Forever Yours Part 10-The Final Chapter

Optimus sighed as he watched the vessel that had arrived from Cybertron rise up from the ground and disappeared into the sky, flickering before it was completely gone as it left the atmosphere. The Autobot leader stood there for a while before returning to base, Prowl not too far behind him followed him. He had noticed that Optimus had been acting rather funny after the younger Autobot came down and he had to rescue him from Megatron. After they managed to bring him back in, he was sent to the med bay immediately and patched up while the youth, known as Hot Rod, was told off big time. As Prime healed up the youth was allowed in to talk yo him and what they said to each other was unknown to the rest of the Autobots. When Prime got back on his feet he assisted in helping fix the ship and a few weeks later it was finished. Optimus had thanked Kup, Arcee and Springer for coming down anyway and he had a private word with Hot Rod before he climbed on the ship and went back home. Prowl had noticed that there was something going on between the Autobot leader and the youth but Optimus said nothing. As they got closer to the base Prime suddenly asked Prowl a question.

'Do you believe in eternity Prowl?'

The police car looked up a little confused, Prime had never asked a question like that before and at once he thought something was wrong. Optimus shook his head and made small chuckle, making the Officer feel a little better.

'I believed in eternity once, a very long time ago.' sighed the Autobot leader.

Prowl wasn't very good in this sort of thing but Optimus prime was like a brother to him, a very dear friend so he tried his best as he entered into the conversation.

'I'm sure he will come back Sir...eternity doesn't end, it keeps going on and on.'

Prowl had impressed himself, he had never said anything like that before and it seemed to cheer his leader up a little. Optimus continued back with his Officer back to base, his mind wandering back to that conversation he had with Hot Rod when he was recovering in the med bay.

Ratchet grumbled as he started welding the armour back onto Prime's leg, annoyed since he had done this not too long ago and this was supposed to be his afternoon off. Optimus had apologized but he could tell that Ratchet was just putting it on for show, he had to keep up his image. The medic was thankful that his leader had come back to them safe and sound but, just to scare the Twins, he acted gruff as always.

'It shouldn't take that long to repair the rest of your body so just sit tight, OK?' grumbled the medic.

Optimus nodded and he sighed as he leaned back into his sitting up position on the berth, trying to get comfortable as Ratchet worked his magic. After a while he heard Wheeljack enter the med bay and he noticed that he wasn't alone.

'Hey Ratchet, kid wanted to see Prime.'

'Now? Hang on, lemme ask-'

Optimus waved a hand to say that it was alright and that made Ratchet grumble even more. After a while he saw a younger Autobot appear in his vision, his optics were filled with worry but he seemed to be a little cheerful. Optimus offered him to sit down next to him so he wouldn't be in Ratchet's way and the youth did so, leaning on the berth so he could talk to the injured Autobot leader.

'How ya feeling?'

Optimus made a small chuckle but answered.

'Well, I won't be able to use my legs for a while, how about yourself Hot Rod?'

The youth, Hot Rod, suddenly pulled a face of guilt, which made Optimus snicker. At first everyone blamed the youth for running off but later on Sideswipe and Sunstreaker told everyone that they convinced Hot Rod to come out joy riding with them. After hearing that Prowl gave all three of them clean up duty, much to the twins dismay. However Hot Rod still felt guilty after what had happened so Optimus decided to cheer him up.

'Oh c'mon, I've been in worse situations than this.'

Hot Rod sighed and played around with his fingers, clearly nervous.

'I'm...really sorry Optimus. I didn't mean to do this to you and-'

Prime suddenly raised the brow of his optics at Hot Rod's apology. the youth had been apologizing for days and to have him here saying sorry again meant only one thing.

'Did Prowl tell you to apolgize again?'

Hot Rod made a small snort of laughter and nodded, the Officer had been ordering him around to make up for what he had done all day and night, like clearing up messes and writing out sorry notes. The other Autobots had agreed that Hot Rod had made up for what he had done and had to beg for him to let him be, the Autobot officer reluctantly agreeing.

'He's been on my aft all day...where did you get that guy!?' wailed the youth, getting back to normal.

Prime made a small noise of amusement.

'He just came to me, he was a Law Enforcer before the war so he's a little strict when it comes to this sort of thing. Enough about that though, are you all patched up?'

Hot Rod cheeks flushed a little before he smiled and nodded. Ratchet looked over his shoulder as the two talked before Wheeljack walked over and started dragging him away, the mechanic knew that Optimus needed to have a private word with the youth and having Ratchet around made it awkward, plus Ratchet never said no to a wax massage. After the Autobots left Optimys sat up a little, wincing at the pain in his back and making Hot Rod react in a panicked way.

'Careful!' he yelped, helping Optimus to relax a little.

It was then Optimus suddenly took hold of Hot Rod's hands and he started to examine them, the youth a little confused but he didn't mind. Even though the metal on Prime's hand was old and worn it felt so very gentle as they traced the youth's fingers and palms. then Optimus pressed his hand up against the youth's to compare the size, the big blue hands looked gigantic compared to the red ones.

