers were out of their break room and replace their Energon with oil sludge. Oil sludge tasted terrible and their systems would be on the fritz for hours. Hot Rod sinickered at the thought, on a bonus side today was the grand visit of Sentinel Prime. How did he know? Easy they gave him a temporary room to stay in since the Care-takers told him not to get comfortable. When Sentinel Prime saw the Care-Takers acting funny, they'd all be getting a telling off. The youth made his way to the waste bins below the building where oil wastage was stored before the Trash Collectors collected it to be recycled. He brought five empty cubes with him and he filled them up with the oil sludge, gasping as the hot stench began to heat up his circuits. Hot Rod chuckled again as he gathered all what he needed and he made his way to the Care-Takers break room where a few of them were chatting.

'Hey Medit, did you throw the mistake in the guest room or something?' asked one.

'Yeah, meaning we have to give a deep clean afterwards.' grumbled the one named Medit.

'Ahh, don't worry Belich, we'llk just boot him out again and again till he runs off and cries!' snickered a Care-Taker Hot Rod knew as Skilles.

As Hot Rod waited for them to go another pair of Care-Takers showed up. Hot Rod knew them as well, Lockus and Bolts, all of them were the same. A bunch of jerks who made Hot Rod's life a living smelting-pit! If they were here it meant Hot Rod's plan was working perfectly.

'What the slag are you two doing here?' snarled Skilles.

'Sorry but some of the brats are fighting on level Alpha 1.' muttered Bolts.

The three Care-Takers groaned and got up to follow the other two. The young mech sniggered to himself, he had started the fight between a group of Sparklings and they wreaked havoc around the play rooms. All he had to do was sneak up behind one and hisper into their audios that the Sparkling in the corner called him a scrappy. Then chaos follows and the Care-Takers take care of it. Hot Rod waited for them to leave before running in and snatching their Energon Cubes and placing the black cubes of oil sludge in their place. Hot Rod then poured some purple inky substance that changed the colour until they looked like the real things! Hot Rod snickered as he ran out the break room and waited till the Care-Takers came back. Time did pass but they returned in a huff.

'Stupid little brats.' snarled Skilles.

'Why can't they just remove their programming until they leave!' snarled Lockus.

They entered the break room and Hot Rod peered in, almost laughing out loud as the five Care-Takers guzzled down the oil sludge, disguised as Energon. Medit smacked his lips.

'That tasted kinda thick today.' he muttered.

Hot Rod got a little worried when his plan was possibly foiled but thanfully the Care-Takers had more important matters to attened to.

'Slag look at the time! C'mon we gotta go and meet the Prime!' yelped Belich.

Hot Rod had to hide but he couldn't contain himself as they all bolted out the room after finishing the oil sludge. They were going to meet the Prime in person and by the time they reached him they'd be acting like idiots. Then the top man would tell them off and maybe fire them for good. Hot Rod really wanted to watch but he was told to stay away, so he snuck back to his room where he slurrped on the Energon cubes.

'I'll show those stupid jerks!' he snickered.

Skilles snarled as he and the other five Care-Takers made it back to the break room. He had been hulmiliated big time. Right before he began talking to Sentinel Prime, his vocal prosessors began to act up and his arms waving wildly. At first the Prime thought they were doing some sort of act for the young Sparklings that surrounded him until one of the Care-Takers whacked him by accident. It took a while but some medics were called in and they solved the problem, much to SRFC's embarressment when the Prime thought it was unacceptable behavior for Care-Takers. The Prime told the Boss of SRFC off and he told the Care-Takers off and now they were in their break room angry.

'How did that happen? My circuitry was fine this morning!' snapped Bolts.

'I was covered in oil! I don't remember drinking oil! wailed Lockus.

'I don't know but I have a feeling who's responsible.' snarled Medit.

The Care-Takers looked at each other, all of them had the same idea of who hulmiliated them in front of the Prime. A stupid mistake named Hot Rod. Belich growled and kicked a stool over.

'How! How did that stupid punk do it!?'

'He has he's ways, I'm gonna rip his voal proscessors out!' growled Bolts.

Skilles growled, he hated that stupid little mistake. He always acted cool and uplifting when others shunned him, not caring if he got in trouble or punished. His attitude made the evil Care-taker sick and believe me he was sick and twisted. How he got the role of a Care-Taker no one knows but he was twisted and he was already thinking of the perfect revenge on the youth. As he pondered how to get back the other four Care-Takers began to talk agmonst themselves.

'I say we report him!' snarled Lockus.

'Then what, they'll just make him clean the stairs or something. Forget it everytime we punish him he always fights back!' argued Bolts.

'So we're going to let him walk away with this!? Slag that, I'm going to give chores for the next Solar Cycle!' growled Medit.

'Didn't you hear me, he doesn't care what punishment we throw at him! He justs gets even at the end!' sighed Bolts, wiping his brow.

'Maybe we're giving him the wrong kind of punishment.' snickered Skilles.

The four Care-Takers looked over at Skilles who had an evil smile formed over his face that made them shiver slightly. He walked over to his fellow Care-Takers and huddled them together.

'Our little Hot Rod is on the verge of becoming an adult and I think we should show him what that means!' he said in a low dark chuckle.

Some time had passed since the incident with the Prime and Hot Rod was getting suspicious why no one had blamed him yet. He was always blamed for this sort of thing and the Care-Takers would always find an excuse to point the finger at him. So far it had been too quiet for the youth but he tried to ignore that as he attended one of his many lectures with his Supervisor Tailis. It was just a boring How To Live On Cybertron subject, very important subject for him since he was leaving soon and Hot Rod grumbled as Tailis continued.

'So as you can see Hot Rod you have to be prepared both financially and logically. That will be all for today, you may leave.'

As Tailis packed away his dtat pads, Hot Rod raised a hand making the Supervisor sigh.

'What is it Hot Rod?' he groaned.

'Tailis...I was wondering...can I go on the expedition to the Scienctific Research Fauilitcity? I've never been on one expedition and it is my "coming of the age" soon! Plaese?'

Tailis groaned as he continued to pack away and shook his head to the youth's dissapoinment. Hot Rod stood up and slammed his fists into the table in anger.

'Why not! Everyone else gets to go!' he snapped.

Tailis glared at him.

'Well everyone else isn't a mistake! This converstation is over!'

Hot Rod grumbled and left the room. It was the same everytime. Whenever the Supervisors gave their Sparklings the cahnce to go out into the world they'd take them on small trips or expiditions to real-life working places, giving them an idea where they could work in the future. Hot Rod was never allowed to go, STFC didn't want him to ruin their reputation. At first Hot Rod didn't care but as he got older he realised he never had been outside the building. All he could do was gaze out the window at the great cities of Cybertron and adult Cybetronians who had their freedom. At times Hot Rod felt like he was caged and he wished he could break out at times. Then where would he go, no one would care for him, no one would give a damm about him. As he walked down the corridors he heard a noise behind him and turned to see Skilles standing behind him. At first Hot Rod thought he should run, he had to be here for revenge or something. He walked away to see Medit blocking his path and he froze. He looked back to see Skilles walking up to him with a nasty grin on his face.

'Come with us Hot Rod, we have something to show you.' he snickered