'You've grown a little, haven't you?' chuckled the Autobot leader.

Hot Rod nodded as he also compared his size to the Autobot leader's hands. Optimus had really big hands and he could see that they had been through hard times, bits of metal missing and most of the paint had been ruined. He remembered that Orion had nice smooth hands, not damaged or anything.

'You can tell alot about a person from their hands.' said Hot Rod, still looking at Prime's hands.

'Indeed, yours tell me that you have been through many hardships and trials, also that they needed to hold face perhaps?'

Hot Rod flushed bright red and quickly withdrew his hand as Optimus began to laugh. It was true though, he really wanted to touch Prime's face again, even though it was badly scared. The Autobot leader had his mask back on again, the medic had told him not to remove it for a while but Optimus ignored the warning as he brought his hands up to his face and pulled it off. Hot Rod glanced up, still blushing. He still thought Optimus was beautiful without his mask on, even though at least a quarter of his face was missing, he was still amazing to look at. Optimus gently took hold of Hot Rod's hand and brought it up to his face, the youth flinching a little but he sighed when his hand came into contact with Prime's face.

'I like it.' he suddenly blurted out.

'My face?'

' tells me a lot about you.'

Optimus smirked a little with what was left of his face as hot Rod continued.

'It tells me you are a kind person, who has done so much for caring about people and who has sacrificed everything to keep those people happy...that he would do everything in his power to keep them alive and well.'

Hot Rod yelped when Optimus suddenly pulled him forward so the youth somehow ended up lying on his chest, making the youth blush bright red. He looked up to find he was face to face with Optimus, flushing bright red to find the Autobot leader smiling gently and it actually made him quite pleasant to look at. he suddenly had the urge to kiss him again but he tried to bury his head into Prime's chest.

'Something wrong?' asked Optimus.

Hot Rod looked up again, blushing like mad and he mumbled something. Optimus had to ask him to repeat several times before he finally made it out.

'Can I kiss you again...please?'

To his surprise his answer was indeed a kiss from the Autobot leader, his scarred lips pressing against his. Hot Rod made a muffled sigh as he melted into it, his arms snaking their way round Prime's shoulders. He remembered back in the desert after Prime had kissed him that the Autobot leader to had developed feelings for him, that he felt guilty and hated himself for falling for such a younger mech. Optimus had also been afraid to tell Hot Rod that he had fallen for him long ago but because of the current situation he had to let him go. He was surprised however that Hot Rod had fallen for him, he thought he had devoloped father like feelings towards him, making the whole thing confusing. However resting on top of Prime like this felt so very nice and the kiss was so tender and sweet.

'Optimus sir, I don't mean to interup but I need a word.'

Hot Rod's optics flashed open and he pulled away to see who had spoken, his face flaring up when he saw Prowl standing right behind them with an unimpressed look. Hot Rod yelped and hid his face into Prime's shoulders, his face flaring up red while the Autobot leader chuckled as he patted the youth on the back. Optimus looked up to Prowl and sighed.

'Don't you ever knock?' he asked with a playful tone.

Prowl shrugged and he pulled out some paperwork, showing it to Optimus so he could have a look.

'Sorry but I need your permission to carry out the next set of exercises for our new phase we're constructing here.' answered the Officer, not caring that he walked in on Prime kissing a younger Autobot.

Optimus nodded and the officer walked off, leaving the two Autobots alone again. After a while Optimus nudged the youth and he looked up with a bright red face, making the Autobot leader laugh a little.

'Doesn't he have any manners?' moaned the youth.

Optimus shook his head as the youth tried to calm down, making him snicker again. After a moment of trying to slow down his fast pulsing Spark, Optimus was able to kiss the youth again and this time they weren't interrupted.

After the time had passed and Optimus was fully functional again, Hot Rod was ready to return back to Cybertron with Arcee, Springer and Kup, taking a few Energon Cubes with them. As the Earth Autobots thanked the Autobots from Cybertron for coming anyway, Optimus had dragged Hot Rod off so he could have a private word with him. He knew that Hot Rod was against going back but after a while he gave in and now he was having a hard time keeping the tears from falling. When they were out of site Hot Rod let a loose tear escape by accident.

'I-is this good bye...again?' whimpered the youth.

Optimus shook his head as he wiped a tear from Hot Rod's face, it was hard on him too but he wanted Hot Rod to remain safe and as far away from Megatron as possible. Hot Rod knew it too but he wished it didn't have to be like this, he wished he could stay on Earth with Optimus but Cybertron needed him. Optimus began to talk, trying to stop himself from crying out.

'There are no good byes, someday our paths will cross again...I will matter how long it takes...even if it takes another 9 million years...I'll wait.'

Hot Rod sniffled a little but nodded as he allowed the Autobot leader to hold him, the embrace so tight and warm and so full of love. he loved the way Optimus held him, it made him feel like he had purpose, like he was needed and that he had someone to love.

'I..I' yours...always...forever yours...' whispered the youth, clutching Prime's back.

The two stood like that for a moment before Prowl walked over to tell them that the ship was ready to launch. Hot Rod broke away reluctanly and followed Prowl back to the ship, glancing over at Prime, who stood there in his tall and proud way with his optics never leaving him. The youth smiled a little as he was escorted away, knowing deep down that he would see Optimus again, knowing that he would be waiting for him. Prowl looked down at the youth and, though it wasn't in his nature, he tried to cheer him up.

'Y'know...we are planning on constructing a city here after agreeing with the people of this planet...we need some Autobots to maintain it and we already informed Ultra Magnus so if you are interested...'

Prowl trailed off when Hot Rod looked up at him in shock, his optics wide with surprise. Then he smiled a little and muttered the word "thanks" before climbing on board the ship. He looked out once more to see Optimus was still staring at him before the doors sealed shut and he was gone. The youth sighed as he headed for the control room where Springer and Kup were waiting, Arcee was in the engine room preparing for take off but the other two Autobots knew that the younger Autobot would need some friends near.

'You OK pal?' asked Springer.

Hot Rod nodded and took his seat as Kup manned the controls, the ship preparing to launch. Hot Rod leaned back into his chair and felt his back rub up against something. He felt around and pulled out a funny looking object with a note attached. After examining the item he remembered that it was the charm that Orion gave him as a youth and he quickly looked at the letter.

'Forever may be a long time...but I'll wait.'

Hot Rod felt a surge of warmth and happiness spread through him and he leaned back in his chair, looking forward to the day when he would see Optimus again.

20 Years Later...

Optimus looked around the great city that had been constructed, amazed at what his Autobots could achieve in such short time. Hoist and Grapple felt rather pleased with themselves, after all, they had planned it out. It made some of the Autobots feel at home again and they felt thankful towards the people of Earth who allowed them to build this marvelous city. After Optimus had been informed by his brother many years ago that Shockwave was killing off Autobots left and right he decided to go ahead with the plan to build Autobot City.

'I have to admit, they've done an amazing job.' said the Autobot leader in an enchanted tone.

It almost reminded him of home, before the war, during the golden age of Cybertron and during that time when he met the one who changed his life forever. Now all it needed was some rain and it would be perfect, but the weather pattern stated that it would be dry for the whole day. Optimus walked around until Prowl informed him that the shuttle had arrived.

'It's just mainly cilcvilans and rookies right?' asked the Autobot leader making his way to the landing pad.

'Yep, Ultra Magnus is here too and a few other Autobot warriors...more than enough to man the city.' informed Prowl as he stood next to the Autobot leader, waiting for the shuttle.

Optimus sighed and he looked to the sky when he detected the shuttle entering the atmosphere, relieved that it had finally arrived, he heard it had a hard time leaving the planet of Cybertron after Shockwave tried to stop them. He stood there with a small group of his Autobots, it wasn't much of a welcoming party but it was the best they could do and Optimus thought it was fitting anyway. The Earth Autobots watched as the large vessel landed on the landing pad, Bluestreak marveling at the large gigantic ship, he hadn't seen one in a very long time. After a moment the hatch opened and the first Autobot Prime spotted was his brother, much to his joy and dismay.

'Hey Prime, glads to see yor still alive.' chuckled the Autobot warrior.

Optimus gave Ultra Magnus a friendly nudge on the shoulder before warning him that if he called him names he would be disowned. They watched as Autobots poured out the vessel to enter the city, so many shapes and sizes, a lots of colours too. The Autobot leader was surprised that there was so many and he looked round, hoping to see someone, his brother noticing.

'Oh don't you worry...he's here...probably tyring to figure out how to get out the ship.'

Prime made a small sigh of relief and tried to keep his leader posture up while Prowl gave him the rest of today's plans and timetables. He felt something splatter on his head but he ignored it as he listened to Prowl.

'Optimus sir, we already have Jazz, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Ratchet and Ironhide escorting the Autobots to their designated areas, soon we will need to address them at the welcoming ceremony and lay down the rules and regulation-'

Before Prowl could continue you there was a sudden outcry as Autobots as it suddenly began to rain, surprising the Autobots who were waiting for the new warriors to arrive. Prowl made a grumbled sigh as he ordered Jazz and the rest to keep the Autobots calm, apparently they thought they were going to rust.

'It's just a little water.' mused Optimus, holding out his hands.

Ultra Magnus marveled at the weather he hadn't seen in a long time but before he could admire it with his brother, he spotted that some Autobots were suddenly shoved and pushed out the way, someone clearly trying to break through the large crowd. The three Autobots tried to spot who was causing the ruckus but who ever it was, they were moving fast and the rain was making it hard to see. Optimus took a step forward, his old optics trying to detect who was running up towards him, his Spark telling him who it was and making him feel giddy inside, almost. Ultra Magnus looked as well and smile when he detected a sudden warmth coming off his brother when he figured out who it was running up to him.

'It's about time he got off.' he chuckled to himself.

Ultra Magnus sighed with a little grin as he watched a blurr of red, orange and yellow pounce on top of his Brother and almost crushing him in a tight hug. Optimus almost fell over after the young Autobot pounced on him but he smirked under his mask when the youth said,

'Missed me?'

The End!